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  • Metric Coffee Co. Wood Prints

    A coffee a day keeps the doctor away, especially if it's brewed with quality. Metric Coffee Co., a coffee roaster located in Chicago, was the beginning of a partnership of two men who had great ideas. Like all start up businesses, Metric Coffee did not start off with investors or fancy equipment to jumpstart the company. The founders, Xavier Alexander and Darko Arandjelovic, started roasting from a vintage production roaster bought from Germany, found on Google... what are the chances. However, when the roaster was first purchased, it was broken to the core, from its motors to the electric and gas, leaving only one option, but to restore it.

    Metric Coffee Co Prints on wood

    This roaster was a blessing in disguise for Metric Coffee. It was the beginning of their coffee roasting journey. Metric Coffee was entirely a learning process and still is. Roasting coffee takes a lot of practice, exploring new methods, and years of perfection. To Darko and Xavier, they not only stick to familiar methods, but they also adventure out to new techniques every year to create a consistent learning process.
    Metric Coffee Co

    We were honored to contribute a little to Metric Coffee's coffee roasting journey. We helped them create custom wood prints for their cold brew coffee. We are always excited to work with businesses that take pride in what they do and express it through loyal, honest, and ethical way. Here at Prints on Wood, we strive to do the same.


  • Eco-Friendly Stylin'


    Fashion is a way for people to express themselves. It is an art form that allows an individual to visually represent his or her values. In most privileged areas, art can lead to one's life-long career; however, not every individual gets an opportunity to make something out of his or her art. For instance, women are many times socially limited due to their gender.


    Soothi is an eco-friendly jewelry line that uniquely crafts their pieces with value. Every piece has a special meaning and is casually made by artisans all over the world. Soothi believes that wealth isn't everything, but what is more important is being able to become self- sufficient by using the resources around them. Soothi is a brand that wants to educate others about empowerment and self- sufficiency through their jewelry line.

    With an encouraging working environment, Soothi empowers women and underprivileged artists by giving them opportunities for security and stability, whether it is financially or through self- reliance.


    We were honored to work with a brand that upholds such a great cause, and one similar to ours. Soothi uses repurposed and recycled materials to make their products, by collecting coconut shells and reused wood waste. It is always encouraging to know that other brands are also making use of the resources around them, creating an eco-friendly environment.

    We helped Soothi create three 8" x 8" square custom wood prints, displaying the brand's mission statement.

    Soothi jewlery custom wood print Soothi Jewlery prints on wood


    At Prints on Wood, we are a green printing company, which means we are 100% powered by the sun. We have inserted over 200 solar panels on our roof. Solar panels are a great way to save the environment, such as our ongoing issue of global warming. To us, there's nothing more satisfying than knowing we are doing our best to reduce the impact our large format and wood printing business has on the planet.


  • Ethika: With You Everywhere

    Ethika print on wood wall

    We always find it intriguing to find how people or businesses use our prints on wood, whether it is just a memoir to be hung inside a room or simply a unique office display. Ethika, an underwear line, sure has a unique way to brand their products. Every product shoot we printed was created by using a live photo, with the emphasis on the underwear, which adheres to their motto "With you everywhere."


    "With you everywhere" stands as a good motto because underwear follows you wherever you go. These photos printed on to wood are to be displayed inside their office, which is a nice representation of who they are. Ethika is a brand that targets a lot of audiences in the music, skate, biker industry because of the founder, Malcom MaCassy's past and how his business came to be.

    We were thrilled to work with Ethika, not only because it was an underwear brand worn by many popular figures, but also because they were a really fun and creative bunch to work with. We worked with them to prepare their trade show booth at Agenda, which turned out great as well.

  • Your Office Could Need A Little Revamping.

    Does your office seem a little bland or not as lively as it should be? We have figured out a way you can revamp your office with a custom wood sign.

    We have worked with companies such as StateFarm and Wicks Brewing Co to help their offices look a bit livelier. Not only can we print fine art onto wood, but we have also worked with many businesses to print their company logo onto a wood of choice. Statefarm_woodprint_custom

    When logos are printed onto wood, it gives a more expensive and modernistic vibe to the office. The oval State Farm logo printed on a wooden sign, can be hung up on the wall inside a conference room or behind the front desk, giving it a 3 dimensional effect to the logo. Wicksbrewingco_woodprint

    Wicks Brewing Co.'s interior is themed very rustic and vintage, which makes a wood print logo perfectly fit into this restaurant's interior.

    We can print just about any image onto a wooden canvas. We have the option of creating your own custom wood print in just four easy steps. From selecting your image to choosing a thickness and finish, we work hard in making every print as if it were our own art piece. Therefore, whether it is a print for a company logo or simply just an image to display inside your office, we guarantee it will be a pleasant addition for your workplace.

  • Jeff Soto and Masakatsu Sashie Opening at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery


    Merry Karnowsky Gallery held an event for the opening reception for Jeff Soto's "Nightgardens" and Masakatsu Sashie's "Blind Box."


    This exhibition was Soto's first solo show back in Los Angeles in almost a decade. Although he exhibits regularly in New York, Europe and abroad, it has been many years since he has shown this close to home.  The turnout for this show was great!  Jeff Soto's pieces displayed many irregular shaped pieces, along with a series of new acrylic and watercolor paintings.

    JeffsotoThis vibrant, colorful owl piece stood out from the white walls of the gallery. This owl piece is a popular image often seen in Soto's work and many crowded around to examine this piece in full detail.  In support of the show, friends from Jeff's grafitti days joined the crowd at the opening including Craola and Steven Daily.  Other fellow artists attending the show included Lola, Natalia Fabia, Luke Chueh, Thomas Han and Sherri Trahan director of the Corey Helford Gallery.


