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  • Coreluv

    Did you know that out of every 11 children in the world, 1 is orphaned? In fact, more than 5,760 children become orphans every day.

    Coreluv has made it their mission to bring hope and love to orphans all around the world. To do this, this organization has partnered with many communities and orphanages around the world. They work with impoverished areas to provide orphans with their basic needs, including: clean water, proper food, healthcare, education, job skills, and a loving home. Many of these are luxuries that orphans cannot afford on their own  - especially ones in impoverished areas.

    Coreluv terms the month of November as "Defend the Orphan Month." Their goal is to provide local churches with creative resources and steps for everyone to contribute to the cause. Participating churches will receive a free welcome it with resources. This year, on November 19, 2016, Coreluv will also be hosting their 2nd annual Defend the Orphan 5 K! This event takes place in Montgomery, Texas and will be a chip-timed trail run. There will also be many other forms of entertainment as well. Everyone is welcome to register!


    We're helping to support Coreluv's mission! Our high quality wood prints are a unique and personal method to help spread an advertisement - in a way that no flyer or billboard can.


    Coreluv believes in defending the defenseless and giving the orphans hope and a voice. Will you be joining them?

    To find out more, click here.

  • Sports & Action Shots on Wood

    According to Dictionary.com, an action photograph/shot is defined as a still photograph that features the subject in motion or action. These shots are often some of the most difficult types of pictures to capture. However, action shots provide some of the best photographic moments, especially when it comes to sports - which is why they're one of the most popular types of photos taken.

    With sports and other action shots, it's important to follow some key steps in order to take the perfect photos.

    Step 1: Ensure that your camera or phone a fast shutter speed. 
    With action shots, you'll want to be shooting in Shutter Priority Mode. Slower shutter speeds work better for action shots. Remember, your shutter speed will be the key to getting the perfect photo to print on wood.


    Step 2: Check your lighting.
    Ensure that you have the proper ISO setting for various light conditions. This will help your photo come out looking brighter and more clear.

    Step 3: Be quick and ready.
    Things will move fast. In order to get the best photo, you'll have to be quick as lighting. However, don't forget to press down on the shutter button fully.


    Step 4: Take as many shots as you can possibly can.
    There's no guarantee that an action shot will be perfect - especially on the first try.  That's why you should try to take as many pictures as you can. The more shots you have, the easier it will be to find the perfect one.

    Now that you have your perfect action shot, you can make it even better by getting it printed on wood. With Prints on Wood, you're guaranteed to receive high-quality and long-lasting prints. Our prints make great gifts for the athlete in your life. They also make fantastic and thoughtful gifts for family and friends.


    To get your hands on some of your own, click here.

  • Chogrin and Cartoon Network en Amarillo, Azul, y Rojo

    cartoonnetworkshow04If you're heading out to Los Angeles anytime soon, we recommend you stop by Cartoon Networks Studio! Ecuadorian artist Chogrin has collaborated with Cartoon Network in creating a fundraiser for victims of the Ecuador earthquake, which occurred early this year in April.

    cartoonnetworkshow08In tribute to both recent and classic Cartoon Network original shows, artists were required to create art that would have Ecuador's primary colors--Yellow, Blue, and Red. Using the prints on wood that we've donated, over 20 artists participated in the event.

    cartoonnetworkshow11Through the use of wood prints, artists are able to make their art and designs pop using Ecuador's bright colors! The exhibit premiered on September 22nd, 2016. and all sales will be donated to UNICEF and be used as aid for victims of the Ecuador earthquake, which occurred earlier this year in October.

  • Desert Trip Wood Prints

    Desert Trip is rapidly approaching, and with a great event comes great memories. With Desert Trip, you're guaranteed an amazing musical, culinary, and photographic experience - one you'll be sure to remember.

    This event takes place during the weekend of October 7, 8, and 9, as well as the 14, 15 and 16. Legendary Rock 'N Roll artists such as Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, and Neil Young will be performing, so it's an experience you won't want to miss. There will be many photo opportunities, so be sure to have your phone and camera charged up and ready to go.


    With Prints on Wood, you can take your photographic memories and turn them into pieces of art that you'll be sure to cherish forever. Photos printed on wood are a fantastic way to create beautiful and lasting commemorations of your favorite events and memories. Our company uses natural eco friendly plywood.


