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  • Recap: Day 2 of Air + Style with Prints on Wood


    Prints on Wood wrapped up Day 2 of Air + Style Los Angeles  2016, Sunday February 21st with a lot of great memories en tow. The day began and ended with fans stopping in to pick up one of our 4 in. x 4 in. mini wood prints from our Air + Style 2016 artists Jeff Soto, Bumblebeelovesyou, Nick Walker and KMNDZ. Over the course of the two-day event, 800 mini prints found new homes, many of which were signed by the artists on site.


    Congregating over the love of art, extreme sports and music, Air + Style 2016 was a hugely enjoyable day for the artists and performers as well as the fans. Travis Barker, Kaskade and Incubus were among the performers of the night, adding a much appreciated soundtrack to the day's vibes. Several hours of painting brought into fruition 4 expertly rendered pieces by the aforementioned POW artists, which will make their way to a benefit show in Los Angeles this week!

    To view images of the day's festivities at the POW booth, as well as the lively happenings around A+S 2016, scroll below!







    Illustrator and painter Bumblebeelovesyou executed his signature striped style, creating a dreamy rendition of his original titled "Somewhere I'd Rather Bee," showcasing a kid and some very Cali-centric palm trees against an equally Cali sunset. Bumblebee enlisted the help of his friends during the weekend event to help color in portions of the piece seen above using markers, crayons and paint, adding to the community feel of the space and in line with the guy's bubbly personality. What's birthed is a crazy cool multi-medium piece with big kid vibes in the art and execution.



    jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-3  jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-5  jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-7   jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-10

    jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-11  jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-13


    Painter and muralist Jeff Soto brought quite a few smiles to the Prints on Wood creative space, with plenty of fans stopping in to nab photos and chat with the artist while he executed up his colorful and layered panel. Sans his signature owls, Soto reached for a different animal representation for this piece, one of which may very well be a mythical creature straight from the Soto thought process. Furry, antlered and faceless, the creature is a very cool execution of a mix between the Abominable Snowman and an elk. Of course, Jeff Soto can bring this odd description to life with some expert skill and cool usage of paint brushes and spray cans.



    Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez kept it elegant and simple, offering up the imagery of a bird mid-flight, narrowly missed by an arrow. As the definite romantic among us, Johnny's work speaks volumes to sentimental vibes and all things that pull at the heart strings. Check out an interview with KMNDZ from this year's DesignerCon 2016 to get a feel for the artist.





    nick-walker-prints-on-wood-air-style-5  nick-walker-prints-on-wood-air-style-6


    Stencil artist Nick Walker came through with a super unique piece for A+S 2016. Titled "Numbers," Nick adds a visual layer to the piece using numerical stencils to represent his background. The artist's varied range of work can be seen here, as well as his recently released limited run  piece titled "Amour Plated."






    Till next year!

  • Recap: Day 1 of Air + Style with Prints on Wood

    Day one of  Air + Style Los Angeles 2016 successfully kicked off today at Expo Park at the Coliseum in Downtown Los Angeles. Per usual, Prints on Wood was happily in the building soaking in the extreme sports and music-centric vibes. 24 athletes competed on the event's 16-story snow jump, while eleven musicians took to the stage including J. Cole, A-Trak, Action Bronson and A$AP Ferg.

    Founded in 1993 by Andrew Hourmount, the event was the first Big Air snowboarding event of its kind. Since '93, Air + Style has held 27 editions of the competition in locations such as Austria, Germany, China and the US, drawing in thousands of fans. This year was no different, as several thousand attendees flowed through the Expo Park fair grounds, enjoying the festivities, catching the Big Air show, peeping musicians, picking up free POW prints and stopping in to watch this year's POW lineup of artists get down.

    Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez, Jeff Soto, Bumblebeelovesyou and Nick Walker started on the early stages of 4 wood panels that will shape up to become a few fantastic works by the end of Day Two. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see how things pan out. To see shots of the fest grounds and festivities, images of the performers, the monstrous 16-story ramp and our POW artists in action, scroll below!



    Families and friends looked on at the gigantic 16-story snow ramp set up at Air + Style 2016. The finalists of the day's competition include:

    KADONO, Yuki
    MCMORRIS, Mark
    SANDBECH, Stale
    PARROT, Max
    BERGREM, Torgeir
    KLEVELAND, Marcus
    SHARPE, Darcy
    WILLETT, Eric
    CICCARELLI, Michael
    HANSEN, Kim Rune
    TONTERI, Roope
    TRUCHON, Antoine
    THORGREN, Sven
    TOUTANT, Sebastien
    MACK, Kyle
    PIIROINEN, Peetu
    DE BUCK, Sebbe
    PREISSINGER, Maximilian
    MOUTON, Boris
    ROISLAND, Mons
    MILLAUER, Clemens






    More angles of the ramp in action, plus, a couple of snap shots of the festival's host, Shaun White.






