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App Review: Afterlight


If you’re anything like me, you probably get a kick out of tinkering with photos on editing apps, while playing the game, “ooh, what does this button do?” Well, photo effect fanatics rejoice! Because app I’ll be reviewing today is said to be a photo-tinkerer’s dream. Ranking at number 5 in the top paid apps on iTunes, Afterlight seems to be a crowd pleaser. Curious to find out why, I downloaded the app and began dabbling around.

The Afterlight homepage is simple and straightforward. It presents two buttons that offer the options to either take a picture or open one from your photo stream. I went with the in-app camera and was pleasantly surprised by my decision.

photo 1

The camera provides a few digital camera-like functions such as a self-timer, aperture adjustments, focus controls and ISO controls. After a few trials, I pulled, from my photo stream, a photo I took while roaming ‘round LA.

photo 1

The photo-editing page was just as direct as the homepage in providing options.

Aside from the basic tools like cropping, exposure, saturation, etc., there is a wide range of editing options available. Remember when I said VSCO Cam had the largest filter selection I have ever seen? I lied. This app takes the cake, with over 40 filters, all of which are adjustable AND combinable.

photo 3

This app is LOADED with photo effects like quality textures, light leaks, photo layering, and text options, to mention a few. After playing around with contrast and temperature, I kept it simple with the Dallas filter and added a letter silhouette. Guess what the M stands for.

photo 4

I found that share page also had an array of options like creating a photo book, sharing to Instagram, or even having your photo made to a post card and shipped anywhere in the world.

photo 5

Pretty pleased with my creation, I ended my Afterlight adventure with a sendoff to Instagram and gave them the best rating possible, 4.


The only test left was to see it printed on wood, which turned out beautifully on Natural Gloss finish.  The wood grain added a nice touch to the background and the file size was plenty big enough to print a large or small wood print.


I’ve got to say, I can see how Afterlight holds a place on the top ten paid apps on iTunes. With no glitches and lots of creative freedom, Afterlight could definitely serve as a one-stop shop for your photo-editing desires. The only thing I noticed missing was the ability to change the background color when using a silhouettes and types. This, however isn’t a pressing need for me. Though the app hosts a plethora of editing options, the interface is super easy to navigate. Without a doubt, I’ll be adding Afterlight to my photo-editing arsenal.


For more information on the Afterlight app, please visit:  http://afterlight.us/