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    If you couldn’t tell, we here at P.O.W. liked to nerd out when it comes to street art. We have the pleasure of working with some of the coolest, most talented artists in the world, like our good pal Shepard Fairey!


    Shepard has a talent for stripping down the detail of pop culture imagery, leaving only the most recognizable traits in a minimal 4 color composition. Take his recent wood print Flavor Flav for example, iconic yet simple.



    But that’s not to say Shep’s work lacks detail. His work is unique in the sense that when you recognize his flourishing compositions, you slowly notice all the bits and pieces of underground culture tossed in. It’s in these little details where his talent truly shines.



    Our collaborations with Shepard aren’t fixed solely on limited edition wood prints, sometimes we help him take it to the streets (legally :P) with our rockin’ banner printing skills. Check out this huge large format installation we produced currently hanging in beautiful Downtown Riverside across the street from the Mission Inn.





    Prints on Wood is excited to announce our second artist release for 2017 with a new print from our good friend, Tara McPherson!



    Titled Electric Lola, this piece is printed on a whopping 14" x 14, bright white, 1/2" thick wood canvas. Limited to an edition of 75, each print is hand numbered and signed by Tara. Electric Lola goes on sale on February 1st, and will cost $100.



    This Valentine's Day Prints On Wood is offering 30% of all custom prints from January 26th to February 14th. Just use promo code VALENTINES30 at checkout!



    For the longest time, Valentine’s Gifts were solely limited to the two aisles in the seasonal section of your favorite discount store. Which is usually picked clean by the time you get there, limiting your gift options between a bag full of fun sized Mars bars and a white stuffed animal holding a velvet red heart. Neither of which convey the sense of any real time or effort spent on your loved one, not to mention most store bought Valentine’s stuff is pretty cheesy and generic.

    That's why this Valentine’s Day, we suggest getting your lover something as special as they make you feel with an Artistic Wood Print! Don’t know which one to get? Here’s three of our favorite artists whose work goes hand in hand with the spirit of this holiday!



    Chock full of whimsical wide-eyed women and fun feathered friends, Jerimiah’s artwork reaches critical levels of cuteness without feeling forced or gimmicky, radiating a sweet and gentle energy with his combination of fluorescent colors. It might not be a heart-shaped box of chocolates, but the artwork of Jerimiah Ketner looks how candy tastes… sweet!




    Lidija specializes in illustrating dreamy floral patterns, offering several color variations of the same design, which when displayed side by side, could be considered a…. beautiful bouquet? Ok, maybe I’m forcing the whole Valentine's / Flowers parallel a little too hard, but we’re pretty sure if you give one of these as a gift this February, you and your Valentine will definitely be putting your tulips together. (GET IT!?) ;)



    Tara’s artwork is so beautiful, it’s like a Valentine for your eyes. With a recurring theme of a heart-shaped holes going straight through the chest of her gorgeous glowing girls, some might see this symbolistic of love lost. Although given the inviting stares and subtle smirks of her vibrant vixens, I’d like to think they’re waiting for something / someone to come along and fill the hole in their hearts with love, making them whole.

  • Scott Erickson Art ft. Silver Tenderfoot

    In today's blog post, we'll be looking at artist Scott Erickson - featuring his new piece, known as: "Silver Tenderfoot." Scott Erickson is a painter, artist, and priest - one who creatively blends and uses autobiography, mythology, and aesthetics to create art. He currently has many ongoing exhibitions all around the country, and has many publications as well.

    His newest piece, "Silver Tenderfoot," is a part of his "Alliance Rebellion" collection. Take look below!


    This piece was inspired by the classic Star Wars series and is  "just a new way to tell an old old story." His art is a mix of common, unique stories and Star Wars, and is filled with various shapes and forms. Neat, huh? We love this print!

    This piece of fine art can be purchased on a wood canvas, right here in our online Fine Art gallery. The wood canvas gives the artwork a vintage appearance, which goes well with the Star Wars theme! It is printed on birch wood with a bright white finish, but can be modified to your liking. "Silver Tenderfoot" is also ready to be hung right of the box, with or without a frame!

    Scott also has other prints on his site here. Want more art like this? Check out our Fine Art Gallery to see hundreds of other prints by other great artists!

  • Italian Frames Meets Fine Art

    New Year means new you! OR if you prefer to stay the same that works too! Either way, if you're an art collector, looking to switch it up or want something old to look new again, then we have something perfect for you! Some of our fine art selections may include a handmade Italian frame, which is a perfect way to make an art piece stick out such as the ones in this blog post.


    This one of Renee French's limited pieces of Ben Mendelsohn Raccoon. This piece is a DesignerCon 2016 exclusive marquee print and is signed by French as well. Renee French is an American artist, best known as a comics writer and illustrator, who also enthralls audiences as an exhibiting fine artist.



