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  • App Review: Fotor

    Lately, there has been so many different photo applications, but I have yet to find one that was simple and easy to use, until I stumbled across Fotor.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to edit photos. Before sending over your images to be printed onto wood, playing around with a Fotor can definitely make your image look like a professional photo. First and foremost, being a new to the app, it was fairly easy to navigate around because before continuing onto the app, Fotor would give me a quick directions on how to use a specific feature. IMG_3292IMG_3293

    Fotor gives you three different options from the starting page: editor, collage, and camera. Personally, my favorite is the editor page because not having an updated iPhone, my photos definitely needs some rendering. I'll be editing the image below!IMG_3285

    As part of the social media department, the images we post need to be great in quality. Dark and fuzzy images won't cut it. I started off with playing around by enhancing the image. Fotor gave me two options: detail and gradation, and I increased the details to +21 and gradation to +14, which enhanced the colors of my image. IMG_3297

    Fotor also has preset filter effects that allow you images to look super rad! I added the Tranquil filter, which gave my image nice, soft tones.


    Lastly, I used the sharpen feature in the adjust section to personally go in to edit the small details. The sharpen feature sharpens all the edges on your image, which gives it a more crisp feel. I like that crisp feel because it makes your image look more high definition. Fotor also offers many other features such as adding text, frames and cool clip art, which will make your image more one of a kind!

    IMG_3299IMG_3300...and that's the finished product!

    This brings me to the end of the review, and t'was a simple and fun app to work with. I enjoyed not only the simplicity, but also how it allowed me to edit my photos without any boundaries. The only down side to the app is that some of the cool features were featured in the app, but I needed to pay for it. Also, the app froze a few times, which had me edit my image from the start. With that said, I'd give Fotor 3 logs for it's simplicity and fun features.


    Fotor is free, which makes it worth downloading! For more information on Fotor please visit, http://www.fotor.com/

  • POW Chats: A Conversation With Artist Chris Ryniak


    Chris Ryniak is a long-time illustrator of mini monsterized characters and big-eyed cute and creepy things. We recently had a chit chat with the artist discussing his first POW release "Mothpup," and much more.

    Hey Chris. What were your early childhood career aspirations? Did they include illustrating tiny, beloved and bug-eyed creatures?

    Early on I just wanted to make cartoons, but once I started watching monster movies, all I wanted to do was make monsters.

    "MothPup" is your fourth release with POW and your first cut-to-shape project with the team. Can you tell us about this release and who this little guy is?

    "Mothpup" sprung from one of my daily drawings that I post on social media. The original drawing is of him just below a light bulb, looking wide-eyed and mesmerized. I think "Mothpup" is just a monsterized version of a baby moth, full of curiosity! I saw a post on the Prints On wood Instagram showing some cut-to-shape prints they were testing out and commented how much I liked them, then Erin contacted me to do one!

    Years ago, good friend of POW, Jeff Soto, actually interviewed you for FecalFace.com. That was really cool and refreshing. How did you and Jeff decide to have him interview you for the publication?

    Jeff has been a good friend of mine for a really long time now. We kind of came up in the same galleries in the early 2000's, but only saw each other when I was out in LA. I know Jeff knew the Fecal Face folks, so I think it was their idea. It's still the best interview I've ever done, I think because he knows me so well, so he knew what to ask!



    When you are beginning on a piece, what are the routines, practices or rituals you engage in before getting to work?

    GET OUT OF BED! I start working on my drawings every day before I do anything. A lot of days, it hurts to do it, but it's like any exercise, you have to do it because you know it's good for you. I think what works best for me is to just get to it, no matter what I'm doing. Thinking too long on projects often slows me down, so I try to just keep moving. I grab some clay or a pencil and just start working.

    Can you describe what your studio/work space is like?
    I actually have 2 now. The new studio upstairs in a brand-new addition to my house that I share with my girlfriend and collaborator Amanda Louise Spayd. It has vaulted ceilings and 16 linear feet of custom work tables along one wall for us to work side-by-side.I do all of my design work, business operations and initial sculpting in there. The other studio is my messy basement workshop where building, molding, casting and painting get done. I need a lot of space because I'm often working on multiple projects at once that require different media.

    Where is your attention focused on these days artistically? What are the main projects taking up your time?