    Unlike a traditional canvas, a wood print has a wood canvas that adds depth and character to regular photo prints.  Wood photo prints are rich, vibrant, and have a unique, vintage feel. Since each piece of wood is different, no two prints are the same.


    These photos from Desert Trip have been printed in our warehouse. Our high quality prints ensure that they will last for years to come.


    desert-trip-photo-print-on-woodTo get some wood prints of your own, check out our website here. To see other banners and signage we've created for the event, check out our sister Facebook page.

  • Landscapes Photos on Natural Wood

    It's hard to deny the beauty of a natural landscape. Photos of things like boats on the water or of sunsets on the horizon are always breathtaking and eye-catching.


    Why do people take pictures of landscapes? 
    One of the best reasons would simply be to capture a great experience or moment - whether it be from traveling, exploring, or from an everyday view. Many other people consider it a hobby to catch nature in its simplest and most extravagant form. Landscape photos usually do no contain any people, since they're often meant to portray nature as the main subject.

    What are some typical landscape subjects? 
    A great landscape photo can just be one of nature. Forests, oceans, rivers, mountains, and clouds are all great examples of the best types of things to capture. However, some subjects may require a special camera to capture the best photo. For example, underwater pictures are best taken with a waterproof camera.

    Why print a landscape photo on wood grain?
    Printing on wood is the best way to enhance the natural beauty of your photo. Once printed, the natural wood finish adds a richer, more vibrant result to the landscape. The wood grain showing through the photos gives a natural feel and adds a unique look to the portrait. It's the best way to make a good photo appear even greater. 

    Photos on wood are also great for decorating, designing, and for adding the finishing touches to your home. Everyone will be sure to appreciate the beauty of the natural portrait.

  • Desert Trip Wood Signage

    Desert Trip is just around the corner. With that being said, the creative minds behind Desert Trip needed wood signage to prepare for the trip, so they turned to us to help them.


    When attendees arrive to the dining area, our wooden archway sign will be the first thing they will see.

    Our sign is hand-cut and cut-to-size for the perfect design. It is also printed on eco-friendly plywood. The ink is printed directly on the wood and then UV cured to dry. The natural wooden appearance of our sign is unique and stands out among its plastic counterparts.

    Here is another one of our wooden signs that will be greeting concert-goers as they leave.


    We've also got our Desert Trip wood print signs prepared to lead the way to the Craft Beer Barn.


    However, we don't just do large wood signs. Here at Prints On Wood, we also make custom letters!

    Our letters can be used for designing, decorating, or can even be purchased as gifts. We can typically create these letters in any size or style, depending on the buyer's preference.

    These are some custom letters we've made for the upcoming Desert Trip in Indio. Our letters were made naturally and are also printed on eco-friendly plywood. They are carefully cut and painted to our client's requests. The same process for creating the large wooden signs is also applied to our letters. Letters can also come in be ordered individually or in large quantities. south-north-event-wood-signageservice-staff-desert-trip-wood-signage-wood-letters-prints-on-wood

    Prints on Wood is typically able to do any fonts or styles. No request is impossible!


    Our wood prints are loaded up and headed to Desert Trip! Let us know if you see them!

  • Coachella Desert Trip Drink Menus

    Desert Trip is a 3 day concert that will take place in Indio, California during the month of October. This event features some of the most iconic and influential rock and roll artists, including: The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, and etc.  But music isn't the only thing to you'll get to experience - there will plenty of on-site culinary experiences as well!  Look for the large wooden archway we made to find your way to the "Culinary Experience."


    Desert Trip promises to bring some of the biggest culinary names in the industry to help prepare their menus. Some of these people will include world-famous chefs, including: Curtis Stone, Ludo Lefebvre, and Duff Goldman. Their dishes will be paired with wine and beer for further enjoyment. Desert Trip also promises an extraordinary "beer experience," at their Craft Beer Barn, which features an extensive list of microbrews and specialty cocktails.  This Craft Beer Barn event signage we made will be a circular wood print hung under Culinary Experience archway.


    When the Desert Trippers get thirsty while watching the show, they will be able to order off the wooden menu of drinks we printed.   The custom-made wooden sign lists all of the drink offerings that will be available to attendees.  With that being said, let's take a look at what drinks are being offered:



    The list includes a variety of beer and wine selections, many from award winning sommeliers and winemakers.  Desert Trip is guaranteed to be one to remember.

