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5 Top Choices for Spring Wood Prints

Spring is right around the corner, which means it's time to take down the winter prints and hang up some new spring-themed ones! During this time, we like to hang up pictures of flowers, sunshine, and more - as long as it's all things spring!

Our POW team has taken great care to pick out and put up some great spring-themed wood prints. Here are our 5 top choices for spring wood prints, all available NOW in our gallery!
Check 'em out:

1.  Yellow Flowers Wood Print by Jason Bates
Imagine a field of sunflowers on a beautiful sunny day. Isn't it a lovely sight to see? If you said yes, then this wood print is for you. It's a beautiful cluster of sunflowers that would look absolutely amazing in your home. "Yellow Flowers" is a print by Jason Bates, and is available in our photo art gallery.

2. The Chrysanthemums by Jaymi Britten

If sunflowers aren't for you, purchase "The Chrysanthemums" by Jaymi Britten instead. This wood print will add a lovely pop of pink to your home and is the perfect print for spring!

3. Rainbow Over Waikiki by Karen Mac

Spring showers bring spring rainbows! Now, you can display one in your home for everyone to see.  "Rainbow Over Waikiki," is a special wood print - available now in our store.

4. Coachella Palm Green Wood Print by POW

This year, Coachella takes place during the weekend of Apr 14 – Apr 23, 2017. It's guaranteed to be the biggest spring event of the year. Purchase this photo of Coachella palm trees and commemorate the event with us!

5. Butterfly Garden II Wood Print by Christopher Howeth

It's not officially spring until the butterflies come out to play. Purchase "Butterfly Garden II" today!

Of course, you can always create your own spring-themed prints. At Prints on Wood, we specialize in helping you create your own wood prints using your very own photos. Check out our website for more information!