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Air + Style Weekend

The workday after a great weekend is always a tough one to snap back into. The week’s begun churning and we've snipped off our Air + Style wristbands. While we settle back into the world of staplers and paper cuts, we can’t help but reminisce on that one time kids gathered 'round to gaze at art pieces, then lost their minds to their favorite musicians. Sounds like every festival huh?

Good vibes were going Saturday morning while we prepped the POW booth for incoming spectators. With the stage to our left and the 16 story ice slope to our right, We couldn't have gotten a better seat in the house.


Our friends, Greg "Craola" Simkins, Johnny KMDZ, Jeff Soto, and James Haunt were up and at it priming and painting their canvases for the day ahead.

IMG_0922Johnny "KMNDZ" Rodriguez live painting

As temperature rose, things really started heating up at the event.


Art fanatics and curious spectators buzzed in, out, and around our booth to get their art fix...

IMG_1141 FullSizeRender(4)

chat with our featured artists...


check out the live art..(major props to this guy who sat for HOURS, making a time lapse video on Simkins' piece)

FullSizeRender(6)and swipe the mini prints we were giving away.


At the table, spectators got to hashtagging sharing and posting on our Instagram and Facebook page. All 300 of the mini-prints were gone faster than you can shout “free miniprints!”

FullSizeRender(7) IMG_0957

It was awesome to see first hand each of these artists in full effect. Clusters and crowds of Air + Style attendees gathered round to see what the featured artist were concocting at their canvases.

KMDZ took a break from the paintbrush to shoot the breeze with a budding artist, loaded with questions about composition, technique, and who knows what else.


A very sleepy yet excited Luke Chueh rolled in just in time to start up on his canvas and attracted one heck of a crowd while doing so.


Graffiti legends, Greg "Craola" Simkins and Jeff Soto got busy emptying spray cans on to our 20x8 foot walls


Jumping right back into it from his vacation in Jamaica, James Haunt didn’t miss a beat and painted right alongside the two graffiti artists.


With rain, rain and more rain coming in on Sunday, our featured artists kicked it into high gear finishing up their pieces before the rain got a chance to.

Good thing they did too, our time at the Air + Style event was cut short by the weather. Drenched in rain on the foggy Sunday morning, we knocked it all down, packed up shop and said our goodbyes.

IMG_3609IMG_3599 IMG_3619

In spite of the sucky weather, It's been great experience taking part in the epic snowboarding event. We would like to say a big thank you to our artists and buyers for all their support. You all had the biggest hand in making the event what it was, a memorable success.