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Adda Coffee Wooden Menu Boards

addacoffee menu wood prints

Adda is a coffee and tea shop located in Pittsburgh. Adda is a Bengali word that means to indulge in informal or friendly conversation with a group of people, which is very suiting for a coffee and tea shop. They want to build a space where local neighbors, artists, and innovators can come in and relax with a cup of coffee. Adda really supports their local innovators and entrepreneurs by allowing them to book a table without a fee to meet their clients. Adda not only cares about the locals, but they also care about charities. Adda donates a percentage of their monthly earnings to two different charities. You would've never thought a cup of coffee can do so much!

addacoffee menu wood prints1

We had the opportunity to help Adda out by creating their wooden menu signs. We have created menus for many coffee shops because wood prints frequently match the interior of the shop. Adda has three different drink categories, coffee, specialty drinks, and teas, which each got their own wood print. Wood prints make great menus because they are durable and they can print the text in quality. Also, menu wood prints are unique and can make your coffee shop more hip! Although menus do not seem like a big deal, it is definitely the most important and looked at object when a customer walks in.addacoffee menu wood prints2