  • New Print Alert: Sugar Fueled Debuts "Spooky"


    Sugar Fueled a.k.a. Burbank, Ca-based artist Michael Banks has had a long, complicated but hugely fruitful creative history towards making him the artist he is today. The full-time freelancer, who specializes in pop surrealism, lowbrow oil paintings and comic illustrations filled with cute, big eyed characters has been in the creative game for 22 years-- back when he was selling tattoo flash work around the world.

    I started at an early age making noise and what could be called art.

    Michael began his journey back in St. Petersburg Florida where he was born. The 38-year-old began his career as an elementary doodler, gradually making sense of his innate artistic urges.

    “I started at an early age," he explains, "making noise and what could be called art for a toddler. I loved living here…the beach and Disney nearby. At about age 4-6, I had nothing better to do but wake up early to watch cartoons and Bob Ross, scribble in my coloring books, play with toys and oranges in the backyard while listening to Thriller. My fondest memory of St. Pete was when I accidentally left all of my crayons on the sidewalk in front of my house and they all melted in the crazy Florida heat. I covered the entire sidewalk in pictures from the melted mess. I think this is where I found my love for art. In first grade I was asked to design the cover of our school year book, that’s when I knew I was going to be an artist.”


    When he was 17, Michael got a job at a local screen printing shop and learned how to make his own t-shirts and stickers. In a band at the time, they traveled the southeast playing shows, putting up stickers and selling tattoo flash.

    I moved out of my apartment to save money to learn. I slept wherever I could for free…the shop, the playground, friends garages and behind buildings.

    “I lived in a small apartment by myself next to work. Life was easy then…I traveled and played shows around Florida and sold the new flash on my days off. Around the same time I finally got offered an apprenticeship to tattoo from a friend at the shop. I moved out of my apartment to save money to learn. I slept wherever I could for free…the shop, the playground, friends garages and behind buildings.

    Michael explains this as the toughest time of his life: eating very little, sleeping equally as little and trudging through the rough patch in his life which eventually carried him toward a career in tattooing.  "After starting to tattoo, I finally got enough money to buy my own van. I lived in it on the beach and hotel parking lots. I had access to a hotel pool, hot tub and shower in the gym. I loved the freedom."


    At age twenty, Michael rounded up all of his tattoo money, made a few new sets of flash and lots of merchandise and hit the road all winter, playing shows with his new band and selling flash up and down the east coast. He sold everything and used the funds to start a clothing line, soon after quitting music and focusing on art for good. This was a major turning point for Michael, leading him to experiment with oils altering his creative trajectory forever. He spent the next four years living in his van and traveling, only returning home to re-up on supplies.

    At 25, flash sales were getting slow because of the internet, so I stopped traveling.

    “I loved to travel. I always had a friend with me to help me drive and hang out. I had a route, over time, of tattoo shops and all the good places to put up stickers. At 25, flash sales were getting slow because of the internet, so I stopped traveling. I changed the name of my company from Sick Kid to Coallus after having trademark issues. Around this time, 9/18/04 to be exact, I met my best friend Sarah in Pensacola Florida. We moved in together and I started using the internet as my main source to sell, Ebay and Myspace to market my new material and was also tattooing and painting a lot. I hopped on Van's Warped Tour with a friend’s band to sell my clothing line as well as making short trips to the cities to sell new flash, have art shows and put up art and stickers.”
    Over the next few years,  he executed a few tattoos a month to make ends meet and painted like crazy, booking art shows and exhibiting his work wherever they'd let him hang. Slowly but surely, his creative prominence surged in the art market, creating the Sugar Fueled we know and love today.

    Michael, a.k.a. Sugar Fueled has just unveiled his second Prints on Wood installment -- the follow-up to the unbearably adorable "Sprinkle" released earlier this year -- with the adorably creepy "Spooky." The 8 x 11 in. cut-to-shape wood print is available today, October 6 through October 13 at 11:59pm. Secure yours today!

