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  • Caia Koopman and "White Lined Sphinx"

    Ready for some new art? Well, we've got a good one for you today!

    This post will be featuring the amazing Caia Koopman, who has (once again) collaborated with us to introduce her newest piece, called "White Lined Sphinx."

    Check it out! 

    Isn't it beautiful?

    This exclusive piece is only available at POW for 7 days, starting Valentine's Day  (2/14) and ending on February 20, so don't miss out!

    Every order of "White Lined Sphinx" will come in a 12 x 15 wood print that is signed and numbered by Caia Koopman herself. Hurry while supplies last!

    Who is Caia Koopman? 
    Caia Koopman is a pop surrealist artist - one who focuses on weaving animals and mythical creatures with beautiful female characters to invoke human emotion and thought. Her paintings have been featured in art galleries all over the world, and continue to make quite the impact on the art world.

    Her other pieces include: Genus Rainbowis, Diving BuddyBunny Dream, and etc. All of these wood prints are available on-demand in our Fine Art gallery and can be purchased with a frame.

    Order yours today! 

  • ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Christina Angelina / StarfighterA

    Unlike the awesome 80s movie The Last Star Fighter, StarFighterA doesn't actually fly around outer space, but her art IS out of this world! (Hur hur)

    Hailing from the sandy shores of Venice Beach, StarFighterA (aka Christina Angelina), started painting professionally around the age of 15 and hasn't stopped since. Her unique talents have taken her all over the world, allowing her to paint in exotic locales such as Brazil, Germany, and Ireland to name a few.

    Christina's artwork ostensibly features a reoccurring theme presented in new and beautiful ways with each new painted piece ... gorgeous introspective women seemingly lost in thought.

    As one of the most prominent artists in the world of live painting, we're proud to announce that Christina Angelina will be joining us at this years Air + Style event in Downtown Los Angeles. Christina will be live painting alongside fellow LA street artists BumbleBeeLovesYou and James Haunt.


    For more information on StarFighterA, please visit christinaangelina.com

  • Pet Paintings on Wood Prints!

    Still not sure what to give for the holidays? Well, we've got another great idea for you! This year, you can give the gift of a pet painting printed on wood.

    People love their pets. To some, their pets are another member of their family. So what better way to acknowledge that then with the gift of a wood print? Giving someone a picture of their pet printed on wood is an incredibly thoughtful gift - one that they will be sure to enjoy.

    Take a look at one of our high quality wood prints below:

    Isn't it cute? Not only does it make a great gift, but It also makes a great piece of decor. If you're not artistic enough to paint your own portrait, you can just use a photograph instead! Photographs printed on wood are also incredibly thoughtful to give as gifts.

    Of course, you can also get creative with these custom wood prints! Make them special and unique by adding a motivational quote! You can also choose funny poses or add a funny caption to your paintings as well. Here's an example of one we recently made below:


    To complete the portrait, you can even get it framed! Prints on Wood offers 2 different frame options: white, black, and brown. Adding a frame is the best way to add a final touch for any painting.

    Create your own wood print with us.

  • Business Signage

    Wood prints can come in handy for businesses. How? Well, it's because wood prints can serve many functions. It can be used to display a company's logo. It can be used to display a great piece of artwork to serve as decor. Wood prints can also carry great messages.

    Take a look at the picture below. See the wood print?  It actually has 3 different functions:
    1. It provides a friendly greeting. Customers are now aware of friendly service.
    2. It lists the business's hours and days of operation.
    3. it's a cute piece of decor!

    This wood print may be small, but it does make quite the impact.


    Wood prints can even give your business a classy and modern appearance. Fine art wood print and photo art wood prints can do wonders for your decor, and can even help liven up your business's atmosphere. The wood prints can be as colorful or as simple as you'd like; either way, it's sure to make an impact.

    Business signage is important, so why not start with getting your signage done on wood? Instead of settling for poster board, card stock, or other forms of signage, why not try out getting a piece done on wood? You won't regret it!


    If Lisa Frank and Patrick Nagel had a baby, it still wouldn’t have been as awesome as James Haunt. Exploding with passion and, oozing neon colors, the sultry work of James Haunt is like Pop Rocks + Coke  for your eyes.


    Based out of Los Angeles, James Haunt feasts on a steady diet of skateboarding and UFOs. His talent has taken him all over the Golden State, allowing him to spread his vivid viewpoint throughout the streets of California.


    Having worked with James over and over again in the past, that’s why we’re bringing him back to the Air + Style Festival this year in his hometown of LA!

