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  • Shepard Fairey x Prints on Wood - coffee Table/Art piece

    Releasing this Friday!  Prints on wood is collaborating with Shepard Fairey to produce a unique art piece that can be used as a coffee table or hung on your wall, available for $5000.


    A project that was first sparked back in 2009 at the Sea No Evil Art show where five custom wood coffee tables featuring Shepard Fairey's art work first debuted, now has transformed into this multipurpose art piece.


    Made 100% by hand, the art piece is first created by a simple print on wood.  "Lotus Women", chosen from Fairey's recent art exhibit, 50 Shades in Black, is printed on 1/2" maple wood, then hand stained.  A steel frame is then constructed by hand to fit the 38" x 38" wood print, finished with a metal stain then waxed to prevent rusting.  The table includes easily removable magnetic legs that can be stored away if hanging the art piece if preferred.


    Once the wood print is secured into the metal table, a unique stenciled vinyl record is sealed on top of the wood print by a layer of resin.


    Limited to an edition of 25, each art piece is signed and numbered and will be released on Friday, August 22nd around 12:00 pm PST exclusively at


    Because of the unique nature of this project, each art piece is created on demand and will have a two to three week production time.  If all 25 pieces are sold immediately, a longer production time will be required.  After purchase, your approximate date of delivery will be emailed to you.


    For more information on Shepard Fairey, please visit:

  • App Review: FxCamera


    Have you ever wanted a quick fix filter to make a photo get just the right look?  How about an app that offers creativity through a fisheye, symmetrical, or artsy Andy Warhol effect with the push of a button.  I think we have found just the app, FxCamera does all of this and more for FREE!  Let's see if this app preforms as well as the pay apps we have reviewed.

    photo 1

    Unlike most apps I’ve come across, this one doesn’t have a single home page but instead gives you the several camera options right off the bat, which I thought was a bit cool.  You can scroll through five options- ToyCam, Instant, Symmetric, Fisheye and Normal+.   On their website they offer show an additional option "Poster" which adds a Andy Warhol look, maybe its coming soon?

    photo 2

    As you look at each option, there are two icons at the bottom of the screen, camera icon and a stack of photos.  The camera icon opens your camera on the iphone, the stack of photos right next to the camera icon, is where your past pictures used with the app are saved.

    I chose the first ToyCam option and was immediately shown the camera screen.

    photo 4

    This screen works very similar to the native iPhone camera where you can choose to take a picture with flash, rotate to the front camera, etc. One interesting feature of the app was the ability to record sound while photographing, which is what that little microphone to the right of the camera icon is for. I don’t really know why you would want to record sound with a picture but hey, I wanted to give it a try anyway. To my disappointment, this feature didn’t quite work and after several failed attempts, the app crashed.

    Instead of taking a picture I went and looked for one in my camera roll, as usual. Being the crazy cat lady that I am, I chose a picture of my little one eyed baby, 5

    At this screen I became a little disappointed by the lack of customization options that you are given, which in this case is the option to place a border around your picture and turning on and off the brightness. Not very versatile if you ask me.

    One quick look around the other features such as Instant, Symmetric, and Fisheye confirmed my assumption, the app isn’t customization friendly. I can’t tweak anything!

    photo 6Symmetric Filter

    photo 7Fisheye Filter

    I decided to go with the Retro filter under the ToyCam option. By clicking the checkmark arrow directly underneath the picture, it saves the image to your phone’s camera roll.

    photo 8

    The next screen you are shown is “Share Photo” where you can write a caption and then share on Facebook and 9

    Because I have one too many pictures of my cat on social media and don’t want people un-friending me, I chose to forgo this option. I did give it a try however, just to see if the app was able to connect to Facebook smoothly and was pleased to find that it indeed did!

    Overall, I gave this app a wood rating of 3. It was very easy to use but I didn’t like the fact that I couldn't personalize any pictures further than just choosing a filter and brightness, but given that it was a free app, what it did have was worth the time and effort.


    Let's see how it printed on wood! Goonie POW

    The finished piece was a 6" x 6" print with natural gloss finish, which turned out to look pretty neat despite the app's limited customization features.