    Bumblebeelovesyou hanging out in the Prints on Wood section working on his wood panel piece, plus signing one of his mini prints for a fan. Environmentalist group Global Inheritance had their Rain Supreme team on the grounds during the event as well, with a full-on art show displaying water canisters painted by a medley of artists, including Bumblebee!








    A look at Day 1 Air + Style 2016 performers All Time Low, Allie X, Action Bronson, Paz and Haim! The crowds were pumped the entire day from start to finish, with each performer putting in work for a high intensity show.


    Fans pose by a David Bowie tribute piece water canister at the Rain Supreme exhibition.







    Over at the POW tent, festival attendees got their hands on a variety of free mini prints from Bumblebeelovesyou, Jeff Soto, Nick Walker and KMNDZ.






    Nick Walker adding in some elements to his piece during Day 1 of Air + Style utilizing his signaure stencil style. Below that, you can get a look at Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez' piece in the foreground, and a glimpse of Jeff Soto's work in the background.



    A look at the 5 Points tent, where festival attendees were welcomed to work on an Air + Style group mural, adding in whatever artistic elements they'd like.








    ASAP Ferg was a crowd favorite of the night, keeping energy high at the event's 'City Stage.' And of course we can't forget about A-Trak, offering the crowd a high intensity mix to ring in the night. J Cole was the long-awaited finale out the night on the event's 'Mountain Stage, closing out the show. Check out a video of Day 1 festival highlights here!

  • POW Chats: Stencil Artist, Nick Walker

    AMOUR_PLATED_nick walker wood print

    And again we're back! This week, we speak with stencil artist, Nick Walker about his rituals, extensive plans for the year ahead and his recently released POW print, "Amour Plated." See the exclusive Q&A below!

    1. Hey Nick. You've got a lot of clout in the street art realm. How do you feel about coming up as an artist who works within the illicit art world as opposed to starting out in art school focused on canvases, for example? Do you feel there are definitive differences between the two?

    Yes for sure. The street always came first; it's all about starting from a small sketch and making it big on a wall outside. No projectors, no stencils, just a sketch on a rough bit of paper and a bag of cans and in between that there was some hiding behind cars anyone drove past. Those are the foundations and if you want to take the same work to canvas you can but that came later for me.

    2. You have an amazinggg solo exhibition on view at New York's Quinn Hotel currently. Can you tell me about that show and the work showcased?

    My friend Darren Johnston curated it, he curates all the shows there. We'd been talking for a while about doing a show at the Quinn. I was the first artist that did a residency at the hotel and lived there for over a month two years ago, but it never ended in a show, so we felt it was time to put a body of work together. We didn't want to go too heavy on the prices so focus went on producing works on paper for a reasonable price.

    3. What was the transition from street art into the gallery world like for your personally? What kind of dynamics were you met with when beginning to do full-fledged exhibitions? Did the process of creating work change for you or become more difficult?

    It was exciting, I think, because I was interested to see if I could sell my paintings. I was involved with some group shows in the 80's, but it wasn't until the mid 90's that my stencil work played a bigger part in shows and that was when I started to sell works which felt good. The dynamics change for sure as you have to work within a set space and shrink down the art normally created super sized for the street to fit a canvas.

    4. Where was your head at when you were creating "Amour Plated?"
    I don't know love is a tricky subject sometimes- its been a crazy three years.

    5. What -- if any -- are your creative rituals or routines you notice you practice before diving into a painting?

    I procrastinate a ton-- always have. It's crazy what I find myself doing when I have a deadline to meet, but I am trying to be better and slightly more organized. When I get to the studio --especially my Bristol studio -- I just potter and lurk for a day or two just climatizing I guess. I end up trying to find stuff, organizing stencils--  burning some and just spending a bit of time preparing the space again so I can go into full factory mode and disappear into my work again. I work pretty late most times especially when I have a show coming up.

    6. I read that when you scope out new stencil locations you start by getting a co-sign from a local, and then view images of the location to get an understanding of the space. What are you looking for when you choose a wall to publish your work on?

