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App Review: Diptic


When just one photo won't do, tell a story with 3 or 4... even 9 with a cool app from Peak Systems called Diptic.  For just under a dollar the app gives you over 165 frame options that can be customized by shape, colors, backgrounds, text and more!  Or maybe add a cool effect to one photo?  I love the look of triptych images, why not try it out with this app!  Let's see what we can do...

The first option given when opening the app is choosing layout frames. There are several categories including "Classic", "Jumbo", "Fancy", and "Fresh". I went with a three-column triptych design because I wanted to keep things simple and neat.

photo 1

After this you’ll be able to either choose an already existing photo or shoot a new one. I chose an already existing image and went from there. You’ll be given the option to change up several adjustments including brightness, saturation, and tone. You can also add different filters to your photos by clicking on the “Filter” menu button. I used the cross process 2 filter because it gave the picture a cool feeling.

photo 2

A quick side note, when going through the app, tips and instructions will occasionally pop up, which was very helpful. The next option you have is the "Flip" option that will allow you to invert your pictures horizontally, vertically, or clockwise. I wanted my picture to be uniform through out so I did not do this to my design.

photo 1-1

After you have customized your photo you can then move onto the "Borders" menu icon. Here you can change the thickness of your columns ("Size"), "Color", "Texture", and choose to use a "Canvas" in the background.

photo 3

I played around with the thickness of my columns and added a texture to the frame. For the canvas option, you first have to make sure that your original frame has some roundness to it in order to be able to then place a canvas color in the background.

photo 1-2

The next item is "Frames" and it’s where you’ll be able to change the spacing between each of your frames if needed. You can also change the direction of your columns if desired and slant them at an angle.

photo 5-2

The next option you can play around with is "Aspect". Here you can turn your square designs into rectangles and/or landscape and portrait formats. I was satisfied with the look of my image already so I moved on to "Text".

photo 3-1

Under the "Text" menu you can change the "Color", "Style", and "Font" of your writing. I was considering placing text in mine but it felt out of place, so I opted out of that option.  Once satisfied with your design, you can then hit the upper right "Publish" icon where you will then be taken to a customization and sharing screen.

photo 1-3

I liked that you have the option to change the export size of the file and make it bigger or larger depending on your needs. You are also given a number of sharing options such as the usual social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr) and a really cool postcard option which allows you to turn your finished design into a postcard to then be sent anywhere in the world, very nice. I saved my photo in my camera roll and went on to the next step, the wood!


I really love the option of customizing my photos into a tryptic and the way it turned out on wood just added to the custom look of it. I give Diptic a score of 4.


It was simple, straight forward and easy to navigate.  It did't try to upsell other features, rather it exceeded my expectations for a  $.99 app!


For more information on Diptic please visit http://www.dipticapp.com/.