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10 Worst Father's Day Gifts

The weather is getting warmer, the sun is staying out longer, and everyone is growing more excited that summer is inching closer and closer. Just a few more weeks until we have the unofficial start of summer, Father’s Day!  The day we pay homage to one who taught us how to throw a ball, BBQ, camp in the wilderness, learn to drive, or simply be a role model of who we hope to be someday.

Gifts for Dad seem to be the hardest to figure out, usually the toughest name on the Christmas list to mark off.  I usually end up searching the web for some good ideas outside the pair of socks or new tie requests.   What I found was not just ridiculous, it was equally as hilarious.  After audibly laughing outloud numerous times, I couldn't help but share the best of the best "Worst Father's Day Gifts".  I hope you enjoy the list as much as I did discovering it.

10. Bar-noculars - Apparently this sort of thing has been around awhile, who knew!  Particularly appropriate if your Dad likes bird watching and drinking indiscriminately.

barnoculars 1

9. Flair Hair Visor - I mean, would anyone really believe thats your hair? It looks like fur cut off from your school mascot and put on a visor. Just look at how sad the guy is before the Flair Hair Visor and how happy after, if that's not convincing... Looks like it comes in a variety of hair colors to match your Dad's hair (what ever their may be left) perfectly!

hair visor 2hair visor

8. I Love Farting Mug - It's one thing to have the heart for the mug be a butt crack, and another to have the mug fart every time you lift it up.  It comes with 6 different fart noises and batteries so you won't miss a minute of the fun!

i love farting mug

7. Wiener Roasters - Why put your wieners on the grill when you can have them dangle a few inches above it?

weiner roasters

6. Home Urinal - For the laziest of the lazy! Why bother to put the seat up or even aim when you can extended the opening right to you.

urnial toilet

5. Potty Putter - Kill two birds with one stone? Might as well! Though I’m not sure too many dads will want to focus on their putt while on their toilet.


4. Spray-On Hair - Hair growth treatments are fine, but once you make it into a spray paint that's when you have crossed the line.

spray on hair

3. Artificial Bladder - Granted, this could be one of the greatest ideas to avoid inflated beer costs at games, but who could honestly give this to someone for Father’s Day.

drinking bladder

2. UroClub Gold Urination Device - This is amazing. Just amazing. In case you’re too far on the course and can’t make it the bathroom, might as well carry a club you can discretely pee through.

urinating golf club

1. Tandem Sweatshirt - Saving the best for last. Because being with each other all the time isn’t enough, might as well share a sweater with separate hoods and arms.

tandem tshirt

While some of these items in our top 10 may have some sort of use, they are all equally pretty bad ideas for a Father’s Day gift. So what do you get if the funny options don’t make the cut? Something with meaning and significance, something that can always be cherished!  Hmm... what could fit that description... oh yeah, how about a photo of your Dad and you printed on wood.  He would LOVE it, in our opinion, although we may be a bit biased.

Our custom wood print lab allows you to select a size, thickness, and finish for the image of your choice in 4 easy steps.  Just for Dad we are offering 30% off all custom wood prints with the code “DADRULES” and free shipping for orders over $50.

Here are a few samples of Father’s Day photos printed on wood to add a bit of inspiration in the right direction:


Shown in natural gloss finish


Shown in natural gloss finish

For this Father’s Day get your dad a token of something that will always be close to his heart, family. You're welcome.