    For more information on FxCamera please visit:

  • Chopping Block: Baby Tattooville 2014

    This year we are excited to be apart of Baby Tattooville 2014, an annual interactive art event that will converge upon the historic Mission Inn Hotel and Spa in Riverside, CA on October 3rd through the 5th. Limited to just 40 guests, Baby Tattooville gives each participant a unique opportunity to be apart of the intimate, creative process with the guest artists which this year includes Tara McPherson, Joe Sorren, Brian Smith, Eric Fortune, Brom and Laurie Lee Brom.

    We were able to grab a few minutes with Bob Self, founder of Baby Tattoo Books, who also happens to be the brain child behind the eclectic event.



    POW: How did you come across the idea of starting Baby Tattoo? What was your inspiration for such a quirky name?

    Bob: My sister came up with the name Baby Tattoo based on my baby (at that time) daughter's temporary tattoos. I thought the name was both catchy and indicative of the type of genre-bending books I was interested in publishing.


    POW: Your "cast of characters" includes some well-respected artists such as Jeff Soto, Lola, Luke Chueh, Travis Louie, Brian McCarty to name a few, when and where were some of these connections established?

    Bob: I am honored to have published books by many artists I greatly admire. Early on, when I began publishing books, I would introduce myself to artists and let them know that I was interested in publishing their work. As my reputation as a publisher grew, some artists began to approach me about publishing their work. Regardless of who contacts who, productive relationships are usually the result of respectful and enthusiastic communication.


    POW: This years Baby Tattooville runs October 3rd-5th in Downtown Riverside. What can we expect to see during this year’s event?

    Bob: The ticketed event Baby Tattooville is cloaked in a bit of secrecy. Over the course of the three day, immersive retreat at the Mission Inn, artists and attendees create and celebrate art in a multitude of ways. Eating, drinking and socializing are interspersed with art discussions and demonstrations. A good time is had by all. There's even a collaborative Art-Jam painting created by all of the participating artists over a 24-hour period. Baby Tattooville attendees receive a high-end art print of this collaborative painting as a souvenir of the event. For those who are not able to purchase one of the 40 tickets to Baby Tattooville itself, there is a related exhibition at the Riverside Art Museum that is open to the public. During the weekend of Baby Tattooville, there is an artists' reception at RAM with all of the participating artists in attendance. This RAM exhibition provides some public access to what is an otherwise private event.


    POW: Did you always have a passion for the arts or was it something you just stumbled upon?

    Bob: My first real connection to art was through book illustrations and animated films. To this day, I am still very attracted to figurative and narrative art.

    POW: How would you describe the art that Tattoo Baby advocates?

    Bob: I sometimes call the type of art I like "strange fun art". I have also referred to the type of art I like as art that demands one's attention… art that achieves the goal of the classic playground taunt, "Made you look!"


    POW: How was your experience at Comic Con this year? Did you meet any new artists you would be interested in working with?

    Bob: I love the energy and epic scope of Comic-Con. I spent most of this year's Con within the 10'x20' confines of the Baby Tattoo booth, but I managed to meet an astonishing number of longtime associates and newfound friends within that small space over the course of four and a half days. Comic-Con is always a journey of discovery.


    POW: Your other event "Beyond Brookledge" was extremely successful this year and was also held in Downtown Riverside. How are "Beyond Brookledge" and "Baby Tattooville" different?

    Bob: Baby Tattooville is a celebration of the visual arts. Beyond Brookledge is an epic (yet intimate) magic and vaudeville show. Both events share a similar structure, and both are remarkably entertaining weekends; but one is all about fine art and the other is all about theatre. Of course, it can be argued that art is show business and that show business is art. I certainly like to blur the lines between the two.


    Thank you Bob for giving us a little bit of your time to talk about this spectacular event.  We are even more excited to be apart of it this year.

    For more information on Baby Tattoo Books, visit

    For more information on Baby Tattooville 2014, visit

  • App Review: Mextures


    Want to add some texture to your photos?  How about a mix of textures to create the prefect filter formula?  If you could how could you capture the perfect mixture of textures and use it over and over again on all your photos?  You have probably guess by now, but this weeks app review is on Mexture.  An app that allows you to create your own unique blend of texture and save it to use over and over again.  According to the app it will make your photos look like a picture in an Urban Outfitters catalog.  So let's get started!

    photo 1

    The home screen is designed beautifully and has several options for you to play around with. The first icon, the Erlenmeyer flask, is where your saved formulas are located (we'll get to that later), the lightning bolt takes you to an inspiration page, the newspaper icon takes you to a news page, and the question mark icon allows you to read a tutorial, rate the app, etc.

