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  • 3 Notable Artist Releases of 2016

    If you ask all of us here what we love the most about Prints On Wood, we'd say it would be working here! But if you asked us what our favorite releases of the past year were, then our collective opinion starts to fluctuate. While we couldn't completely agree 100% on which print we liked the best, there were definitely 3 we all seemed to think were pretty cool...



    What can we say about Shepard's talent that hasn't been said already? We don't care, because his work always deserving for it to be said again! Shepard's work always looks great... whether it's slapped on the back of the a street sign, wheatpasted on the side of an electrical box, or spray painted on the entire side of a building. Being our second collaboration with OBEY, we decided to include some of their iconic street style with each of these prints being spray painted by hand with gold paint. Hang it on your wall or rest your coffee and a couple of books on it... there's no wrong way to rock this bad boy.



    Limited only to a signed and numbered edition of 100, Dutch artist Handiedan came out with guns blazing on Vigo En Mortis. Her work is truly mixed media, combining intricate digital art elements with three dimensional hand cut layers that require painstaking detail. Her work is almost like a WHERE'S WALDO for designers and artists alike, containing flourishes, currency notes, Pin Up Art, sheet music, skulls, and a myriad of other graphic art staples. What impressed us the most about Handiedan's art was how beautiful is translated as a wood print.



    I think we all liked this piece by Renee French becuase STU is a lot like all of us... cute and weird! I mean c'mon... just look at him! Those bulgey eyes, those little arms, that fluffy white fur! I just want to take him to work every day in my pocket and feed him skittles! What is STU? Is he a rat? A squirrel? A gopher? We don't care, he's STU... and that's good enough for us!

  • The Gift of a Mini Wood Print

    The holiday season is coming up, which means it's also the time for gift-giving! Typically, we recommend buying a piece of fine art from our gallery or a creating a thoughtful custom print. But this year, why not give the gift of a mini wood print?

    Here at Prints on Wood, we believe that our mini square wood prints make the perfect stocking-stuffers!


    Yep! You're seeing it right. Those are mini wood prints! They're small enough to fit in the palm of your hard, and perfect for distributing on Christmas Day. They're easily customizable, and won't break the bank either.


    With Prints on Wood, you can print any image you want! If you've got a cool logo, photo, or art design, send it to us! We'll help you make it perfect. You can even customize your print and create a unique character for each of your family members!

    Imagine how happy and surprised your family members will be when you show them you got a cartoon picture of their face printed on wood!

    So what are you waiting for? Show your loved ones how much you care with a customized piece of art. If you'd rather treat yourself to your own mini print, feel free to do so! We won't judge.

    To order some of these mini wood prints, click here.

  • Jazzberry Blue Artwork

    In today's modern times, buying maps at a gas station is considered out of the way, now that cellphones have maps and GPS built in them. Artist Jazzberry Blue takes this concept and uses it to create one of a kind art pieces that are also maps of places around the world.


    Although artist Jazzberry Blue prefers to stay out of the limelight, Blue uses art as a form of communication. The art wood prints included in this blog include a map of Portland and a map of Baltimore, although some of the other prints Jazzberry Blue has create includes a map of Budapest and a map of Mexico City (just to name a few). baltimore-map-wood-print

    These prints can be purchased on our website, and can also be framed or ordered in a variety of sizes. By adding this custom fine art wood print to your home, not only are you adding to your collection, but you're also bringing a bit of the world into your home. Order yours today!

  • Recently Added Artists: Fucci & Casey Weldon

    Among others, we've recently added some new prints to our Fine Art section. Of the many artists, we're talking about Fucci and Casey Weldon this week! Fucci's "Let Me In" as seen below, is one of the ten signed custom wood prints that you can purchase on our website! Fucci is a Finnish-Canadian artist and his current studio is located in Toronto, Canada. Using post-pop style, Fucci is reinventing sexual expression through his art. You can order his work here.