  • kozyndan Release "Breathing, Floating, Spawning"


    kozyndan is the joint pseudonym of Los Angeles-based husband-and-wife illustrator team Kozue and Dan Kitchens, known particularly for their whimsical, intricate and occasionally absurd illustrations of modern cityscapes. The two are highly obsessed with and influenced by the ocean and oceanic topics which highlight the vast bodies of water and their complexity. kozyndan collectively have a respect and admiration for the natural world, with their passion for diving and love for marine environments also popping up consistently in their work.

    The two met  after Kozy left Japan to study art in California where she eventually met Dan while majoring in illustration at California State University, Fullerton. Since then, the two have been creating together on a number of projects including -- but not limited to -- CD covers for bands such as Weezer and The Postal Service, clothing (including lines of illustrated shoes) and posters for companies such as Nike Inc.

    In a 2014 interview with Empire Times kozyndan discuss their mediums and influences:

    What mediums do you use? Do you have a favorite?

    Dan: Pen and ink, pencil, watercolor, color pencil, acrylic, silk screen, Photoshop, clay, etc etc. I think I just like sketching with leafless pencils. The rest I do because I have to.

    Kozy: I really like my .03 mechanical pencil, and acrylic gouache paints by Holbein. Most of the paintings we make are made with that paint.


    How do the senses (seeing, hearing, touching, smelling) effect kozyndan’s artwork?

    Kozy: Interesting! I guess, obviously for me – my eyes and ears are united in their love of trippy-ness. Music is a big part of creation for me. I am always playing music in the studio. THe audio journey often guides and influences my hand.

    Dan: In a literal sense our work is filtering our experiences in life. SO what we see, hear, taste, smell, and feel, or at least the memory of those experiences, are in some form illustrated to become the basis of a lot of our artwork.

    Today, we're extremely excited to announce that the two have teamed up on their first Prints On Wood collaboration dubbed "Breathing, Floating, Spawning." The print is a 12.5 x 14 in fine art wood print denoting a beautifully, pastel-hued image of a woman enraptured in oceanic coral reef. "Breathing, Floating, Spawning." is available today, Thursday September 29 through October 6. Head here to make your purchase today and stay tuned for an interview with kozyndan to come. kozyndan-breathing-floating-spawning-wood-print

  • New Print Alert: Kii Arens Releases "The Red Planet"

    Kii arens the red planet prints on wood

    Kii Arens is an Minnesota-born contemporary pop-artist, graphic designer, photographer, director and musician as well as the owner of Los Angeles' La-La Land Gallery. Arguably, Arens has lived a pretty fascinating life thus far. He grew up in the Twin Cities music scene inspired by his musically inclined family and by the mid 1980s, Arens was DJ'ing around the state-- even stumbling upon a brief stint in rap music opening for quite pivotal hip hop acts such as Gang Starr, EPMD, DJ Quik, among others.

    Through music, Arens was exposed to many other elements of creativity that would become important fixtures within his life. Beginning in the realm of music and stretching outward into visual art, Arens used his self-taught knowledge of graphic art and design to create album art work, package layout, photography, poster design, creative direction, music video direction, merchandise design/creation and music production. Although Arens was an avid creator of visual art throughout his youth, his career as an artist was only really kicked into effect after solidifying a design gig for the Woodstock '94 festival, offering key creative direction for a contemporary way to commend but not emulate the iconic 1969 event.

    That same year, Arens began working for Niceman Merchandising where he supplied design and layout for an expansive number of projects. Within the agency as well as alone, Arens has executed design work for a number of notable musicians including: Dolly Parton, Ziggy Marley Pete Yorn Radiohead, Beck, Queens of the Stone Age, DEVO, Diana Ross, Lana Del Rey, The Pixies, Glen Campbell, Tame Impala, Beach Boys, The Replacements  and many more. He also has created prints for various widely attended events such as Bonnaroo and Coachella.

    Obviously, you can see just why we are so elated to chat about Kii Arens and share his very first Prints on Wood collaboration today. Arens has worked with us to bring forth a 12 x 12 in. fine art wood rendering of his painting "The Red Planet," available exclusively through POW beginning Wednesday, August 24 at 10 am PST and ending Wednesday, August 31 at 11:59 pm PST.

    Because each print is hand signed by Kii Arens with rockstar artist love, the prints will ship out beginning September 16th. For more information about Kii's "The Red Planet," and to make your purchase, head here.


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