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App Review: Fotor

Lately, there has been so many different photo applications, but I have yet to find one that was simple and easy to use, until I stumbled across Fotor.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to edit photos. Before sending over your images to be printed onto wood, playing around with a Fotor can definitely make your image look like a professional photo. First and foremost, being a new to the app, it was fairly easy to navigate around because before continuing onto the app, Fotor would give me a quick directions on how to use a specific feature. IMG_3292IMG_3293

Fotor gives you three different options from the starting page: editor, collage, and camera. Personally, my favorite is the editor page because not having an updated iPhone, my photos definitely needs some rendering. I'll be editing the image below!IMG_3285

As part of the social media department, the images we post need to be great in quality. Dark and fuzzy images won't cut it. I started off with playing around by enhancing the image. Fotor gave me two options: detail and gradation, and I increased the details to +21 and gradation to +14, which enhanced the colors of my image. IMG_3297

Fotor also has preset filter effects that allow you images to look super rad! I added the Tranquil filter, which gave my image nice, soft tones.


Lastly, I used the sharpen feature in the adjust section to personally go in to edit the small details. The sharpen feature sharpens all the edges on your image, which gives it a more crisp feel. I like that crisp feel because it makes your image look more high definition. Fotor also offers many other features such as adding text, frames and cool clip art, which will make your image more one of a kind!

IMG_3299IMG_3300...and that's the finished product!

This brings me to the end of the review, and t'was a simple and fun app to work with. I enjoyed not only the simplicity, but also how it allowed me to edit my photos without any boundaries. The only down side to the app is that some of the cool features were featured in the app, but I needed to pay for it. Also, the app froze a few times, which had me edit my image from the start. With that said, I'd give Fotor 3 logs for it's simplicity and fun features.


Fotor is free, which makes it worth downloading! For more information on Fotor please visit, http://www.fotor.com/