    The other icons are the camera, which allows you to take a brand new picture and the library icon, which will open your camera roll. I have a plethora of pictures in my phone so I open up a picture I took at the Japanese Garden in Portland. Because I’m going for that Urban Outfitters look, I choose some random pine trees. Pretty boring looking if you ask me…..let’s see what this app is capable of!photo 2

    Once you crop your picture, you are then presented with different Textures and Formulas. If you had opened the tutorial in the home screen, you would know that textures are added as layers to your image to create a unique look and formulas are saved combinations of textures and/or polish. I stick to the textures and scroll down to “Landscape Enhance”, since my picture is part of a landscape, after all…

    photo 4

    In this screen you’ll noticed you are faced with a number of icons and options. I was a bit overwhelmed when I first saw this but once you get to know each icon, you’re all set. Remember to also keep referencing the tutorial page if you need help (I did).

    The first step would be to choose a texture from the many options on the bottom before handling anything else. I chose the Winter Dusk texture and then went on to the first magic wand icon, also known as the blending tool. This tool basically allows you to add a layer of different tones of light and dark to your photo.

    photo 5

    Once you choose a blend option you are taken back to your work screen. The next icon you’ll see is a rectangle with a number on it. This tells you how many layers you have on one picture, which is where the next icon comes in. The third and middle icon is a plus sign where you can add another texture on top of your already existing one.  I added like 4 of them in one and noticed that my rectangle no longer said 1, but 4. One quick look in this section and I’m able to see all the layers that I’ve added and I can then turn them off and on with the eye icon (similar to Photoshop).

    photo 6photo 8

    The fourth icon you’ll see are some adjustment knobs, also known as “polish”. This will give you several adjustment preferences to polish up your pictures, including Film, Black&White, Exposure, and more…easy enough.

    photo 9

    The last icon looks like a little Erlenmeyer flask (for those of us who remember chemistry) is the formulas option, which as you recall are saved combinations of textures and/or polish. There are guest formulas from people that have created their own and shared it, landscape formulas, black and white, Spring, etc……If you click this option you will be faced with a screen asking if you’re sure you want to remove the edits you’ve already worked on. For the purpose of this app review, I clicked yes. photo 10

    photo 11

    Since I chose a winter formula that made my trees look really dark and gloomy, so I had to start all over again.  Having followed the steps again, I came up with this.


    Once you’re satisfied with your picture you are given the option to save to your library, share on Twitter, Mail, Instagram.

    photo 12

    The “open with” preference allows you to open it in any apps you may already have installed which for me was Tangent, Lory Stripes, and even Tumblr. You can also choose to save the current formula and name it for later reference. These can be found in the formulas tab under “My Formulas”.

    I gave this app a wood rating of 4 because it was easy to navigate and had an extensive design palette.


    Now, let's see how it looks printed on wood!  The image file was big enough to create a print as large as 24"x24" wood print.  Printed on Natural Gloss finish, the wood print turned out really cool!


    For more information on Mextures please visit:

  • Sony Playstation X Prints on Wood

    We were recently contacted by Sony Computer Entertainment America, or to you gamers out there, Playstation! They had a interesting project and wanted to know if we were "game".


    They were planning a move to a new workshop building where the magicians that create your games would thrive and be motivated. If you've ever wondered how cool a place of work could look, this went past that by a few levels. Many areas on the walls and partitions where made of metal, but we will get to that later.


    One of the projects was to print 64 bit type artwork renderings of each employee face onto pieces of wood. Those pieces were backed with our magnetic sheeting so they can attach to the metal areas on the walls when you enter the building.


    They are also placed on the outside of each employees work station. We also printed their names on a contour shape, and the artwork to each of the games they have worked on. Those were placed at their work area as well. Each piece is full color, detailed and movable. Sure beats the old engraved nameplate your dad had on his desk at work back in the day!


    Another part of the project was one big 72" x 40" printed wood piece with the logo "Santa Monica Studio", That was backed with magnet material, deconstructed, with each piece given a number on the back.


