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Monthly Archives: September 2012

  • Wood Prints for a Champion

    Hey y’all, we’ve got some exciting news!

    We’re created a couple of wood prints for a good friend of ours, Dotsie Bausch. Who is this woman?

    She’s apart of the USA Women’s Pursuit Team, who took silver in the recent London Olympics. How awesome is that?

    For those who don’t know, Pursuit is the indoor track cycling event. It’s fast and hard and absolutely brutal if you wipe out, but it’s amazing to see the speeds that these athletes can push themselves to.

    Congratulation to Dotsie on her winnings! And we hope you enjoy our prints made especially for you.

    Remember, folks, you can also upload your own photos right here on our website and create a beautiful wood print. Even better, you can do it from Facebook and Instagram!

  • Art Walk Central Photo on Wood Makes Top 10

    Kelli Walton has printed one of her beautiful works on wood straight from us, and what we didn’t know was that she had submitted it for an Art Walk up in Michigan! Check it out here, in the Top 10 Adult Artists’ Section: http://www.artwalkcentral.com/ & http://www.artwalkcentral.com/artist_details.php?id=149

    Give this girl some love! Thank you Kelli Walton for choosing us to print your piece. We couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out.

    For the rest of you artists out there, she’s not the only one to print for an art show. If you’ve got a gallery show, art walk, or critique coming up and you’ve got an inkling to have a piece printed on wood, call us up! We’ll work with you to make sure your piece turns out exactly as you pictured it. Keep in mind, though, that we are working with wood and the image may be slightly transparent, with the grain showing through.

    Even if you’re not looking to show at a gallery, if you’ve got an artwork that you want to immortalize forever, from your kid’s first crayon drawing to your masterpiece, give prints on wood a try.

  • Love and Rockets

    We are proud to present My Pet Skeleton's "Love & Rockets", here for an exclusive time only! This awesome piece is from Vincent Marcone. It will become available at our store September 12, 2012 at 12 noon East Coast Time (9:00 AM Pacific).


    Vincent Marcone hails from Waterloo, Ontario and was practically raised in graphic design. An artist, a printer, and a filmmaker, he has won numerous awards such as a Juno and an Interactive Emmy. His website, My Pet Skeleton, features a gallery of his treasured work, as well as a page devoted to the music videos he has directed. He’s also a member of the band Johnny Hollow, as their lead designer. The Lady ParaNorma is looking pretty awesome as well. Check out his blog too for the latest updates on his work!

    The Lady ParaNorma

    If you’re lovin’ that print of his, then stay tuned to Prints On Wood for the release date of this beauty. However, keep in mind that the sale will only last 48 hours.

  • Jeff Soto - The Searcher

    It’s that time again! Jeff Soto's next addition to the Seeker Friends series is here! Here's The Searcher:

    For all you bookworms out there, or friends and family of bookworms, this would make a great gift for your voracious readers. Swing on over and get a copy! As with the others in the series, it's printed on 6 x 6 plywood, crisp and pristine and signed by Jeff Soto himself. Exciting!

    This little guy is set to release THIS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH at 12PM sharp, and it's only on sale for 24 hours. Be ready at the keyboard!

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