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"Amour Plated" by Nick Walker Out February 14th!

Nick Walker AMOUR_PLATED_wood print

Renowned stencil artist Nick Walker hits us with his second Prints on Wood collaboration, with the forthcoming piece, "Amour Plated."

Nick has garnered clout in both the mainstream and illicit art worlds, having displayed his work all over the world via galleries as well as on public walls. Hailing from Bristol, Walker saw and participated in the upsurge of what we think of now as 'tradition graffiti' of the 1980s, but was also exposed to the art of stenciling which had flooded city streets.

Walkers past release with POW entitled "Painting the Town Red/ Hong Kong Street Scene Two" successfully showcases Walker's dual talents and knowledge of multiple mediums. Utilizing fine art know-how, Walker created a city scene that displays a number of creative intricacies, as well as showcasing an understanding and connection to the concrete jungles where his stenciling work usually takes place.

Currently, Nick has an (uhh-maaazing) exhibition on display at New York City's Quin Hotel curated by DK Johnston. In addition to several choice pieces from his archive, an iteration of his forthcoming POW release is on display.

"Amour Plated" will be available through POW on February 14th in a very limited run of 40 prints. The release will measure in at 24x24 inches, and is available for purchase with or with a frame to fit your home or office decor needs. Be sure to act fast, as Walker's work has this funny habit of running out. Stay tuned for an exclusive Q&A with the artist in the coming week as well. Till next time!