    James Haunt (alongside BumblebeeLoveYou and StarFighterA) will be doing what he does best, live painting a full sized mural of his sick art. We’re also giving away 3 seperate mini prints of James’ work, so stop by and try to get your hands on all 3!

    For more information on Air + Style, please visit airandstyle.com


    With a namesake inspired by an inside joke amongst friends about a striped t-shirt from Hot Topic, BumbleBeeLovesYou decided to stop drawing indoors and went outside to start sharing his art with everyone, including YOU, who he apparently loves.

    While everyone is going around town trying to make a name for themselves by slapping bootleg Bart Simpson stickers on street signs, or wheatpasting heavy handed political posters on the side of electrical boxes, BumbleBeeLovesYou specializes in an wholesome style of street art… kids being kids doing kid stuff!

    BumbleBeeLovesYou is like the Bob Ross of street art. His artwork makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, that's why we're bringing him back to Air & Style this year. BumbleBeeLovesYou will be live painting a mural outside our booth, where we'll be giving away free mini wood prints of his work. Hope to see you there! Don't forget, we love YOU too. :P


    Ever wondered what you're REALLY supposed to do with those little pieces of wood we send you with prints 11 x 14 and smaller?

    Stick them in the back of your print, that's what!

    For a more in depth analysis on our wooden stands, rock out to this easy to follow video!

  • AIR + STYLE 2017

    Air & Style is coming back to Los Angeles this February 18th and 19th for 2 days jam packed full of snowboarding, music and art! And just like every year, Prints On Wood is bringing the heat with the hottest artists at our booth!

    Located in the Hansen’s House, the PRINTS ON WOOD booth will have live mural painting on the outside by 3 of our favorite artists!

    STARFIGHTER A also known as Christina Angelina, shown above channeling her passion through her painting of pensive portraits...

    BUMBLEBEELOVESYOU rocking his black and yellow stencil art featuring kids in striped t-shirts having fun...

    and JAMES HAUNT coming at you like Patrick Nagel on acid!

    Inside the booth, we’ll have MATT GONDEK destroying your childhood with his explosive pop art...

    alongside the modern art marble madness master, Teddy Kelly, both of which will belive painting on canvases!

    So stop by the Prints On Wood booth to say “Hi” and check out these masters holding it down! We’ll also be handing out mini fine art wood prints featuring the Art of James Haunt and BumbleBeeLovesYou, so don’t forget to grab one before you leave!

    For more information on this event, please visit airandstyle.com

  • Joe Ledbetter - DCon Print

    As Designer Convention draws closer and closer, we've gotten a lot more opportunities to work with some rad artists. Today, we'll be taking a look at some artwork by Joe Ledbetter.

    Joe Ledbetter is an artist, illustrator, and toy designer based in Los Angeles, CA. His artwork is inspired and influenced by classic animation, underground comics, skateboarding, and 1980s video games. His work is known for mixing irony, social criticism, and mischief. The creatures in his artwork were meant to anthropomorphize the human condition.

    This piece is called "Balducci the Marvelous," and it definitely lives up to its name!


    Look at those colors! They're so vibrant and beautiful! Many artists prefer wood prints, since they allow the colors blend well with the natural wood canvas. The wood elevates the artwork and enhances the colors of the artwork. Wood prints are also easier to display, and capture attention in a way that no typical poster or non-wood canvas can. These prints are also durable and will ensure that the artwork will last for years to come.


    This wood piece will be displayed at DCon on November 19-20th. Will you be attending?

    If you're an artist and want to create your own wood print, check out our main site at http://www.printsonwood.com/

  • Jeff Soto Art

    This week, we had the privilege to print some really cool pieces of art by Jeff Soto.

    Jeff Soto is a painter, illustrator, and muralist that has had many pieces of art displayed all over the world. He is considered an American contemporary artist. His artwork falls between Pop Surrealism and Street Art. His distinct color palette and art style has drawn many admirers and followers. Soto is well known for his graffiti art, illustrations, and other types of fine art.

    After reading a book called "Street Art," Soto was inspired to stencil his "Sotofish" designs on walls and signs. He adopted the name "Sotofish," and used it as a moniker for his art. After creating art for a few years, he took a break in 1999. Ten years later, a wave of inspiration in London set him back to painting.

    Displayed below are some examples of his wood prints:


    Jeff's artwork is now displayed in art galleries and museums all over the world. He has hosted many solo exhibits and has featured several of our wood prints.

    Many artists request wood prints because the canvas is unlike any other. The wood adds another dimension to the art and gives each piece a unique look and feel. The wood grain provides a vintage, subtle feel - one that cannot be replicated by any other type of canvas.


    To order a wood print of your own, click here.

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