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  • Boing Boing X Zelda Devon

    One of the most rewarding feelings is having your work recognized by other people. Not only does it provide a feeling of acceptance and reassurance, but it also serves as great motivation to continue your work.

    Here at Prints on Wood, we take pride in each wood print as if we were one of the many artists that provide us great art!

    Zelda Devon Beyond Brookledge Print on wood

    We came across a post on BoingBoing.com that featured one of our custom wood prints and we were stoked for the shoutout! The wood print in the post was “We See What We Seek” by the very talented Zelda Devon.

    we see what we seek wood print zelda devon

    Photo: Jason Weisberger

    The prints were for made exclusively for Beyond Brookledge, a weekend-long vaudeville inspired event with music, magic, and other entertainment held at the Mission Inn Hotel produced by Bob Self of Baby Tattoo Books. Zelda in collaboration with Prints on Wood gave each attendee of the event a wood print of “We See What We Seek” and it received great acclaim from its recipients.

    We were pleased to hear everyone enjoyed Zelda’s work as much as we do, we are looking forward to working with Beyond Brookledge and Baby Tattoo Books again!

    Here's the original post on boingboing by Jason Weisberger: http://boingboing.net/2015/06/02/this-amazing-print-on-wood-by.htm

  • "Nightgardens" Jeff Soto's Solo Show in LA

    One more week until Jeff Soto's exhibit in Los Angeles at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery.  It's been long time since his last LA exhibit in 2006 and I don't know who's more excited, us or Jeff.   The show titled, "Nightgardens" features themes of myth and the mysterious coupled with exploration into the contemporary landscape.


    A few days ago we got to get a sneak peak of the pieces as Jeff was carefully varnishing some of the pieces for the show.

    Jeff soto vanishing nightgardens

    While up late finishing the final details on a piece for the show, Jeff, the consummate teacher, tells young aspiring artists, "Don't skimp....The details make all the difference."

    Jeff soto remember the details

    Taking a break from painting fine art, Jeff completed a mural that will welcome guests to the LA show on La Brea and 1st Street.  "The La Brea Owl" beacons, go ask for its wisdom and forgiveness.

    soto wall muralphoto credit: Jordan Ahern

    If you haven't already, email info@mkgallery.com to rsvp for the opening night reception Saturday, June 27th from 7 - 10 pm.  We will see you there!

    Nightgardens at Merry Karnowsky Gallery

    Nightgardens by jeff soto



  • 10th Anniversary of The Soundtrack (To My Life) by Luke Chueh

    Ten years ago this year Luke Chueh was asked by L. Croskey, aka Mr. Numbera of Cannibal Flower, to design a cover for his mix cd.  What came out of that collaboration has resonated with so many including us.   The Soundtrack (To My Life) is a homage to what DJ culture meant to Luke while at the same time connecting with us in a strikingly personal way.





    In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the piece, Luke is releasing a special wood print edition of 150 on Tuesday, June 23rd at noon PST.  The 18" x 18" wood print will be hand signed and numbered by Luke Cheuh available at $250 each.  For the first time, an optional custom white frame can be added to the print for an additional $45.


    Luke Chueh Soundtrack to my life wood print


  • Could your package withstand an atomic bomb?

    The life of a wood print is not easy, cutting, sanding, ink drops, UV rays, it's a rough start.  But the good life begins when they meet "Brad."

    Prints on Wood shipping

    Brad is one of the guys that has the privilege of sending the wood prints off to their forever homes, a feat he does not take lightly.  If you have not had the pleasure of receiving a print on wood packaged by Brad, let me share an email we received from a recent happy customer "Pat".

    Dear POW,
    Thanks so much for the lovely finished product. I know my husband will love it, and I sure do. Much appreciated.
    I would be remiss not to mention the amazing packaging of the product you created. If we'd had a nuclear attack while it was in Caitlin's custody we might have lost Caitlin, but my package would have withstood the blast.
    Since this is a surprise for Cal, I hid the unopened box in my closet until he was busy in the garage. Then I tried opening the box with scissors. That met with frustration, so I went after it with a box cutter. Some inroads were made, but it was a slow, slow process, and I was crouched in my closet which didn't give me a lot of room to manipulate. I gave serious thought to going to the garage (where Cal was) to see if I could smuggle the power saw past him. Knowing that enterprise would fail, I once again employed the box cutter and stepped up the fury of my attack. I may have said "Die, box, die" a time or two, but whatever it took the now blunt and misshapen box cutter finally breached the many, many layers of sealing tape so I could wedge my hand into the ragged opening and work the wooden picture out. My right hand is a tad swollen, and I need to vacuum the bits of cardboard, sealing tape, sweat and skin from the floor of my closet. My hat's off to the guy from the Department of Un-openable Packages. I hope he gets a good salary. His talent need not be improved upon because he's reached the zenith of his career.
    Many thanks,
    Pat D.


    Brad prints on wood packing

    No thank you Pat, your eloquence and praise are appreciated, we made sure each was delivered to Brad.

