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  • No Ghost Logos Charity Event

    no ghost logo pow

    Ghostbusters (1984) was a movie that about a few guys who got kicked out from their University, and became ghostbusters for a living. The Ghostbusters community has created a documentary called "Ghostheads" to share the Ghostbusters fandom around the world. These Ghostheads have traveled around the world meeting fans, visiting hospitals, and raising money for charities.

    ECTO-1 no ghost logo pow

    Photo of Sean Bishop's ECTO-1 Replica

    On Friday, October 30, 2015, there will be The No Ghost Logos Charity event held in Burbank curated by our good friend Chogrin. There will be an art gallery and an appearance of Sean Bishop's ECTO 1 replica. Chogrin has brought together 30 artists from around the world to interpreted the "No Ghost" logo in their own style. The No Ghost Logos Charity event will have an art show at the "Creature Feature Art Gallery" displaying all of their pieces from 7-9 PM. This event is a tribute and fundraiser for Michael C. Gross, the creator of the famous Ghostbusters logo. Gross has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and they wanted to dedicate this event to him in appreciation of the huge impact he has made on the Ghostbuster film and history. Michael C. Gross is extremely passionate about art and really appreciates the Ghostbusters community.

    Michael C. Gross Pow no ghost show

    (Photo of The late Harold Ramis with Michael on the set of Ghostbusters (1984))

    Prints on Wood had the opportunity to be able to sponsor this cool event! We will be printing all 30 pieces for the No Ghost Logo interpretations. We are super excited to see how everything will turn out and can't wait to be a part of the Ghostbuster fandom!

  • The Perfect Wooden Anniversary Gift

    wooden anniversary gift_prints on wood

    Giving gifts for special occasions have always become a tradition whether it is for a birthday, celebration, or anniversary. The best types of gifts are those that are given from the heart. People tend to appreciate and love gifts more when a lot of thought and consideration has been put into it and it resembles something important to their relationship. Over any materialistic item, a gift with sentimental value will win over anyone's heart.

    wooden anniversary gifts_ prints on wood

    You probably already have received or given flowers for the first anniversary, some sort of jewelry for the next, and took her out to her favorite restaurant and next thing you know, you are running out of ideas for your next anniversary. Well, it's time to get creative. According to Hallmark's Anniversary Gifts by Year, couples would give traditional anniversary gifts once they have reached their major milestones. Hallmark has gotten creative with these traditional gift ideas, and has given modern ideas whether you want to splurge or budget your gift.


    People still follow these traditional anniversary gift ideas by adding their own little twist to them. Couples would give wooden anniversary gifts or do something wood related for their 5th anniversary whether it was planting seeds in a garden, or taking a hike in the woods. I'm sure these ideas have not gotten outdated; however, being a tad bit creative with the wood theme wouldn't hurt. We've got good news! Prints on Wood is the perfect place to come to, we got creativity, wood, and great prices to make the perfect wood anniversary gift (what more can you ask for). Printing anniversary photos onto a wood canvas make excellent gifts for a significant other. These photos not only capture a special moment in one's relationship, but it also captures it in a new and modernized way.


    These wooden anniversary gifts are so versatile, that they can be used any special occasion, not just anniversaries. Prints on Wood aims to stretch our limits whether it is in shape, size or color, and give you the perfect product you're imagining. We also have a cool custom framing option that gives an awesome finishing touch to your gift. Order your wooden anniversary gifts today at Prints on Wood with 4 easy steps!

    Here are a few wooden anniversary gift examples we've recently printed wooden anniversary gifts_ prints on wood 34 wooden anniversary gifts_ prints on wood 3


  • Totem by Joe Ledbetter Release

    Totem by joe ledbetter prints on wood_animated_

    Extremely creative and talented artist, Joe Ledbetter, is an illustrator and toy designer who has created multiple pieces influenced by animation, underground comics, and 1980's video games. His pieces all share a unique style of bright colors, distinct lines and interesting animated creatures. He aims to incorporate human attributes and personalities to his fictional characters.

    Totem prints on wood release

    He has created over 100 different toys that all display unique humanly personality traits. For example, Ledbetter has created a "Lava" characters series that depicts the primal part of humans. He was inspired by the idea of when things of this world are destroyed, they often lead to new opportunities and beginnings, similarly to when Lava destroys large land masses; however, it's a natural disaster that needs to happen in order for life to thrive. He states, "Sometimes, in order to create you must destroy. Tear it all down and start anew."

    Totem prints on wood release2

    Prints on Wood had the opportunity to work with Joe Ledbetter to create and release an awesome print sculpture. This totem print plays with many different dimensions of art by bringing 2 piece wooden prints that intersects together to create a unique multi-dimensional sculpture. Joe Letterbed incorporates vibrant colors and unique patterns on each head of the totem pole. This sculpture also consists of a various emotions and personalities.

    Totem prints on wood release3

    Totem by Joe Ledbetter will be releasing on October 22-27, 2015 11 PM (Pacific). Unfortunately, this release will be timed because each totem is individually and carefully produced, which will take a tad bit longer than most pieces. So don't miss out on the date and order within 6 days to receive your signed Totem sculpture! We will only be producing the number of orders we make within those 6 days. Order yours here.

