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  • Jazzberry Blue

    Jazzberry Blue is an abstract artist that creates geographical pieces. He makes maps of popular and iconic cities such as Los Angeles, New York, London, and much more, with similar abstract patterns and color schemes of oranges, blues, and blacks.

    jazzberry blue_Printonwood

    He also created a series of maps in a black and white color scheme. Although these maps aren't as geographically accurate as your very own navigational system, Jazzberry Blue takes the unique essence of each city and incorporates it into an abstract piece. These abstract maps are printed onto wood.  Almost every major city you could visit in the US and internationally has been turned into an a cool abstract colorful map printed on wood. Jazzberry Blue _ Printsonwood1

    Jazzberry Blue is quite a clever artist. He makes concrete subjects that cannot seem abstract into abstract art works, which make his pieces even more fascinating. Jazzberry Blue not only creates maps, but he also creates national parks, typo-geography, travel, and book covers all in his own style.

    Jazzberry blue prints on wood

    It's always an adventure to figure out what cities are being shipped out each week. We have many of Jazzberry Blue's pieces available on our webpage today,  http://www.printsonwood.com/artists/jazzberryblue.

    Jazzberry_Blue_ Los Angeles_Print on wood

    To see more of his amazing portfolio, visit his webpage at http://www.jazzberryblue.com/.

  • Jermaine Roger's "Rock And Roll Saved My Life"

    Coming this Friday, August 28th at noon PST will be our first release with the famed rock and roll poster artist Jermaine Rogers!  Can you tell we're a bit excited about it?

    Jermaine Rogers Rock and Roll Saved My Life print on wood

    It was not with a light heart that we chose Queens of the Stone Age (Houston) rock poster "Rock and Roll Saved My Life".  But it was not a particularly easy choice either given the plethera of images Jermaine has in his repertoire; but we think it was a good choice and we hope you agree.  If there are any doubts, let Jermaine tell you bit more about this piece....

    'Rock and roll saved my life? Why, yes...and in many ways. The music, the lyrics, the performances, the art work...and yes, the posters: they all served as little life-rafts for me through the years. I've built much of my adult life with the raw materials of rock and roll. I can't imagine 'me' without it.
     Some of you are familiar with the 'flying eyeball'. It is a 'rock and roll' poster icon, used most famously on a concert poster by artist Rick Griffin for a 1968 Jimi Hendrix show in San Francisco, but used by other artists as well. Griffin was familiar with the mythology around the sacred 'Eye In The Sky', the all seeing eye that peers through human deceit & illusion. He was also familiar with southern California pinstriper Von Dutch, and his flying eyeball logo: a quirky take on the ancient icon. 
     When Griffin's version of the flying eyeball made it's appearance, though, something was different. This eyeball hovered, more visceral and aware. It held a glare that burned through you. The stare was arresting...taking an accounting of you, measuring you as a human being. Some have commented that Griffin sometimes spoke of the eye as 'god'.
     To me, an artist who's life has been greatly affected and transformed by the 'rock and roll poster', the eyeball IS 'rock and roll'. It is the perfect visualization of the aura and the experience: rock and roll's 'Holy Ghost'. This music is a living thing. It peers into your soul, discerning thoughts and intentions, motives and fears. In my darkest hours, it stood by me. It helped define for me a purpose and repeatedly showed me the 'roads less traveled', cramped and waiting there in the shadows if I dared to wander upon them. The visual art of the rock poster, specifically, is a breathing and pulsing religion. For me, it's prophets were men like Rick Griffin, Stanley Mouse, Wes Wilson, Guy Juke, Ray Pettibon, Mad Marc Rude, Frank Kozik, and others...all pointing the way to a freedom that COULD be had. 'Rock and roll' showed me 'hands' that I didn't know I had. So, i knelt there...bare and exposed, and let the music and the art wrap themselves around me & swallow me whole.'
    - jr

    jermaine rogers rock and roll saved my life print on wood

    The only thing that could make this print better would be another print by Jermaine!  Well, guess what, Jermaine personally added a signed mini screen print with each wood print ordered. Not only incredibily talented, but equally generous and kind as well.

    jermaine rogers rock and roll wood print

    Limited to 50 prints, the 10" x 15" fine art wood print is priced at $100 with the option to add a custom brown Italian frame for $29.  Once their gone their gone so get yours Friday.

