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  • Mother's Day Wood Prints

    Mother’s Day is a month away, and not a moment to lose!

    I owe my mother a damn good Mother’s Day gift. Enough of those brunch buffets, with over-the-top outfits, and mimosas out the wazoo. This time, I want to give my own mother something great, and a wood print is right up that alley.

    Why a wood print? Let me break it down for you, son.

    On Mother’s Day, she wants to be reminded that she’s a mother, but not reminded that she’s getting older. Especially that she’s getting older. So, the more you keep hanging on to those traditional gifts like handmade cards, candy, and flowers...it does get, dare I say it, old after awhile.

    With a wood print, it can either be your best family photo, or a piece of art that you know she likes. Regardless, having a physical wood print is a different sort of gift than a simple photo and frame. There is a craftsmanship that goes into each print that you can’t find at any expensive print place.

    Let’s face it: flowers are nice, but eventually wilt. Cakes, and candy, and everything sweet will also fade in time with your digestion. What you want to give your mother is the same feeling she got when you used to make her those cute little crafts in elementary school. Something like the handprint card, a poem, a bouquet of paper flowers. These are things that will last.

    But if you’re older like me, and a handmade card would look tacky and weird, a wood print is something even more cherishable. It has that sense of timelessness that you’re looking for without being a gaudy gift. It’s simple, elegant, and can be displayed anywhere. And I mean anywhere! From rustic to riches and futuristic design, a wood print can be hung or placed in any decorated room without disrupting the chi. If you’re into that sort of thing.

    You always hear stories from your mom’s friends, or your aunts and uncles, about how ‘so-and-so gave the perfect gift’, ‘it was so unexpected!’, etc. etc. Well, this year BE that person they talk about! Honestly, how many wood prints have you seen gracing the shelves of your mom’s office or at her friend’s places? Yes, yes, let’s not give the “keeping up with the Jones’” speech, but it would still be a nice touch after all those years. Give your mom something to talk about, something she’ll cherish, and something that will last longer than the next time you need to water it.

  • Create Your Own Print with Facebook!

    Hello all! Like many of you out there, I am also addicted to Facebook. Hardly a day goes by that I’m not planning an event, updating statuses, or tagging photos. But speaking of photos, there’s something cool that not many of you may have known about.

    Did you know that you can create your own wood print by uploading a photo directly from Facebook or Instagram?

    For those who have heard about this, and are just rollin’ your eyes, because “Yes, yes, we know about this”, my question to you is, have you actually tried it yet? Well, what I believe is that for every person out there who knows how to do it, there’s also another person who doesn’t. I’m here for you.

    Here’s a little step-by-step tutorial on how I created a wood print using a picture from Facebook!

    First thing is to head on over to the front page, and click on “Create Your Own”


    Once you’re there, scroll down to where you see three boxes: Facebook, Instagram, and upload from computer. For the purposes of this demo, I’ll use the Facebook connection. Also note that if you choose to upload, there is a list of acceptable file types at the bottom.


    If you’re not already logged into Facebook, it’ll prompt you to log in. Once you’re logged in, it’ll ask you to give Prints on Wood permission to access your photo albums, as well as your friend’s albums for photos. Don’t worry, it’s not going to bring up all of their pictures, just ones that you are tagged in!

    Go ahead and click “Allow” or “Skip”. Either option will take you to your albums and photos.


    A small window will pop up and show your albums, as well as tagged photos. Browse through them to find that image you want.

    *IMPORTANT NOTE* To upload a photo, please make sure that it is either YOUR photo or that you are tagged in it. Otherwise, there’s no access to other people’s albums for that photo you want.

    Today, let’s say I want to make a print as a gift for my taiko group, Senryu Taiko. I’ve decided to go with our current group picture I’ve circled here:


    Once you click on the picture, it’ll show as “SELECT THIS”. Double- Click on the picture a second time to confirm.


    Back on the Create Your Own page, your photo magically appears in the Edit box! Voila! You’ll also notice that there’s a preview box next to it.


    Notice that its vertical? Easily fixable. Just hit the ROTATE button below, and you’ll be able to fit everyone.


    You can use the cropping corners to adjust the view of the photo. With each change, it’ll show up in the preview box, as it would appear on your wood print. Such as...




    Alright, now below the window, there’s giant list of sizes to choose from. Wowza, that’s a lot of options.


    “no margin” is exactly as it sounds: there won’t be a “frame” around your photo like in the example pictures above.

    Start picking different sizes, or if you already know what you want, select it! However, take heed of this warning:part10

    This warning means that there’s a chance your image will come out fuzzy or pixelated. This could be due to a low-quality image, a too-large print size, etc. To resolve this, either upload a higher quality image, or explore the other different sizes and adjustments you can make to the image using the cropping boxes.

    Once you’ve found a happy medium, the warning should disappear.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: When you’ve chosen what you want, make sure to click “Save Crop & Preview”, or you won’t be able to continue to the cart.


    Once you’ve finished, notice the check-box for the rights to the image. Is this picture yours, or did you steal this picture from another business source? If the answer is "Yes, it's my own image." then check the box.

    When you’re all ready to go, click the “Add To Cart”


    You’ll be taken to the payment page and checkout, and that’s it! That was easy, right? Now go forth and create your own wood prints!



  • Wooden Signs - Rustic is the New Retro

    I love the old times feel of walking down a street with a row of shops. The looks are quaint and the hanging signs make everything better. I feel more comfortable in a crowded space.

    But when it comes to hanging signs or just signs in general, do you want those everyday plastic and paper concoctions, or something new and exciting? I’m just going to guess you want the latter.

    Well, new and exciting means harking back to the old traditions for us. The retro side. You don’t really see wooden signs anymore, unless you’re in a small town in the mountains. It’s all plastic and tech as far as the eye can see in the city.

    So, let’s take a step back. What do we mean with wooden signs? Wood is nature’s canvas, in my opinion. You can touch it, you can taste it...! Okay, let’s not lick the wood. But a wooden sign means so much more than anything made of paper or plastic. With the grain, and the plywood, you can see the craftsmanship and the time it took to hand-make that creation. It’s not something that can be made thousands at a time.

    We use the latest in eco-friendly (and product-friendly!) printing to make vibrant colored wood prints. With wooden signs, we can cut with laser proficiency to make any shape and size outside of that boring ol’ “square by rectangle”. The trick is that the wood grain will show through slightly with each print, but that’s not a bad thing. With the unique wood grain, no two prints are ever the same, and that goes for wooden signs too! Rustic is the new retro, believe me.

    When a customer can stop and admire your wooden sign, that’s the moment you want to really show your true colors. Whether you’re an eco-friendly business, or just starting out, turn to a custom wooden sign to meet your needs.

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