    I've had people find walls for me in the past because I'm strong on composition and I think some works deserve breathing space.  If you want to send a message with the work you paint then it's good to find a wall with a heavy footfall, but that's not always easy to paint especially with no permission.

    7. You started with traditional graffiti tools -- cans basically -- back in Bristol, correct? Tell me about your decision to begin using stencils as a vehicle for your work.

    With stencils, I can go as big or small as I like, and I can play with any kind of imagery-- the choices are endless. The good thing about stenciling is the time it takes to apply it to the wall is a lot less time than it takes to paint a freehand mural.

    8. You've mentioned that movie posters, NYC trains and the overall vibe of the graffiti culture is what inspired you to get involved back in the 80s. What has you inspired lately about the next leg of your creative career?

    I reckon I'm still inspired by movie posters or maybe it's just an appreciation for some of them these days. Inspiration comes randomly, but with the numbers I paint I was initially and still am inspired by Jasper Johns mixed together with the dynamics of cigarette smoke.
    9. What/who are you listening to these days?
    I listen to all sorts of music, but if I want to jump into the zone, I'll put on recordings of a bunch of Zulu Beat shows with Afrika Islam. That was the best radio show that ever existed!
    10. Tell me about your plans and projects coming up; what can we look forward to from you as the months roll out?

    Firstly back to the pool-. Yoga. Move to Brooklyn . Spend more time with my kids. I have some big murals coming up this year which I'm planning as we speak. I have to get back out to Tokyo in May for a project with DJ Muro and in June, I have a collaborative show with Crash and Bio (TATS crew) in Zurich which is something we've been working on for a while. In September I have a show at Wallworks in the Bronx, and after that, not sure-- maybe a print release. To be honest, I never know what's going to happen from one day to the next so it could get hectic-- let's hope so!!

  • Pixel Heart Show a Huge Success

    pixel heart show 2 For the month of February, Chogrin, an illustrator & designer whose work is inspired by classic American & Japanese cartoons, put together an amazing show that appreciates the month of love and the video gaming community. With the help of Prints on Wood and Chogrin, we created 89 pixelated heart panels to fill the walls at Gallery1988 in Los Angeles. Chogrin brought together 100 artists to conceptualize the idea of video games through pixelated wooden hearts. Some of these custom shape wood prints were printed and others were directly painted onto.


    pixel heart show pow The Pixel Heart Show will be open until the 20th of February. For those who want to go see it, you still got a few days! It is definitely a show you want to see. The wood prints really stand out against the white wall because each heart is imbued with a lot of bright colors. Chogrin curated such an amazing show for the gaming community and we are honored to be a part of it. Prints on Wood strives to produce quality work to make such events come together.
    To view more images of the Pixel Heart Show visit the main website,
  • Air + Style X Bonethrower

    air + style bonethrower prints on wood

    Shaun White's Air + Style is coming back this year, bigger and better. Air + Style is a two day festival at the EXPO Park at LA Coliseum, that consist of live music performances by top level music artists and bands like Kaskade, Omen and J. Cole. There will also be a variety of fashion, art and technology exhibits for people to enjoy. The Air + Style was mainly created to have the world's best snowboarders compete against each other with the infamous Air+Style's 16 story high snowboard jump, and to also acknowledge the global music and art industry as a whole.

    air + style bonethrower prints on wood1

    Prints on Wood got the amazing opportunity to create a few wood prints for David Cook, also known as Bonethrower. David Cook is from Brooklyn, New York, but currently lives in Los Angeles. He creates color pieces that are extremely bold and mystic, creating his own twist to pop culture figures. His work has even been used by many tattoo artists as well. We created a couple of these large cut to shape wood prints for his exhibit at Air+ Style. These prints are a great example of his bold, colorful and mystic pieces because of the different shapes, and symbols that incorporated with each print.

    air + style bonethrower prints on wood2


  • POW Chats: a Conversation with Skinner

    Skinner is a world-renowned, self-taught artist hailing from Northern, Ca serving up intricate and involved paintings inspired by horror, comics and the generally strange. We chat with the ultra chill creative about inspirations, finding his way and what's making him happy these days.

    Azathoth involked wood print skinner

    1. Hey Skinner. As a self-taught artist, can you describe your early days of toying around with illustration and how that transitioned into a career?
    I was painting a lot and having little shows here and there, doing some illustrations, but mostly paintings and [playing] music. I worked at an art program for people with disabilities, so we would paint together all day and I'd have shows here and there and eventually did stuff in San Francisco and San Diego.  I was kinda figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. I was in bands and making a ton of art. I'm glad I took the risk to do art for a living, but I miss them so much. It started really spiraling in 2006-2007 until I quit my job in the middle of the recession in 2008. Figured it would be a super challenging time to start, so if I could make it then, then I could make it anytime.