    The pieces were scattered around the new office for employees to find during a treasure hunt and reassemble on a metal wall using corresponding numbers to place the pieces correctly. If the photos are any indication, it was a fun day and the results were awesome!



    We are very happy to be part of such a original project with Sony on an important day for the people that work there. We are flattered that creative minds like the people that make these games chose us to turn their ideas into physical reality! As you can see in the photos, the results are fantastic.


    Thank You Guys! Looking forward to many future projects.

    Contact us if you too would like to do something creative and cool with your office, we are always game for fun, new, innovative uses of Prints on Wood!

  • Chopping Block: Designer Con 2014

    What is Designer Con?  A few months ago we asked ourselves the same question after several artists told us we needed to check it out.  At ComicCon we got a chance to meet the people behind the Designer Con, Ayleen Gasar (Toy Break / October Toys) and Ben Goretsky (3DRetro).  We found two people not only passionate about artists, collectors and art makers but more importantly creating a non-chaotic, fun environment for everyone to enjoy.   After attending ComicCon that was music to our ears!  Not to say their won't be plenty to see and experience at Designer Con.   To find out more details of what to expect at Designer Con 2014, we sat down with Ayleen Gasar.




    POW:  Can you give us a bit of history at Designer Con and how it came to be?

    Ayleen:  Designer Con was founded in 2006 under the name Vinyl Toy Network. The show was created to bring together artists, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the vinyl toy/collectible figures market. As the show grew over the years, we realized that the art behind the vinyl toy movement and some of the elements that helped shape VTN are somewhat out of the "vinyl toy" scope. In 2009 we decided to rebrand the convention with a less restrictive name that would let people to know that the show includes not only vinyl toy companies, but companies from all aspects of design and art including toys, original art, clothing, printing, plush, jewelry, etc.


    POW:  What kind of audience does Designer Con draw each year? Are there people of all ages?

    Ayleen:  Absolutely! We have a little something for everyone at Designer Con and welcome attendees of all ages! Toy collectors, art fans, and families come to see the latest designer toy offerings, discover new artists, and chat with their favorite designers. We even have several attendees who travel from other states and countries to attend and partake in a weekend of exclusives and con fun!

    POW:  What kind of artists and designers are displayed at Designer Con?

    Ayleen:  We have quite a variety of vendors and artists at Designer Con who bring all sorts of goods such as original art, prints, customs, apparel, jewelry, plush creations, designer/vinyl figures, vintage toys, etc. Designers, creators, artists, sculptors, manufacturers, and more come together at DCon to show off their work, share ideas, and meet fans in a casual, fun environment.


    POW:  Besides exhibitions and signings, are there other events that allow the audience to become fully immersed in the show such as workshops and Q+A?

    Ayleen:  Yes! This year we have not one, but two awesome art shows inside the convention - one Lego themed show presented by STUDS and one custom vinyl toy show curated by Lulubell Toys. We will also be hosting a variety of panels with creators, manufacturers, collectors, and more on the main stage throughout the weekend. Details on all of the panels and events happening within Designer Con will be available on our site closer to the show date.


    POW:  How has Designer Con evolved from its initial beginnings?

    Ayleen:  This will be Designer Cons ninth year and although the show has evolved in many ways, we like to think we are still succeeding at creating a fun, community oriented event for artists, creators, and fans alike. The show was founded and still run by companies who are also vendors which is why we strive to provide a fun, safe, comfortable environment for fans, artists, and vendors to meet! The biggest evolution, of course, has been our size. We have grown quite a bit since our first show in a 1,100 sq. ft. meeting room to over 70,000 sq. ft. at the Pasadena Convention Center this year with over 300 vendors and artists.

    We look forward even bigger and better shows every year through the continued support of our amazing vendors and attendees. Without you, this show would not be possible, so from all of us at Designer Con, thank you!


    POW:  What can we expect to see at this years show?

    Ayleen:  Aside from over 300 incredible vendors, there will be two art shows and several panels/presentations inside the convention throughout the weekend. Several of our vendors are also planning booth demonstrations ranging from live drawing to 3D printing to crazy new design things we haven't even seen yet! We also have an afterhours party in the works for Saturday night, so stay tuned to for more info on that!


    POW:  How long does it take to fully prepare for Designer Con?