    Photo of Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins and Steven Daily

    lola Natalia sherri-from corey helford gallery

    Photo of Natalia Fabia, Lola and Sherri TrahanJEFFSOTO_OWL

    Photo of Jeff Soto with the founder of Trust Me Vodka, Mark Simo and his assistant Kristin Cervantes

    Jeff Soto's art work was also featured on the bottle of the new vodka brand called Trust Me Vodka. Because Soto's work was displayed inside the clear bottle, it gave an underwater effect to Soto's unique creatures. Trust Me Vodka is organic and gluten free and we able to have a few sips during this showing. Above is a photo of Jeff Soto with the founder of Trust Me Vodka and below is a photo of the bottle itself.

    Trust me vodka jeff soto


    Photo of Jeff Soto's Watercolors

    Nightgardens captivates a mysterious and mythical landscape with nonexistent creatures; however, it displays real life problems and journeys. Soto makes combinations of familiar and unfamiliar creatures and creates an imaginary world, much like a daydream

    Masakatsu Sashie's style is quite different, yet similar to Jeff Soto's. They both hold abstract thoughts, but expresses them in different ways. Sashie is well known for his intricately painted orbs. His paintings consist of manmade objects warped into an industrialized civilization.Masakatsu_Sashie

    Sashie's "Blind Box" showing had a recurring theme of a sphere which resembles life within a perfectly self-contained world. Sashie reconstructs forms from the past and the future as modern art, which is a similar concept as Jeff Soto's blend of fictional and nonfictional creatures.  Masakatsu Sashie

    We fell in love with Sashie's work at first sight at the end of last year when Merry presented a group show featuring all the artists that would be showing with her in 2015.  This new collection of pieces from Sashie was no exception.  We couldn't leave without adding another one to our personal art collection.

    sashie 6

    If you get a chance and live in the LA area, stop by the exhibit before it closes July 25th.  To see these pieces in person is a treat not to miss.


    For more information about the exhibit, please visit: http://www.mkgallery.com/

  • Pow! Wow! Long Beach Recap


    POW!WOW! is an art event that started off as a week-long event held in Hawaii, but has expanded globally over the years. This event has brought together hundreds of international and local artists to create beautiful murals and other forms of art. POW! WOW! has become a large platform for the global artists to network and organize art events such as, lectures, art schools, concerts, and live art installations around the world. MEGGS_WALLINSTALATION_POWWOW

    PHOTO ABOVE: MEGGS Wall Installation

    We had the opportunity to attend the POW! WOW! week long event held at Long Beach. This week long event consisted of mural paintings by all the POW! WOW! artists in Long Beach, a screening of "The Deepest Depths of the Burrow," Vitality and Verve: Transforming the Urban Landscape exhibit, and a POW! WOW! School of Music Concert and much more!alex_yanes_POWWOW_Longbeach

    Wall Installation By Alex Yanes

    Although we were unable to attend all five days, we were amazed by the art work we were able to see at the Vitality and Verve: Transforming the Urban Landscape exhibit held in Long Beach Museum of Art on Friday, June 26, 2015.


    Artwork By MEGGS

    The Vitality and Verve exhibit examines the current developments in the urban contemporary art field. This exhibit consisted of stunning murals and multi-media installations created by the many emerging artists involved in the event. It was amazing to see these artists use their creative juices to change and transform the urban landscape.

    Cryptik Wall Installation powwow

    Wall Installation By CRYPTIK


    Soto Creating His Mural

    On the way to to the Vitality and Verve exhibition at the Long Beach Museum of Art we stopped by Jeff Soto's mural at the Long Beach Convention Center.  Jeff was in the midst of completing the mural when we stopped by, with his gallery opening the following night, he was busy getting as much done as he could before heading over to the Vitality and Verve exhibition. Next to Jeff's mural was the Low Bros mural, still in the works.  These were just a few of the many murals created for the event around the city by Jeff McMillan, Benjie Escobar, Cryptik, Hueman, Madsteez, Tristan Eaton, James Jean, Aaron De La Cruz, Fafi, and Bumblebee.  If you guys get the chance, go check it out. It is definitely worth seeing.

    For more information on Pow Wow Long Beach, please visit: http://www.powwowlongbeach.com/

  • "The Soundtrack (To My Life)" Release

    Luke Chueh Soundtrack to my life wood print


    Luke Chueh is an L.A based artist who is particularly popular in the pop surrealism scene and part of the designer toy world.


    We had the privilege to work with Luke Chueh, to print one of his most famous pieces, "The Soundtrack (To My Life)" on wood. This piece, created in 2005, is celebrating it's 10th anniversary with the release for this piece. The Soundtrack (To My Life) was a very important painting for Luke Chueh, as it resembled the beginning of his career and a reflection of himself as an artist. To know more about Chueh's story behind this piece, click the link below.



    We strive to make sure every fine art print is printed as if it were our own. We believe working hand in hand with the artist personally puts depth and meaning into every art piece. Last week Luke stopped by the shop to sign the prints and check out the new frame option.


    As Luke Chueh released these prints on Tuesday, June 23rd at noon, the time has finally come for those of you who have already ordered! These limited edition wood prints will be shipping out by this week. For those of you who have not ordered them yet, there are still a few left on our webpage linked below.



    We were excited to announce our new frame option at Prints on Wood with this release. Luke Chueh was the first to use our frame feature with "The Soundtrack (To My Life)" print. The optional custom white frame can be added to the print for an additional $45. Not only is it available for this specific art piece, but it will also soon become an option available for every wood print on our create your own prints page.


    You got to admit, adding a white frame not only makes it easier to hang on your wall, but it also gives it a nice sleek design.

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