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App Review: Enlight

Enlight App review

I've come to realize and accept that I am...an app hoarder. Dozens of photo apps sit in boredom, collecting dust until its time perform a single task, then its back to the shelf for them. With this epiphany, I've set out to find the "Does It All" photo app, that would free my phone of storage space and me from my hoarding problem. From what I've heard about the new photo app, Enlight, I think I may have found it. Only one way to find out.

If there’s one thing that I’m always on the look out for in a new app, it’s ease of use. Telling right away by its interface, Enlight is the most user-friendly photo app I’ve downloaded so far. Yes. THE most. Why? Well, for one, most apps, set multiple screens, long menus and blazing rings of fire to jump through in order to to get to the camera roll. Enlight conveniently places your photo stream right below the editing page so scrolling through photos is a breeze. Pleased with the option to easily select a saved image, I went with a quick picture I took while on a hiking trip.

enlight app review starting image

If you’d rather capture a new photo than scroll through your photo library, There’s an in app camera for you to use. The in-app camera is a bit limited when it comes to functionality.  Options like exposure adjustment aren’t featured but with the ability to edit the image later, I’m not too bothered.

Once you have your photo, you can swipe right to reveal a menu of the categories; Canvas, Image, Filters, Tools, Artistic Brushes, Text, and Finalize. Each tab expands to a multitude of options when tapped.

Enlight App Review options

You’ve got your basic tools like exposure, color and tone adjustments and filters. And you've got creative tools like pens, brushes, and an urban tool that adds filters that that pretty much makes your photo completely unrecognizable.

Enlight App Review filters

One thing that's really abound in this app is variety. In addition to providing the ability to adjust filters to your liking, the app has a number of presets for any type of tone. for instance, there's a high key black and white filter, a low contrast one and much more. I found a number of the filters to be heavily saturated but again, they are adjustable.

Enlight App review picture 2

One of the features that causes Enlight to really break away from other apps is the “Refit” tool.  This allows the user to crop from inside the photo, bringing objects closer together without losing any detail. This may work best when you have a photo with actual subjects or focal points. I tried it on this landscape the tool simply flattened the photo.

When you click the finalize button, there's even the option of creating a collage with photos from your stream. This is option something I haven't seen before and found pretty convenient. To finish off this app review I decided to go with a light filter, clarified the image a little and there it is, ready to be uploaded and become a wood print!


I'd give this app a rating of three wood logs. With a sleek, minimalistic style, Enlight allows for the photo to be the main focus sans distractions and tricks.


However, I found that there was one little distraction. Every tool  I clicked on to use began with a “how to” tutorial. This may just be my stubborn self-wanting to figure it out, without help or instructions. Needless to say, I buckled and found myself carefully perusing the directions for foreign tools such as “Refit.” Nevertheless, this app does get a thumbs up from me. Fairly priced at 3.99, Enlight could definitely act as a one stop shop for all your photo editing needs.


For more information on Enlight please visit:  http://www.enlightapp.com/