  • Wood Prints to Customized Legos

    We are often intrigued by the creativity of our customers. It's very interesting to see the different and unique ways the wood prints we make are used. Last week, Steven Paul Judd, All Action Figure, had sent us his finished project using the wood prints and we were mind blown. 


    He made custom lego figurines and mounted them onto the wood prints we had made for him. We definitely got a kick out of these vintage all- American themed pieces.


    The photos below are a few examples of his phenomenal work! Paul Judd will be debuting his POP art for the time at the Indian Market in Santa Fe.

    lego prints on wood 2

    If you love classic american characters, Lego and custom wood prints, it's a perfect storm.  And if you live in Santa Fe, we all are envious of your ability to see these cool figures in person.


  • Buff Monster's "Strawberry Terry" Release

    buff monster artist

    Buff Monster, a huge street artist and American painter, who adamantly expresses confidence, individuality, and happiness throughout his art pieces. His work embodies happy, unique and brightly colored characters that are printed onto all sorts of mediums such as, prints, walls, stickers, toys, plush and much more.

    print on wood cut to shape buff monster strawberry terry

    One characteristic or theme Buff Monster repeats throughout most of his works is the color pink. To Buff Monster, pink symbolizes confidence, individuality and happiness. Buff Monster has become a successful artist, and has worked with many recognizable brands such as, Disney, Kid Robot, Sanrio, Hello kitty, and much more. He has also painted large mural projects and many of his paintings are displayed at galleries around the world.

    Strawberry Terry buff monster printonwood2

    Prints on Wood has worked with Buff Monster to release one of his new pieces, "Strawberry Terry." Many of his art works are based on the things he likes. For example, "Strawberry Terry" and many of his other collections are about ice cream.

    Strawberry Terry by Buff Monster in progress

    This piece is awesome because we are having two different options available during its release. "Strawberry Terry" will have a cut to shape option for $100 and a framed option for $150. Our framing option is fairly new, and we're so please to see the nice finishing touch it gives to every piece. "Strawberry Terry" will be available on our webpage starting today through Friday, August 21st.

    Strawberry Terry” Release Details
    Print Size: 12”x12”
    Medium: 1/2" Natural Gloss
    Price: Cut to shape print: $100; Framed: $150
    Availability: Sale starts at 10 am on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 and ends on Friday, August 21, 2015 at midnight.

    Buff Monster print on wood strawberry terry

  • Baby Tattoo: Carnival of Astounding Art

    If you have ever had the chance to experience an event curated by Bob Self, then you have had the opportunity to be swept off your feet with amazing talent and wonder that surrounds his events.  In his upcoming exhibit Baby Tattoo: Carnival of Astounding Art at the Oceanside Museum of Art, Bob Self is bringing a collaborative experience from all of his events to one place. This is a huge exhibition featuring the many artists who have been apart of the Baby Tattoo story, including Mark Ryden, Marion Peck, Jeff Soto, Tara McPherson, Luke Chueh, Joe Sorren, Audrey Kawasaki, Robert Williams, Travis Louie and Lola to name a few.

    carnival of astounding art

    Bob Self has been hosting Baby Tattooville events that bring together artists and collectors in an intimate weekend experience at the timeless Mission Inn.   The exhibit will feature the art collaborations created at each Baby Tattooville event, the Art Jam.  The Art Jam is the culmination of the weekend long collaboration by all the attending artists.  The Art Jam piece from each of the last eight years will be on exhibit at the Oceanside Museum of Art.

    baby tattooville_ printsonwood

    The ninth and final Baby Tattooville event will feature Mark Ryden and Marion Peck.  The culminating event will feature, for the first time, a Surrealist Ball with grand costumes and more to be announced.