    Mostly sculpting, molding, casting and painting. I have 1-2 big gallery shows every year and it takes 4-6 months to complete the work for each one. The molding and casting process is tedious and time-consuming, so I have to really plan ahead. The rest of the time I spend drawing, working on new merchandise and toy-designing.



    Who are you aside from being an artist? What are the other adjectives or descriptive words that make up your character?

    I'm a Dad and BBQ-er. I'm anxious, hungry, relentless and often complaining about my aching joints!

    What individuals -- who are not artists -- are you inspired by in this era of your life? 

    I'm a big fan of Adam Savage, who is more of a maker than an artist. Guillermo Del Toro has been someone I've admired for some time. He's also an artist, but he's a director, a fan, a big kid, a visionary and has a huge heart.

    What are you most looking forward to this summer that has zero to do with work or creative obligations?
    Walking down the creek with my kids and catching snakes and tadpoles!

  • New Print Alert: Meet Artist Sugar Fueled's Adorable Creation, Sprinkle

    sugar fueled wood print sprinkle


    For his first Prints on Wood release, California-native and illustrator Sugar Fueled offers up his painfully adorable cut-to-shape release, "Sprinkle."

    Sugar Fueled is the alias of Burbank artist Michael Banks who is a specialist in pop surrealism, lowbrow oil paintings and comics conveying a number of adorable, big eyed characters depicted in colorful, candy filled scenes. Michael began his career in art over 20 years ago when he was selling tattoo flash around the world. Banks has since ventured into the world of tattooing, clothing, music, street art, stencil pop art, sketch cards, children's stories and comics, all of which mediums have shaped the artist's career today.

    sugar fueled sprinkle wood print

    Michael's art has been taken to and showcased in every major city across the United States, traveling to hundreds of comic conventions and art galleries from coast to coast. Michael, along with his wife and manager, Sarah Banks, runs Sugar Fueled clothing, which is a line based on Michael's art and his trademark broken star insignia which represents perseverance and revolves around the goal of making the world just a bit brighter.

    For his innagural release slated to debut June 25th at 8am and hold availability until July 2nd at midnight, he brings us "Sprinkles," a cut to shape wood print which will arrive ready to hang with a keyhole in back. Sugar Fueled's "Sprinkle" release is in conjunction with the artist's attendance at Los Angeles' CatConLA, set to take place June 25th and 26th.

  • OuterSpace Projects x ABV Gallery x POW Release Party


    Thursday, June 23rd, Atlanta's ABV Gallery -- which is founded by friend of POW and skilled muralist Greg Mike -- is joining forces with Prints on Wood and OuterSpace Projects to celebrate the release of several limited edition prints. This is the place to be Thursday to grab some exclusive eco-friendly art, plus grab some sold out prints from the POW vault. Each print comes with the option of including a custom frame.

    All of the prints included in this release measure in a 14"x14" and will be availalbe for $100. While prints will be available at ABV Gallery, they will also be available in a time released online release beginning at 1pm PST on Thursday and ending Wednesday, June 29th at midnight. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds will go towards benefitting the FCancer Organization.

    Simply RSVP here for entry into the event, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those exclusive online released prints to come.

    The following is the list of the artist that will have releases:


    arlin bear wood print_frame_front arlin bear wood print_detail
    Matt Gondek

    Matt Gondek wood print_front Matt Gondek wood print_detail
    Greg Mike

    greg mike print on wood_frame_front GREG_MIKE_PARADISE
    Drew Merritt

    Drew Merrit ABV Gallery wood printdrew merritt detail
    Mac Stewart

    mac stewart wood print_frame_front MAC_STWEART
    Felipe Pantone

    Felipe Pantone OPTICHROMIE61 wood print_frame_front Felipe Pantone OPTICHROMIE61 wood print_detail
    Tommy Bronx

    Tommy_Bronx_wood print_front Tommy_Bronx_14x14_wood_cut

    wolf_dog front wolf_dog detail

    2alas_skull_rose wood print_front 2alas_skull_rose_detail

    In another part of the gallery, find exclusive, sold out POW collaborations from artists:

    Jeff Soto
    Buff Monster
    Nick Walker
    Tara McPherson
    Drew Merritt
    Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez
    James Haunt
    Mab Graves
    Jeff Gillette
    Luke Chueh
    Ron English

  • POW Teams Up with FCancer Project

    fcancer x pow

    For the rest of the month of June, beginning on the 23rd and through the end of July, Prints on Wood is creating a way for customers to donate  $1 per order to FuckCancer. FCancer was officially founded in 2015, but has lived out as an entity over several years of singular work by co-founders Yael Cohen Braun and Julie Greenbaum. The organization is a non-profit focused on prevention and early detection of cancer and also works to empower future generations to live out healthy lives.