    Ayleen:  All year! We work on organizing all aspects of the show year round and it ranges from part time hours to full time hours as we get closer to the event date.


    Thank you Ayleen!  We are excited to be apart of the show this year and plan to have DCon exclusive prints on wood and live artist signings in the booth with several artists including Jeff Soto and Jason Limon.  More information coming soon!

    For more information on Designer Con 2014, please visit:


    When opportunity comes a-knocking...what do you do??  Well if your Jose Emroca Flores, you pack up all the art you can stuff into a U-Haul and head down to San Diego to exhibit at one of the largest Pop Art Convention in the world!   But that's just the beginning, I have a feeling we are going to hear his name a lot more in the future...



     POW:  Congratulations on your first San Diego Comic Con exhibition! How would you describe the experience from an artists perspective?

    Jose:  A marathon.  It was a full week of setup and manning the booth.  Trying to stay mentally sharp.  Talking to a thousand people.  Trying not to ask the same question twice.  Smiling.  But before that there is the preparation part.  IT was a great experience and I will definitely do it again.  I got to meet some really rad artists and people that liked my work.  That was the best part of it all.  Comic Con actually called me 2 weeks before the event to see if I wanted it.  How could I pass that up???  So I really only had 2 weeks to get ready for the circus.  I think I lost some years off of my life.  Glad I did it though.  Everyone was asking how the heck did I get in?  It must have been my captivating charm and extremely good looks.  At least I like to think so.  I am sure it was just the check I gave them.

    EscaparEscapar by Jose Emroca Flores

    POW:  I can see a huge influence of video games and movies in your work. I especially love "The M.K" with the re-imagined Princess Peach and Mario. How do you conjure up the rest of your characters?

    Jose:  I usually like to paint what I know, so a lot of the characters in my work are actually the characters in my life.  Crazy drunk uncles, wily friends, sleepy cousins and pets.

    Santana Snake

    POW: You've worked on a lot of visual development for films and games such as Call of Duty and Lord of the Rings. What project was the most creatively taxing, the one that took the most out of you?

    Jose: Deadpool was the best and most rewarding even though it was considered a big fail.  I don't care though because creatively it was the best.  Deadpool is soo schizophrenic and crazy.  I got to just let loose in weird and funny ideas.  Just the way I like it.


    POW: What project are you working on now?

    Jose: At this moment I am working on my very first children's book, gallery shows, visual development, working on a clothing line with a surf company out here, and working toward my own book.  I also wanna make plush toys of some of my work.  Trying to figure that out right now.  I am enjoying working on all types of projects.

    POW: You're represented by Shannon Associates for book illustration where I'm assuming the majority of the illustrations are geared toward children. What's it like creating art for both adults and children?

    Jose: I am new to the whole children's book stuff but feel that my experience in storytelling in film and games was a good training ground to tackle this new art form.  It is nice to get into my own child like imaginative brain.  It is also kind of nice to allow yourself to draw a bit more naively and let the imperfections be a part of the style.  Unlike working in film and games, everything had to look perfect.

    Bianca and her bikeOla Moto Calavera by Jose Emroca Flores

    POW: What's your favorite film or game of all time? Is there a piece you created for it?

    Jose: My stranded on an island movies would absolutely be; Romancing the Stone "Joan Wilder?!"  and Better Off Dead "Where's my 2 dollars?!"
    I have not made any paintings of these yet.  That is a good idea!


    For more information on Jose Emroca Flores, please visit:

  • Tara McPherson opening reception at Merry Karnowsky

    This past weekend we ventured down to LA to attend the opening reception of Audrey Kawasaki, Tara McPherson, and DeeDee Cheriel art exhibition at the Merry Karnowksy Gallery.  Over the years, the Merry Karnowsky Gallery has featured work from some of the most respected names in contemporary art including Travis Louie, Miss Van and Shepard Fairey.


    When we arrived at the gallery, there was a line around the block of people waiting to get into the opening.  We were excited to get to the opening, but as is typical in LA, the parking situation deterred us for several minutes as we wove around several blocks trying to find a spot. Finally, we stumbled upon a parking garage situated at the corner of S. La Brea Avenue that had been perfectly etched by none other than Shepard Fairey! Very cool!