    The Carnival of Astounding Art will present a sampling of all the art and artists that have contributed and have been a part of Bob Self's events and book publishing.  We have had the privilege to be a part of two of the Beyond Brookledge events in 2014 and 2015. We were able to donate two fine art prints on wood, "The Amazing Mort" by Travis Louie and "We See What We Seek" by Zelda Devon, shown in the top and bottom photos.


    The Carnival of Astounding Art at the Oceanside Museum of Art opens Saturday, August 22nd and will be on exhibit until January 3rd, 2016.  Please visit this link to find out more: http://www.kpbs.org/events/ongoing/oceanside-museum-art-presents-baby-tattoo-carnival/

  • "Everybody's Gone To The Rapture" Release

    We always receives a wide variety of requests when it comes to projects. So far, in the past, we have done all sorts of different projects for Coachella, art exhibits, beer tradeshows, and much more. Recently, we have teamed up with Sony Computer Entertainment America to help prepare for their new game release.


    On August 11, 2015, Sony released their new game, "Everybody's Gone To The Rapture." This game begins with an apocalypse, but goes back into the past to explore the different choices individuals make when they are faced with disasters that are way out of their control. It goes back into different moments and years before 2015. playstation_game release_everythingsgonetotherapture

    Although game releases and wood prints seem like they don't coincide, they can and Sony made it work! In the Sony office, they have this huge wall display of digital faces of each designer and every game release the teams have completed printed onto personalized wood prints with magnetic backs. This wall certainly is a wall of all their successes. What a great and creative way to display wood prints Sony!


    As each game is released a new wood prints are created to add to this "wall of pride" and each game designer's office space. This was the day "Everybody's Gone To The Rapture" was added to the wall. These ceremonies only occur when there's a new game launch, which is huge to those who put in their hard work for a certain project. Getting this piece delivered on time meant a lot and we were glad to come through for them.

  • Baxalta Customizes Jenga

    Sometimes we receive a unique projects with a special meaning behind it. Printing on wood itself can range from a variety of projects, whether it is a fine art piece or a family photo printed on wood, or it can get as interesting as customizing your own Jenga game set.


    Last week we worked with a company called Baxalta. Baxalta is all about improving lives. It is a biopharmaceutical company that finds new therapies in hematology, immunology, and oncology. In simpler terms, they find innovative therapies for patients undergoing treatments related to blood, immune systems, and tumors.


    Baxalta wanted a customized Jenga set for their patients. At first, we hand painted all 54 wooden blocks white. After, we printed the Baxalta logo on each Jenga block, creating a custom Jenga game set.  Printing jobs like these always makes us think out of box and question how else we can use our machines to expand our horizons.


  • Gettin' that Vintage Look

    magazine covers_Printsonwood

    Photos printed on wood are a great way to set that vintage look. We have worked with many companies that order wood prints from us, wanting to follow their vintage theme, whether it was to print an image with a vintage finish, or recreating old images onto wood to make it look like an antique painting. Or as in this case, reprint vintage magazine covers on bright white finish to keep all the vibrant colors in the images.

    magazine covers_Printsonwood2

    Wood in general sets a rustic and restored vibe, by using our services you can modernize the decor anywhere! A creative customer wanted something that not only gave off an All-American, vintage vibe, but it also fed an antique look.

    magazine covers_Printsonwood3

    He came up with the idea of printing old magazine covers that displayed popular events in American history like the booming times of the Rolling Stones, the 1964 Olympics, and how America came to be. Displaying these magazine covers on top of an antique coffee table, or simply just hanging them onto a plain wall already sets the mood in the room.

    magazine covers_Printsonwood4

    We like to work closely with our customers to satisfy their needs, whether it is what thickness they want, or what finish they need to fit a certain theme or idea.

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