    Braun and Greenbaum initially worked separately doing similar health-focused outreach after having both been effected by cancer within their immediate families. The two joined together last year in order to unite their passions for encouraging health consciousness and giving individuals effected by cancer a space to commune. FCancer is a unique and innovative cancer prevention organization, as it includes dynamic events and large-scale parties -- dubbed FCEs -- giving young adults who have been affected by cancer in any way, a place to experience a unique bonding experience amongst each other.

    fcancer 2

    With each POW purchase between now and July, a $1 donation will go towards FCancer, furthering the organization's reach and ability to aid in cancer prevention and community building. With contemporary tools and dialogue, FCancer is aiding in bringing about a way for people talk about cancer and heal from its effect. Through digital media, programs and events, FCancer hopes to impact public health by making improvements to large scale communities by effecting the way individuals think about their health. For more information, visit LetsFCancer.com or follow @letsfcancer.


  • What's New @ Los Angeles' ThinkSpace Gallery

    alex yanes

    Los Angeles' ThinkSpace Gallery is one of the city's major access points for contemporary art. The gallery's latest exhibition is compiled of multiple solo exhibitions consisting of work by three revered art entities. Additionally, supplemental work by artist Alex Yanes is viewable and available for purchase at the ThinkSpace head quarters. Check out these photos from our recent visit to the gallery, andif you're in the LA area, stop by between May 28 and June 18.

    Alex Yanes

    Featured works for sell

    alex yanes 2 alex yanes 3


    "Warped Passage"

    Known by his pseudonym Curiot, Michoacán artist Favio Martinez, is renowned for his colorful and visually appetizing approach to art. Raised in Costa Mesa, California, the artist relocated to Mexico after highschool. He went on to complete his BFA at the Universidad Michoacana in 2008 and has since then continued to refine and hone unique creative aesthetic in both gallery settings and public mural morks.

    On the topic of his current exhibition "Warped Passage," Curiot shares:

    "The breaking of light will offer first site of the path within paths, at times intertwined or straight, split into two or three or four, hidden exits and glowing welcomes. As some tunnels cave in behind you, one may think, what if? But does it really matter, each road that one takes is that of the unknown; unexplored experiences which build upon a dream, a dream we all share, that slowly unravels within our time. The mirage will remain for others to probe, vanity fades, knowledge transfers, we wake once again to another bright door." - CURIOT

    curiot 2 curiot 3 curiot 4 curiot 5 curiot 6 curiot 7 curiot 8 curiot 9 curiot 10 curiot 11 curiot 12 curiot 13 curiot 14 curiot 15 curiot 16 curiot 17 curiot

    James Bullough

    "Breaking Point"

    "Breaking Point," features new works by American-born, Berlin-based, artist James Bullough. Bullough is a technically trained figurative painter who uses the human form -- disjointing and abstracting it -- to create dynamic and evocative images.

    Bullough captures fracture and disruption within his latest series, which employs canvas, reclaimed wood flooring from a Berlin dance studio and panel. For the series, Bullough asked models -- dancers from Berlin -- to channel personal memory, and recall experiences of "breaking." Check out the manifestations below.

    james bullough 2 james bullough 3 james bullough

    UR New York

    "Destroy'ed and Rebuilt"

    UR New York is compiled of graffiti duo Fernando Romero and Mike Baca. Well-respected for their urban aesthetics and varied methods in order to achieve their work, Romero and Baca are New York natives who have been collaborating together since 2006. Combining graffiti, photography, screen-printing and graphic design, the artists inject philanthropic intentions into their art by implementing the mission of connecting youth and to share the power of self-expression. The duo has spent a decade experimenting with their craft, making way for their work to be showcased internationally in museums, galleries, and cultural platforms across the world.

