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A weekend at Baby Tattooville

What is Baby Tattooville??  I pondered this question myself for many years, 7 years in fact.  But this weekend, during the 8th annual Baby Tattooville, we not only found out what it was, we were lucky enough to experience it.   Unlike the name sounds, it was not a convention about babies with tattoos, it was an immersion into the pop-surrealist art world with twelve of the top pop-surrealist artists in the world.


Created, produced and curated by Bob Self of Baby Tattoo Books (sound familiar?) and his crew of miracle working staff, Baby Tattooville is a one of kind experience for a small group of art collectors and fans.  Limited to 40 tickets, set in the historic and enchanted Mission Inn Hotel in Riverside, CA over a three day weekend, the event uncovers the magical process of creating all types of art right before your eyes.


Each of the twelve artists produce a unique "gift" for each of the attendees that is included in a gift bag received the final day of the event.  We were select by Brandi Milne to create a special print on wood of her piece titled "Autsch" from her recent show at the Corey Helford Gallery.  This limited edition, signed print is only available to the attendees of Baby Tattooville 2014.


Tara McPherson hand silk screened a new print for each attendee with help from Andy at Diesel Fuel Prints who flew down his silk screen equipment from Portland.

IMG_5987 IMG_5988

Other artists created original pieces for each attendee, such as Jeff Soto who created 40 individual 3"x3" sketches and Joe Sorren who created 40 painting sketches.



While the days were filled with painting, silk screening and sketching, the night was filled with food, giant margaritas and great conversation.   With busy schedules it is rare to get a few hours to chat and catch up, but at Baby Tattooville, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to share a few laughs together over dinner.


The real miracle of the event is the transformation of a blank canvas on Friday afternoon to a completed masterpiece by Saturday at 10:00 pm.  The first brush of paint on the blank canvas begins the art jam on Friday afternoon.


From that point all twelve of the attending artists collaborate together over the next 36 hours to create a final work of art.  This culminates at the final art jam Saturday night where in the last hour each artists squeezes in to make their final touches on the piece.


Once the clock strikes 10:00 pm, the painting is whisked away to be photographed then on to Prints on Wood.  We then print 75 copies of the final art jam piece that arrive back at the Mission Inn Sunday morning just before Sunday bunch is finished.  Each artist then signs the prints and each attendee goes home with a piece of history they watched unfold before their eyes.  The magic and memories of the event sealed in the characters and aspects of the final Baby Tattooville 2014 Art Jam print.


If you want to be apart of Baby Tattooville, you will have one last chance.  Bob Self announced Baby Tattooville 2015 will be the last but also the biggest, most bizarre one to date.  With the artists he has already confirmed to the 2015 event, it will surely be one not to miss!  The artist roster includes: Mark Ryden, Marion Peck, Camille Rose Garcia to name a few, while the tickets are $2500 each, with that line up, they will surely not last.


For more information on Baby Tattooville please visit:  http://www.babytattooville.com/