    2. How do you feel your creative processes have changed over the years as you've adapted to your on rhythm and style?
    Well I'm kind of a constant worker and everything changes. If I'm doing paintings for a show, I get a whole collected vibe and idea, conceptually of what I'm going to do for it. I surround myself with the idea and start going. If I'm making a music video/short film, I do the same thing; I take on many many, new skills and challenges constantly so I'm always learning a new rhythm. Cartoons, toy design, murals, writing treatments for films or stories/books; I'm always a student.

    3. I understand you're from Northern California. What was it like for you growing up there as an adolescent?
    AI grew up in Auburn, California, which was a small, kinda trippy little town. It was ok;  great for being creative and enjoying the rural environment. Then I moved to Sacramento after high school and lived in some punk houses and learned what I wanted to do was be creative in some capacity. Oakland is where I've lived for the last 4 years and it's incredible!!


    4. You once stated in an interview "I'm trying to do my best to balance making enough money to live, so that I can have enough time and space to preserve what I love about being alive…” My question -- without getting too personal -- is how are you doing these days balancing having enough time for the things you love about being alive? And while we're on the topic, what's giving you joy these days?
    I think about my art in a kind of logical way. I'd like to just do what I want and have the world support that, but the truth is, I've learned that if you don't have an expansive view on things, that you can find yourself in a narrow corner. That's why I do so many different things. There are people that like different aspects of what I do so I have no problem accommodating them if it means I can in turn, live as an artist. I'm not romantic about my position as an artist. I get to do a large amount of my own interests creatively, so I have no complaints. Things that bring me joy these days? Epic narrative fantasy paintings, reading and painting backgrounds for my animation.

    6. Where was your head at when you were in the process creating "Azathoth Invoked?"
    I was incredibly excited about showing that piece at the Illustrators Club in Providence that H.P. Lovecraft wrote about in his story "Pickman's Model." I'm an intense fan of cosmic horror, weird horror and Lovecraft.

    7. In regard to art, what plans or projects do you have coming up that you're looking forward to?
    I'm looking forward to wrapping up this music video for High on Fire next month, starting on my new paintings, releasing new fucked up toys, painting murals and writing treatments for videos and comics.

    8. Completely unrelated to work or art, what do you have coming up for yourself that you're looking forward to?
    I'm exercising a lot, and I'm excited about riding my bike a lot and laughing with my wife and hanging out with my friends. I have eternal work to do, but I love the moments I spend with my friends.

  • Out Feb. 18th, Skinner Releases "Azathoth Invoked"


    World renowned, self-taught artist Skinner is hitting us with his very first Prints on Wood release. Titled "Azathoth Invoked," the print is set to release for a limited time beginning February 18th.

    Skinner is a super unique artist within the industry, not only because he is a true-to-the-core self-taught artist, but because his entire way of tacking his career is so strategic, yet care free. Admittedly, Skinner thinks about his work in a pragmatic way: separating his joys of life and the little things from his art, which is his passion as well as his '9 to 5.' For him, creating and producing work as a full-time artist -- and living the fast-paced, multi-faceted life which follows -- is payed off by his ability to piece out free time to enjoy the little things in life at his own leisure.

    Before even becoming a professional artist, Skinner worked with disabled peoples, teaching/practicing art. Being surrounded by differently-abled people for nearly ten years of his working life, he's truly become someone who has mastered the art of thinking outside of the box and finding bliss in commonalities, the mundane and the overlooked.

    Also hailing from a music background, the artist spent years free flowing through various bands, living in punk houses in The Bay Area, and generally not knowing what his next move would be, until realizing creative pursuits were at the forefront of his career goals.

    With these realizations made, his career had begun. Now, Skinner is a celebrated ambassador for the arts, a world-traveled street artist and an equally visible gallery artist, with shows having taken place around the world.

    As "Azathoth Invoked" gears up to release later this week, be sure to head here to find out more information about the 11x16 in. fine art print and make your purchase. Additionally, an edition of 10 24x36 in. prints of "Azathoth Invoked" are available for purchase as well. You can learn more about the large scale print here, andddd be sure to follow up on the POW blog for an exclusive Q&A with the artist in the coming days. See you then!