    Did we mention that the Italian Frame comes in different colors? In Drew Merritt's "Eye of the Beholder" piece, you'll find that this print comes in a brown frame. This print is apart of Along the Grain. In collaboration with Treason Gallery and Prints on Wood, Along The Grain presents itself as new take on fine art reproduction, while providing approachability to new collectors as well as those looking to add a one of a kind piece to their collection.

  • Custom Wood Mural

    We may be located in So Cal but we have work all across in this country. Our art featured today is no different, however it is quite massive and well--impressive. Down in New Orleans you may find a restaurant, brand spanking new, known as Maypop. This restaurant is located in the South Market District and fuses Southeast Asian food with Southeast Louisiana food.


    You see, we don't just specialize in custom wood prints or fine art prints, but we also cater to businesses with even the craziest and greatest ideas. This mural is basically two images in one. From one angle you'll fine that customers can see the Mekong delta, while the mural also shows the map of the Mississippi.

    maypop wood muralMurals are great way to get your message across, literally across! By sticking to the theme of a fusion restaurant, Maypop is creating a specific audience of customers who not only enjoy Southeast Louisiana eatery, but also appreciate Southeast Asian food. For more information on getting a custom quote such as this one, or something similar, feel free to contact us!

  • "KISS Teletubbies" by Ron English

    A new year calls for new spotlights on some cool new fine art wood prints! Today, we'll be looking at a piece made by renowned artist Ron English!

    Who is Ron English? He's currently known as one of the most prolific and recognizable artists in today's art world. His work is described as POPaganda, and includes mash-ups of cultural figures in art history - from superheros to original tv show characters. His work has been featured in museums, movies, on the street, and all around the world!

    Ron English is no stranger to our company. In fact, we've collaborated with him on some rad pieces of art before. "KISS Teletubbies" is one of his newer pieces, and is one we're proud to display. This piece features a cool mash-up of Teletubbies and the band known as KISS.


    This fine art wood print was created with the most vibrant ink we have to offer and was printed on some of our best pieces of plywood. As you can see, the colors are astounding! Plywood is perfect for displaying these fine art prints because it's durable, eye-catching, and work well with all types of frames.

    "KISS Teletubbies" by Ron English is on sale get yours today before they sell out!

  • Price Boards and Business Signage

    Imagine this: you just opened up a new business. You have the shop set up, decor finished, and you're ready to open. But wait! You need a price board for displaying prices and information for your customers. How will you get one?

    Well, that's where Prints on Wood comes in. We're fully prepared and equipped to help you with all of your business signage needs. Take a look below at one of the recent signages we've done for a ski and snowboard rental company.


    With these price boards, you can list the prices and options in readable and eye-catching font for your customers. This can also apply to wooden menus, as well (which we also make). Price boards make options easier for the customers to navigate, and makes it easier for them to pick options that they want. They're also aesthetically pleasing to the eye - which can also help your decor.

    Our price boards come in various sizes, and can be customized any way you want. We use only the best plywood for our prints, and the best inks as well. Our prints on wood are always the highest of quality. You won't find prints like these anywhere else!


    Wood prints are durable and work better than laminated paper menus and poster board for business signage. They're the best option for menus and price boards, because they're guaranteed to last for years to come.

    Order yours today at http://www.printsonwood.com/!

  • Why Should I Print on Plywood?

    At Prints on Wood, all of our wood prints are done exclusively on plywood. But you may be wondering... why plywood? What makes it so special?


    First of all, what is plywood? 
    Plywood is a sheet material manufactured from thing layers or "plies" of wood veneer that are glued together adjacently. There are generally five or seven layers per piece of plywood. The wood grain is rotated up to 90 degrees to one another. It is a strong, thing wooden board with grains that alternate in different directions.


    What are the advantages of using plywood? 
    Plywood is typically cost-effective, strong, comes in many different sizes, and is very stable to use. Plywood is cost-effective, meaning it won't break your bank. It's also strong and very stable, which means that it won't warp or shrink over time. Plywood is so durable and strong that it can typically withstand heavy impact. We use eco-friendly FSC certified plywood, so it's all-natural and organic.
    This print below is a large and life-sized print we made for Stagecoach.


    What can you print on plywood? 
    Prints on Wood typically does fine art and photo printing. We can also do custom requests. Artists from around the world get their work printed on wood because it's a better and more unique canvas, compared to regular paper and poster board. Here's an example of one of our most popular fine art wood prints.

    14633106_1132926633466196_7089438198223951190_oFor more examples of our fine art prints, click here.

    What are the types of finish options that you offer at Prints on Wood? 
    Here at Prints on Wood, we offer 3 different types of finishes for your prints. These 3 types include: bright white, vintage matte, and natural gloss. The natural gloss (as seen below) is typically our most popular option and typically works with any image.


    To see examples of the other finish options, click here.

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