    Our next featured artist is non other than Casey Weldon. This So Cal local uses haunting images in order to create melancholy and fantasy for the viewer. After gradutaing in Pasadena, Weldon has moved around from Las Vegas, to New York, back to California, and now Portland. He works as a full time artist, and you may purchase his work "Blood Moon" here.


    "Blood Moon" will also be sold in a limited quantity of ten and will also be signed by Weldon himself. Both Fucci and Weldon are part of Print on Wood's Along the Grain in association with Treason Gallery. Along The Grain presents itself as new take on fine art reproduction, while providing approachability to new collectors as well as those looking to add a one of a kind piece to their collection.

  • 2016: A LOVE STORY

    2016 has been nuts! While the deepest darkest corners of the internet are locked in an eternal struggle arguing the pro and cons of the past year (I’m looking at you, Reddit) one thing we know for sure, this past year has been awesome for PRINTS ON WOOD! Seeing how we got to hang out at the raddest events of the year and work with some of the coolest artists in the world, how could we not love 2016!? For those of you just tuning in, some of the highlights include…



    AIR+STYLE 2016

    Shaun White combines his sick snowboarding skills (the “air”) with rad music and underground culture (the “style”), creating The Air+Style Festival! A touring 2-day event that takes place all over the world, hosting events in China, Austria, and the good ‘ol US of A!


    We’re always honored to participate in this event during the USA / Los Angeles leg of the tour! Bringing along some incredible talent to live paint murals of their amazing art the entire duration of this event.


    In 2016, we had the pleasure of presenting four of our favorite street artists: Jeff Soto, Nick Walker, Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez, and Bumblebeelovesyou!


    We had a blast meeting old fans and making new ones, handing out 800 mini prints to everyone who stopped by to say “Hi”, watching these 4 amazing artists do their thing all the while! How cool is that?




    Designer Con is a lot like Comic Con, minus the stupid heat of the summer and the massive crowds waiting in line to get Boba Fett’s autograph. You just get all the cool designer toys, t-shirts, and posters instead!


    As a sponsor to this event, we had 2 massive 10 ft booths adjacent to one another creating a powerhouse of low-brow art! As a fan of this event, we got to geek out and get our greasy nerd fingers all over some really cool collectibles from some well known artists, and some not-so well known, but still just as talented!


    Working for a cool company that prints cool art, we decided collaborated with some of the coolest low-brow artists in the biz, and had the pleasure of releasing limited edition wood prints exclusive to this event.


    D-CON 2016 allowed us to work side by side with Tara McPherson, Luke Chueh, Matt Gondek, Joe Ledbetter, KMNDZ, Simone Legno, EMEK, Renee French, Jeff Soto, and Jermaine Rogers.




    In collaboration with Treason Gallery, located in Seattle WA., Along The Grain was a joint effort between Treason and Prints On Wood, collaborating with 10 different artists from around the world for this group art show.


    Along The Grain presented a new take on art reproduction, as every artist who participated selected a piece of their work to be sold as an exclusive wood print, with each piece limited to an edition of 10 each.


    For this event, Prints on Wood had the distinct pleasure to create beautiful reproductions of art from: Aaron Nagel, Ricardo Cavolo, Fucci, Andrew Barnes, Michael Reeder, Jay Riggio, Joram Roukes, Drew Merritt, Mary Iverson, Casey Weldon, Cheyenne Randall, Vesod, Dennis McNett (WOLFBAT), and Shark Toof.


    The theme of the show was to incorporate the unique imperfections of our wood prints with the beautiful artwork contributed by these 10 artists, therefore making every print one of a kind.


    With all of these events and releases, 2016 seemed to fly right past us. While things would sometimes get crazy leading up to these events,we were lucky enough to appreciate all of it while it was happening. All of which wouldn’t have been possible if not for all of YOU! While we loved the opportunity to participate in all these amazing events, we love all you guys and your amazing support for us this past year, and every year before that!

    If 2016 rocked this hard, we can’t wait to see what we get to share with you guys next year! See you in 2017!


    Prints On Wood!

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