    The Totem's Dimensions
    24.5" x 15.5" flat (62.23 x 39.37 cm)
    24.5" x 15.5" x 15.5" standing (62.23 x 39.37 x 39.37 cm)
    $250 USD


  • Ron English - "Kiss Teletubbies" Release

    We are really excited about our first release with New York artist Ron English titled, "KISS Teletubbies".  Last week he stopped in to sign the prints before heading off to Mark Ryden and Marion Peck's Surrealist Ball - Baby Tattooville 9.  This print was originally a photograph of his young boys that he transformed into a colorful art piece years ago.  It seemed like a perfect piece to print on wood!


    As an American contemporary artist who specializes creating a twist on brand imagery and advertising, his work has become extremely well known.  We were first introduced to Ron's paintings thru the popular documentary "Super-Size Me" but since then he has produced art books, designed toys, created artwork for movies, and street art pieces.


    The weekend continued at the Baby Tattooville event where we were able to see Ron and the other featured artists paint the Art Jam piece.  The large collaborative painting that is created by the attending artists thru the weekend. The last few minutes of the Art Jam was a fervor of activity as everyone made the final touches on their parts, which was so awesome to watch!


    A quick group photo before everyone shuffled off to get ready for Mark Ryden and Marion Peck's Surrealist Ball. More about that later!

    Limited to 50 signed and numbered fine art wood prints, these little guys are going fast.  Get yours here.



    10 x 10 in. (25.4 x 25.4 cm)

    Fine art wood print on 1/2" sustainable Birch, bright white finish
    Hand signed and numbered limited edition of 50
    Add an optional white frame for $25 by selecting the "with Frame" option.


    printsonwood ron english release1


  • Edward Colver X HR from The Bad Brains

    edward colver release pow

    The first release in a new series of wood prints with rock and roll photographer Edward Colver features HR from The Bad Brains. Edward is famous punk rock photographer, who surrounded most of his works around punk rock music, fashion, lifestyle, and art. Colver's photographs have become iconic pieces because it depicts and documents the birth of punk in Los Angeles. Colver has been taking photographs for over 33 years, and truly has a passion for what he does. He creates his own punk rock style within his pieces. Over the years, Edward Colver has shot many photos for famous record labels like Capitol, Geffen,and EMI.
    The first print release from this series is a classic shot Colver took of HR performing with his band, The Bad Brains.
    Limited to 50 prints, each one is signed and numbered by both Colver and HR.  They signed the prints just before HR performed at the Whisky in Los Angeles last week.
    Other releases in this series will feature Keith Morris, Mike Ness, Exene, Jello to name a few. Each of the upcoming prints will be signed by Colver and the artist featured in the photograph.
    edward colver signing pow
    Limited to 100 signed and numbered prints, just a few of HR's prints are still available.  Order yours here before they are sold out.
  • Summer Tour of New York Murals

    A quick summer trip to New York would not be complete without a walk around SOHO and Little Italy in search of the murals from a few of our favorite artist.

    Prints on Wood in Little Italy New York

    After a few bites to eat in Greenwich Village headed over to SOHO and ran into a mural in process by New York local Soft Circle.  After a quick chat and Instagram exchanges he was back to work.

    Soft Circle New York Mural

    Just a few blocks away we spotted a little Vandalism by Nick Walker peeking around a corner.

    vandalism by nick walker new york mural graffiti

    Little Italy was so colorful already, but this beautiful mural by Tristan Eaton of Audrey Hepburn was still a standout.

    Audrey Hepburn new york mural little italy Tristan Eaton

    The vibrancy of color and imagery was amazing.  Check out this vibrant mural by Beau Stanton also in Little Italy.

    Beau Stanton new york mural

    Around another corner we found another huge mural by Tristan Eaton of the Statue of Liberty.

    statue of liberty mural Tristan Eaton

    A few blocks away we found this towering Baby Hulk mural by New York resident artist Ron English.

    Ron English baby hulk mural new york

    Ron also had this "little" fella on the Houston Bowery Wall in front of the American flag.  The Bowery Wall is a temporary mural that is changed every few months.

    Houston Bowery Wall New York Ron English

    Ron English baby hulk Houston Bowery Wall

    No tour of New York murals could be complete without spotting at least one Buff Monster mural, and we did.

    buff monster new york mural

    It never fails to make me hungry for ice cream!

    We almost passed by a mural by Shepard Fairey but thankfully our son caught sight of it before it was too late. It is so elegant it blends in well with the surroundings.

    shepard fairey new york gold crest mural


    Shepard Fairey New York murals Soho

    After that we said goodbye to Little Italy and headed off to the Cotton Candy Machine to grab dinner with Tara McPherson, Sean and Ronin.

    Cottoncandy Machine Tara McPherson Sean


  • Animals on Wood

    Trouble deciding between a wood print or a developed photo? This may help you.


    Most of the time, our customers like using our wood printing services because it gives a nice and natural touch to their image. Developed photos are nice; however, a photo printed onto a wood base not only is different, but it also give life to the photo because wood in itself is a natural resource.


    We've noticed that animal images are very popular amongst our customers. We've seen birds, bunnies, dogs, cats and much more. Animal wood prints are a great idea because it allows the animal to look more alive in comparison to a regular framed photo. Our customers also like to take the sentimental route and print photos of their own pets. Below are a few examples of our animal wood prints.


    Create your own custom photo wood print of your pet today!

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