    Once inside the gallery, the place was a buzz with chitchat and camera flashes. Our very own Tara McPherson was taking pictures with lovely fans and fellow artists alike, as were Audrey and DeeDee.



    All three women with their different art styles – Audrey’s technical, but ethereal muses, Tara’s surreal girls posed in beauty, and DeeDee’s rustic interpretations of females and various animals – were equally mesmerizing.

    DSC00227Tara McPherson

    DSC00244DeeDee Cheriel

    DSC00254Audrey Kawasaki

     Not only was their individual art a sight to behold, it was equally empowering to see these three extraordinary women come together and receive an overwhelming amount of attention.


    The exhibition will be open until August 30th, if you happen to be in the LA area, make sure to stop by the gallery to see the pieces in person.

    This Friday at 11:00 am PST, Tara McPherson is releasing two prints on wood from this exhibition, Supernova, 24x36 print on wood, the same size as the original, priced at $500 and Don't Forget to Remember, 16x20 print on wood priced at $175.

    tm_sn_slider tm_dfr_slider


    For more information on the Merry Karnowsky Gallery, visit

    For more information on Audrey Kawasaki, visit

    For more information on Tara McPherson, visit

    For more information on DeeDee Cheriel, visit

  • Jeff Soto: Slauson Owl Wall Mural

    What begun as a wall mural about history, heritage, roots and love was transformed into a mural about adapting to change, reclaiming a space for art, rising up, not in anger but a right to exist.


    The mural took just a few days to complete in mid July on the corner of Slauson near Normandie in Los Angeles.  The stunning Slauson Owl stood proud for just 6 days before it was tagged, probably by a couple of young kids trying to be "cool".


    By the end of the month Jeff unexpectedly returned to the Slauson Owl as it raised like a "Phoenix into the Slauson Cat."   He has said, he will not return again to this mural a third time, but we were able to grab a few moments of his time to find out why he returned the second time.


    POW: When you saw the mural had been tagged what was the first thing that came to your mind?

    Jeff:  I knew it would happen but thought it'd be up a little longer than 5 nights. I first heard about it on Instagram but didn't see a photo till a day later- so at first I thought maybe it was a reaction against Converse or someone who doesn't like the mix of commerce and art. Converse really let me do my own thing and be myself, so I thought it was weird, you know it wasn't a blatant Converse ad at all... When I saw a picture of it the next day, it was just a tagger.


    POW: What inspired you to go fix the mural?

    Jeff:  Well at first I was not going to repaint it. It was a fun project, I got paid, and I got good photos. It is part of making art on the streets, and I figured more tags would show up, and then someone would buff the whole thing out. But there was a thought to play the graf game and go over his tags with a wildstyle burner. But, I left graffiti a long time ago because of the egos, and doing this would bring me back into that world. So I decided to make the piece evolve. I also wanted to reclaim that wall. Thousands of people drive by every day, it's in a prime location. Maybe that's the graffiti in me talking.


    POW:  Why did you change it from a owl to a cat?

    Jeff:  They're creatures of the night, predators, and they're smart. I've been painting both, and morphing them together in some cases. The Owl was more about the neighborhood and the family history in the area, the Cat is more of the agressive side of things in my own family and things that happen in that area. South Central was really cool to me, people waving and honking their horns driving by, but we also saw a huge line of police cars driving down Slauson to make an arrest, seriously it was like 20+ cop cars. So it's a complicated area. Many polite people, but also homeless beggars, thugs, and thieves. My piece felt the sting of the area so it evolved into a more aggressive animal.


    POW:  You mentioned the owl symbolized your connection to the area and the ancestors that lived in the neighborhood.  How does the meaning of the mural change for you as it switches from the owl to a cat?

    Jeff:  I liked the idea of the mural becoming more angry when it was defaced. I guess when it is defaced again I need to paint a shark with teeth, no a shark with huge teeth and also it's made out of teeth! More spikes, I don't know. It doesn't really matter, it will get defaced, that's a certainty. As long as I get a good photo, it doesn't matter. I will not be returning to this wall again though.


    POW:  It seems your passion for painting murals has been re-ignited, how does this affect your fine art painting if at all?  As it takes you back to the years before your fine art career started, does it influence what you are painting now?

