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What do aliens and art have have in common?  Lots of things, but one undeniably is Ana Bagayan's new art exhibit "Children of the Sun." A few weeks ago Prints on Wood stopped by the opening reception at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City to meet Ana and talk about her interest in all things extraterrestrial.


Just a few minutes after meeting Ana, her gracious and kind demeanor overcame any nervousness about meeting her in person.  She is as beautiful as the subjects she paints, which interestingly have similar features to her own.  Is it me or does it seem artists unintentionally paint subjects with uncanny resemblances to themselves?  Or maybe it's intentional. Either way Ana was a joy to meet in person.


Ana moved to Big Bear, CA a year ago to focus on her painting and upcoming art exhibits.  On her hikes around the mountain Ana collects rocks and flowers which she incorporates into art pieces, either as a frame or added details to the piece.  These little art pieces are often available on her website and a few were available at the opening.


With so many great pieces it was hard to pick just one favorite, but this interesting piece titled “Dark Matter” kept catching our eye.  Although our opinion was slightly bias, as it reminded us of our black cat "BK".


While walking around the gallery, we stumbled upon a small collection of works by Jeremy Fish.


The frame was as equal an art piece as the art it framed!  The attention to detail was evident in every inch of the piece.  It was something to behold in person.


Other pieces were unframed but cut out to the shape of the art piece, which start the wheels turning at the R&D department of Prints on Wood.  Hmmm, will the future behold cut out prints on wood???  Only time will tell...


Ana Bagayan’s exhibit will close this Saturday, June 14th, if you are in the area, drop by to see “Children of the Sun” in person.  For more information regarding Ana Bagayan or Jeremy Fish art work availability please see www.ThinkspaceGallery.com


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