  • Are you Ready: POW x Air + Style 2016 Going Down Feb. 20th- 21st

    air style

    It's that time again! Extreme sports athlete Shaun White is hosting yet another year of his highly anticipated Air + Style Sports and Music Festival. Beginning February 20th, the two-day event features entertainment from top international athletes including Eric Willet, Antoine Truchon, Markus Kleveland and He Wei. The tour athletes will be dishing out pro tricks on the event's gigantic snow ramp, keeping all of our adrenaline high.

    Of course, you can't forget about the undeniably on point music line up offered at this year's event. From Travis Barker performing on the drums, then hitting us with a DJ set, to Action Bronson and headliner, J. Cole, this is a stand out year for the fest for sure.

    POW attended last year's Air + Style and can vouch the event is quite unlike any other event offered locally in LA. Half extreme sports and half music festival, it brings the best of both worlds to the forefront. And since art is the world's universal language, you know we had our hand in the festivities as well.

    Last year, we brought along Greg Craola Simkins, James Haunt and Jeff Soto to paint live or audiencesThis year, we couldn't be happier to announce that we'll have Jeff Soto returning, as well as Nick Walker, Bumblebee Loves You and Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez coming along for the ride, and painting live with us at Air + Style!

    Each of the four artist will be undertaking a 4 foot by 8 foot wood panel, creating something awesome for our viewing pleasure. Additionally, we're stoked to announce that we'll have 4 in. by 4 in. mini wood prints to share with Air + Style attendees. Be very sure to stop by and nab one of these mini prints, and catch our artist roster in action. See you this weekend, February 20th and 21st, at Air + Style!


  • "Amour Plated" by Nick Walker Out February 14th!

    Nick Walker AMOUR_PLATED_wood print

    Renowned stencil artist Nick Walker hits us with his second Prints on Wood collaboration, with the forthcoming piece, "Amour Plated."

    Nick has garnered clout in both the mainstream and illicit art worlds, having displayed his work all over the world via galleries as well as on public walls. Hailing from Bristol, Walker saw and participated in the upsurge of what we think of now as 'tradition graffiti' of the 1980s, but was also exposed to the art of stenciling which had flooded city streets.

    Walkers past release with POW entitled "Painting the Town Red/ Hong Kong Street Scene Two" successfully showcases Walker's dual talents and knowledge of multiple mediums. Utilizing fine art know-how, Walker created a city scene that displays a number of creative intricacies, as well as showcasing an understanding and connection to the concrete jungles where his stenciling work usually takes place.

    Currently, Nick has an (uhh-maaazing) exhibition on display at New York City's Quin Hotel curated by DK Johnston. In addition to several choice pieces from his archive, an iteration of his forthcoming POW release is on display.

    "Amour Plated" will be available through POW on February 14th in a very limited run of 40 prints. The release will measure in at 24x24 inches, and is available for purchase with or with a frame to fit your home or office decor needs. Be sure to act fast, as Walker's work has this funny habit of running out. Stay tuned for an exclusive Q&A with the artist in the coming week as well. Till next time!

  • Greg Rivera & Lamour Supreme Release "Rejects" Out Now!

    REJECTS Lamour and greg prints on wood


    Just in! Greg Rivera and Lamour Supreme set to release "Rejects" out today, February 12th. This very limited one week timed release is  going to be one you don't want to miss, created by two artist you don't want to sleep on.

    You may be familiar with Greg Rivera by a pseudonym-- Greg Mishka. He is the president and co-owner of the New York-originated apparel and toy brand, Mishka, and is a long time illustrator and graphic designer. Lamour Supreme -- who undertook his name as an homage to John Coltrane, inspired by the musicians track "Love Supreme" -- has been collaborating with the Mishka brand for several years.  Luckily for us, we get to enjoy the culmination of the two in the form of the newly released "Rejects" print.

    REJECTS Lamour and greg wood print


    "Rejects" includes a slew of illustrated creature friends penned by both Rivera and Supreme. The two-man piece is the first release with POW for both artists, making it a gem for die-hard fans of the Mishka creepy/horror/comic aesthetic.

    The square-cut print, measuring in at 12x12 inches, is printed on sturdy and sustainable birch wood. You can purchase the print with, or without a custom black frame, to fit your home or office decor needs. Be sure to make your purchase by February 18th to ensure "Rejects" finds a special place at your abode. Click here to learn more about the prints, and to make your purchase. Till next time!


    REJECTS print on wood Lamour and greg

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