    Now you can rest assured when you place your next order the package will arrive in sound condition even when you box looks like this:

    distroyed shipping box

    Many thanks to the diligent focus and attention of our shipping department headed by the best in west, Brad.

    Brad packaging wood prints


  • 1989 Taylor Swift World Tour

    If you haven’t heard of Taylor Swift you’ve probably been living under a rock. In the past decade, she has gone from your average Pennsylvania girl to one of the biggest musicians in the world. But this isn’t just my opinion...the numbers speak for themselves. With 31 million followers on instagram, 51 million followers on twitter, and 71 million likes on facebook, she is easily one of the most popular artists in the world.

    taylor swift 1989 world your vinyl banner

    So what amassed her all these fans? Her sweet smile? Her charming looks? Her golden voice? Its really a combination of all of these that have given her the rise to stardom, but of course her songwriting has an effect. Swift is highly praised for her ability to connect with teenage issues and teenage life, which initially got her followings and fans with her first two albums. Later on in her career, she has focused on more grown relationships but still holds on to past feelings and relationships with a through her music, making her even more relatable.

    Releasing her 5th album a few months ago, she has once again capitalized on the formula that has provided her success: make songs about the interactions people have with each other and the problems that come from them to be relatable to as many people as possible.

    taylor swift 1989 world tour vinyl banner

    Taylor Swift is going on a world tour for her 5th album, 1989, with 78 dates across Asia, Europe, and North America. For her world tour, her camp wanted signage to properly decorate the venue because what concert is complete without signage!

    The 1989 World Tour wood print Taylor Swift

    Sticking with the neon sign theme of the tour’s logo, we created a custom wood print of the tour name as a neon sign. Each word is connect to the next at the bottom or top of the last letter, making the sign one uniform piece instead of four different words. We also created banners for her world tour, as shown above, through our sister site banner4sale.com. We hope everyone enjoys Taylor Swift’s world tour on every continent she’s playing!

  • Top Five Worst Graduation Gifts

    Have you checked your Facebook feed lately? Chances are it's been flooded with pictures from kindergarten graduations...college graduations...grad school graduations, moving out of your parents' house graduations...and on and on and on. To kick off the celebration season, (and save a few graduates) we came up with the top five worst grad gifts that are sure to be received with an awkward grin or a muffled "thank you."

    (Names have been withheld to protect the innocent)

    #5: A celebratory lunch- with a buy one get one free voucher


    #4: Cards
    Or let's be specific: Cards without money. A graduation card without money is pretty much equivalent to wrapping an empty box and putting it under the Christmas tree for your child. Expectations are heightened then crushed at the big reveal.


    #3: A copy of "Oh, The Places You'll Go"
    You may think an inspirational children's book sounds like a cute, little way to say "congrats!" But So will 10 other family members and friends. Don't be the 11th.


    #2: Forget the new iPad, good old "helpful" advice.
    "These words of wisdom" usually begin with the graduate being dragged away from their celebration for a rambling speech and somewhat relevant anecdote about how life's a kicker and it's all down hill from here.


    #1: Any sort of office supplies.
    The only person that would be ecstatic to receive a red stapler would be the guy in Office Space. Just him.


    There you have it! Our top worst graudation gifts! You might want to avoid these this graduation season...or any other, season for that matter!

    While it's customary to slip your grad a hallmark card and some bills, this year, reward the graduate in your life with something they can cherish.

    Whether it be a photo of a cherished portrait or their favorite piece of art, a special memory printed on wood is a sure, safe purchase and more importantly, the perfect gift.

    Save 30% on your purchase for the special graduate with the promo code: GRAD30

    We're also providing free shipping on all orders over $50!

  • The Who 50th Anniversary Tour

    Who can it be now? The Who! The Who is who it can be! One of the cornerstones of rock in the 20th century, The Who is definitely one of the most influential bands ever. Introducing Rock Opera to most of the genre, they were able to create their own unique style while still being able to relate to the issues their fans had.

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of the band's creation, and they are celebrating in style! The Who is going on an epic 50th anniversary tour across North America and Europe as a celebration of their work but more importantly as a final send off.

    The Who Wood print

    With only 2 of the 4 members alive, this tour is to pay homage to the work the band has done over the years. Lead singer Roger Daltrey has been quoted saying this tour is the beginning of a long goodbye, making the tour that much more important!

    the who metal collage

    We were lucky enough to do some signage and custom wood prints for The Who’s final send off tour, and it was an honor! For the VIP section, we created a collage of The Who using pictures from when they first started, through their rise to fame.

    The who wood print 2

    Custom wood prints were also created for The Who’s art director, Richard Evans. These prints had their 50th anniversary logo along with a short description of Richard Evans’ “The Who Series” and where to find more of his work.

    Doing work for arguably one of the greatest bands ever is a tremendous honor, and we’re sure they will appreciate our work as much as we appreciate their classics! Don’t miss your chance to see them for the last time!

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