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2014 LA Art Show


Last week marked the 18th anniversary of the LA Art Show held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Created by the FADA, the LA Art Show has been going strong for the past 18 years and showcases historic, traditional, modern, and contemporary art. Sadly, given the fact that we're a couple of uncultured bros from Riverside, we don't really know the difference between any of those genres. What we do know is that we did see a lot of rad looking art!


Take these sick looking wood installations from Alex Yanes for example. Here we were thinking that we do some pretty cool stuff with wood this whole time, and here comes this guy giving us a serious run for our money! Once we figure out how to incorporate these wooden sculptures with wood printing, we're totally going to bug this dude until he finally caves and agrees to work with us.


We also came across this completely badical painting by Brian Viveros. (Pardon the glare)

Is it just me, or is there something insanely attractive about heavily tattooed women who smoke cigarettes and dress up like Bull Fighters? (Probably just me) Incredibly specific fetishes aside, his art style got me thinking... where have I seen this guy's work before?

Oh yeah, we actually did a couple of large format wood prints in the past for the dude!


This job turned out looking mighty fine if I do say so myself. Whether it's on wood or canvas, Brian's art always looks awesome. Although if you asked us we'd say wood, but then again, our opinion might be a little biased.

Lastly, our 3rd favorite wood-related artist exhibiting this year was the ridiculously talented Low Bros.


Palm trees? Bright pink men's t-shirts? Bulging veiny eyeballs? Animals wearing sunglasses? Skateboards with ONE kicktail? It feels like they took everything awesome about the 80's and cut out all the embarrassing haircuts and dance moves. Once again, these images are painted on wood, but I'm sure this amazing artwork would look just as stunning if it was printed on wood. (I'm looking in your direction Low Bros, call us!)

Sadly, the 2014 LA Art Show has come and gone, but that doesn't mean you can't start preparing for next year. In fact, you SHOULD go! We insist! No really, it would be fun! Not only because it's a stimulating visual feast for your eyeballs to gorge on, but we're probably also going to need a ride.


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