    UR New York 2 UR New York 3 UR New York 4 UR New York 5 UR New York 6 UR New York

  • Lori Nelson and Mab Graves @ Corey Helford Gallery

    lori nelson 3

    Recently, Los Angeles' Corey Helford Gallery opened a pair of really great shows by some of today's leading female artisans including friends of POW, Mab Graves and Lori Nelson. On May 28th, Nelson debuted a solo exhbition titled "Cryptotweens Are Like," while Mab Graves showcased a series of her recent works within a three person group exhibition curated by artist Caro.

    lori nelson 6

    On the topic of her latest exhibition "Cryptotweens Are Like," Nelson shares:

    “I am focusing on a parallel world with mythological and magical almost-human creatures experiencing very human feelings and in recognizable earthly situations. I am drawn to adolescents as subjects because, for a brief time, they necessarily inhabit a land that is neither childhood nor adulthood, but rather a thorny connective forest that all must stumble through. Forests, we all know, though dangerous and spooky, can also be quite magical. In my recent work, I strive to show my human and semi-human subjects, my "Cryptotweens", in a precise instance where they are occupying this middle place, at once vulnerable and yet also experiencing power for the first time."

    lori nelson 10

    Nelson goes on to continue stating:

    "Many of the “Cryptotweens” in this exhibit wear ecstatic expressions on their faces reminiscent of the innocents and saints of traditional religious art when a veil has been lifted and knowledge and divine power revealed. It is this dual aspect of innocence and knowledge that for me defines tween and teenhood. It's a look that is not easily described and hence the title for this collection, "Cryptotweens Are Like". In my mind, the ending for that unfinished sentence would not be a word but rather something unspoken like a facial expression or gesture, an “emoji”, if you will, describing just what it is to be neither here nor there. I wish to capture the fleeting moment before the child emerges from the forest and reality and selfawareness sets upon her.”

    lori nelson 2

    lori nelson

    lori nelson 3

    lori nelson 4

    lori nelson 2

    lori nelson 5

    lori nelson 7

    lori nelson 8

    lori nelson 9


    On sight, Mab Graves' latest three person group exhibition revolves around an outwardly obvious topic: FOOD-- and angry food at that. "The Epicure and the Furious Food" further highlights Graves' unique ability to add character and personality to a number of subjects.

    mab graves 3


    Her ability to straddle the world of cartoons, anthropomorphism and fine art act as a rarity in today's global art market. More than a quirky illustrator sporting a gaggle of paint brushes and pens, Mab Graves is a young artist whose knack for creating unique and recognizable contemporary pop surrealist paintings is undeniable.


    mab graves 2


    Be sure to take a gander at our interview with the artist conducted at the 2015 DesignerCon aaaand keep your eyes peeled on a NEW and soon to be released Prints on Wood x Mab Graves collaboration to be announced in the coming days. Find out more by staying tuned to the POW blog here, and by following us on Twitter and Instagram today.

    Mab Graves Talks Origin Stories and the Dream World with POW


    mab graves

    mab graves 4

    mab graves 5

    mab graves 2

    mab graves 3

    mab graves 7

  • Greg 'Craola' Simkins @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

    greg craola simkins 8


    Over the weekend, we ventured out to Los Angeles' Merry Karnowsky Gallery which is currently hosting the latest exhibition by street artists, fine artist and friend of POW, Greg Craola Simkins. The show, entitled "Beyond Shadows," opened May 21 and closes June 18th. This is definitely one for contemporary art enthusiasts not to miss.

    Within this exhbition, Craola plays with a new method of production called "Drips," or "Drips Scripts" where paintings consist of a mix of graffiti style and fine art. On the topic of this style and Craola's latest works: ". . Despite their disparate styles, a reverence for graffiti aesthetics, punk rock sensibilities, and formal painting practice all unify Simkins’ new works. His surfaces are meticulously layered and treated to achieve a weathered patina of old paint and tags, sometimes layered for years. This laborious process coopts the aesthetics of the dilapidated buildings and alleyways that serve as incubators for street based art, and allows Simkins’ works to breach the walls between his paintings, his audience, and the outside world."


    Dash (our 10 yr old son) had control of the camera part of the time, so you will see a little of his perspective in the photos mixed in with images we nabbed of Craola's latest exhibition.


    greg craola simkins 17


    Craola's style of painting is highly inspired by narrative stories and literary assertions, conveying a myriad of age-old insight. Some of the literary works still referenced in his artistry include The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis,The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster, and Watership Down by Richard Adams.