    Jeff:  I painted graffiti for a decade until 1999 and then took a ten year break. In 2009 I made some wall paintings in London that had nothing to do with the graffiti I had left, and it felt good. Working in my own way, with the newer spray paints was so much fun! So my passion for painting large on walls was reignited a while back. The last five years I have painted murals all over the world and I hope to keep it up. It does influence my gallery work, but I'm not sure how yet. I'll see it in a few years when I look back! Working on murals does remind me of painting graffiti over twenty years ago. There's still an adrenaline aspect to finishing a wall...


    Thank you Jeff, we are also excited to see how your work evolves over the next few years.  Speaking of evolving, the new Seeker Element is here!  Get a first peak of the 7th Element "Aether."


    Aether is seldom seen and works in strange ways. It is a mysterious elemental, hiding in the dark reaches of space. It is amongst the most powerful of elements. Aether rarely interferes with the Universe but is able to change the course of entire galaxies.

    Aether will release on Thursday, August 7th at noon PST for 24 hours only at







    So what’s the purpose of stripes anyway? This week we find out with Lory Stripes.

    Because it was created by the same developer as Tangent (app we reviewed last week), the home screen was eerily familiar, but comforting. Just like Tangent the home screen displays four icons.

    photo 1

    The camera icon activates your camera to take a brand new picture.  The film roll allows you to bring an already existing picture from your camera roll into the app, which was what I did. I will continue to praise the light bulb “idea” button because it gives you a quick idea of what the app is capable of doing by showing user examples.  Lastly, the question mark icon takes you to a “how to” section where you can research the different features of the app and even watch a tutorial video on how to use it.

    photo 2

    Like Tangent, you have the option of changing the size and orientation of your picture, which is the easy part. After this, I found out the app gets a bit complicated.

    photo 3

    Once you click the check mark at the upper right corner, you are taken to the first set of options in the app, the stripes themselves. There are a whole lot of different combinations of stripes that you can choose from and use to weave around your picture.

    photo 4

    At the top of the screen you’ll notice a small cube button. While this button is activated, you can change the perspective of your stripe and make it more 3D if you prefer. The same button when pressed again will turn into a four-way arrow that you activate when you want to change the actual direction/placement of your stripes. It also allows you to change the size of the stripes.

    image 5

    It took me a while to find a good stripe combo to accent my picture, but in the end I chose a swirl like design. You can also “shuffle” between different modes of the same stripe that you like.

    photo 6

    Once you choose your stripe, you are then directed to the menu page where you will see three icons.

    image 7

    Since you’ve already worked on the first one, no need to worry about it. The second icon pictured is a multi stripe one where, once clicked, will allow you choose the color of your stripes.

     photo 8

    Apart from color you will notice various “shade” modes to choose from. This is where you can choose where certain darker shades or even transparencies will fall on your design. Easy enough!

    photo 9

    The next icon is one of red paint over a line. This is the masking option that allows you to erase certain parts of your stripe so that it looks like it’s weaving through your subject in the original picture.  After selecting that icon the screen shows a series of five icons along the bottom of the screen.

    photo 10

    The first double arrow icon allows you to clear the mask completely and start over. The second arrow does double duty as both an undo and redo option. The remaining three pretty much all do the same thing: erase.

    photo 11

    With the first one you can choose the type of eraser head you want to use. There is a square one for those hard to reach edges, a blur edge one for a feather effect, and a circle one.  The squiggly line that comes next allows you to draw a red splotch on your subject so that you know where it is you’re erasing. It is very important that you zoom into your picture before making any corrections because if not, your eraser will be HUGE and will erase things you don’t want to erase. Finally the last button also doubles as a pencil and an eraser. If you ever erase a part of the stripe that you want, you can use the pencil option to re-draw it.

    I will say this part of the app was the most difficult to use and took me several frustrated tries to get it down just right.

    photo 12

    In the end, you can share to your hearts content via Instagram, email, and text. You can also “re-stripe”, which allows you to keep the design you just made and keep adding even more designs onto your already existing one.

    I chose to “Save to Camera Roll”, then uploaded it to, selected the ¼” thick, bright white finish then found a cute model to hold it while I took a picture.


    Although it’s a bit hard to use your first try, I will still would give this app a wood rating of 4 because of its great design capabilities, the number of options you are given to work with and the a file size big enough to print a good quality print on wood.



    For more information on LoryStripes App, please visit:

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