    Craola began painting graffiti under the name CRAOLA as a teen in Southern, California. The craft informed him on color theory, structure, perspective and a number of addition creative pragmatics. He later went on to refine his talents while attending Cal State Long Beach, where he graduated with his Bacelor's of Fine Arts.



    greg craola simkins 4

    "Beyond Shadows" is Craola's largest, and most varied, exhibition to date. Representing a medley of color, texture and context, Craola's "Beyond Shadows" is one of the highlight exhibitions of the incoming summer season. On the topic of his latest exhbition, Craola shares:

     My artistic journey began as a child daydreaming and creating strange realms where anything was possible. It later turned into going on adventures, writing on walls in the shadows of night. What if those walls began to crumble? What would we encounter as we emerge on the other side? Would it be lands full of flying fish, giant birds, and Noble Knights? Would I belong or fit in? Journey with me over the wall as we discover what lies beyond the shadows. - Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins


    greg craola simkins 3

    greg craola simkins 5

    greg craola simkins 6

    greg craola simkins 10

    greg craola simkins 14

    greg craola simkins 11

    greg craola simkins 12

    greg craola simkins 13

    greg craola simkins 16

    greg craola simkins

    greg craola simkins2

  • Illustrator and Toy Designer, Chris Ryniak, Releases "MothPup"


    Just in! Visual artist and Detroit-native, Chris Ryniak, releases his fifth Prints on Wood release titled, "MothPup." In this unique drop, Chris offers up his first cut-to-shape release with Prints on Wood in the form of a cute, cuddly, hybrid creature showcasing 18 fingers and toes and a pair of big brown, characteristically in line with the artist's usual aesthetic flare.

    Chris Ryniak is a toy designer, sculptor and painter whose prints and art products have an international tendency to sell out at records speeds. Audiences have continued to showcase a definite interest in Ryniak's particular brand of illustration and sculptural creations, from attending his on-going exhibitions everywhere from the U.S.  all the way to Japan, to supporting his daily monster drawing habits on Patreon. 

    mothpup chris ryniak print on wood

    Ryniak continues on delivering audiences one-of-a-kind and short run releases for legions of collectors who appreciate the presence of tiny monsters. With "MothPup," you can enjoy the presence of a 9 x 7.4 in. cut-to-shape wood print on sustainable birch wood. Available now through June 9th, "MothPup" arrives ready to stand or hang depending on your home, office or studio space's needs. Each print is hand-numbered and signed by the artist, and will ship during early July. Nab your today by heading here!

    chris ryniak

  • Out Now! Mike Ness x Ed Colver Release + 5 Things You Didn't Know About Punk Rock Photographer, Ed Colver


    Social Distortion vocalist, Mike Ness, has a small legion of images of himself captured by punk photographer, Ed Colver, and lucky for us, the two see fit to share the iconic images with the world. In Colver's 6th Prints on Wood release-- and his second visual of Mike Ness-- audiences are able to grab a little piece of punk history in the form of a 10 x 15.5 in. wood print release. In celebration of the latest release titled "Mike Ness '81," here are 5 things you didn't know about the man behind the camera, punk rock photographer, Ed Colver.

    Edward Colver Mike Ness Prints on Wood

    1. Just three months after beginning his photography career in 1978, Colver had his first photograph published in the legendary, however now defunct BAM Magazine, consisting of a shot of performance artist Johanna Went.
    2. Ed is solely responsible for several of the most iconic punk album covers including Black Flag's "Louie Louie" single, Cirlce Jerk's "Group Sex," and T.S.O.L's debut self-titled EP.
    3. Ed Colver's photos have been featured on over 250 album covers for labels such as EMI, Capitol and Geffen.
    4. One thing that Ed is quite proud of is his family's lineage and local impression on California. Ed's father, Charles Colver, was a forest ranger for 43 years. Upon retiring, the tallest peak southwest of Mount Baldy was named Colver Peak after Ed's dad, Charles, keeping the Colver name in local history for an additional reason on top of the punk fame.
    5. With such an impactful handle on punk culture -- even into the era of the 2010's -- Colver's impression on punk and digital media coincide. This is why you can catch plenty of renditions of Ed's famed album covers on his Facebook fanpage located here.

    Learn more about Ed's past releases, and catch our conversation with the photographer here!

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