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As a starving college student, I’m always looking for free or cheap things. This app fits into the first category, and is actually none too shabby. What I really liked about it is that it basically gave me the option of combining several photos into one, both with a variety of frames or a collage option.

When you first open Frametastic, this is basically what you see.


To start, you can either choose to arrange your pictures in frames or a collage. I chose frames, purely because, well, the app is named for its fantastic frames. Out of 9 pages of frames for you to chose, there are 3 ½ free pages, which I decided to stick with for the above mentioned reasons. Again, though, the free options basically covered every kind of frame I’d want to stick pictures of my cats, I mean, friends in anyway. If you are richer than I and do want to buy the bonus frames, they’re pretty reasonable; just $0.99 for all 62.



Click on your favorite frame, and this is what you get, these wonderful grapes. Yep, those are the first thing to go. As the app instructs, the way to add your photos is to tap on the photo you want to replace. Simple enough, and you get to choose between taking photos with the app or using some from your library.
Not going to lie, I got really excited when I first downloaded this app because POSSIBILITIES. With several ideas already in mind, I made the mistake of going on Pinterest. Yes, I’m a teenage girl. Sue me.

Now overly excited, and with far too many ideas in mind, I decided to go with the simplest option just stick with the first idea that popped into my head when I gazed upon this wonderful app: a photo montage of LOVE spelled out by bodies. That. . . sounded unintentionally gruesome. But really, this is a classic. I know my mother has forced my siblings and I into this exact photo op at least twice in the last 19 years, usually for Christmas cards and the like. Or, you know, if she felt like it. Anyway, I decided to share the love (no pun intended) in this particular case and recruit some of my coworkers for help.

Some of our studly production team was more than up to the task, immediately agreeing to pose. Using my regular camera app on the iPhone, I snapped all of their pictures against a plain background and set to work. As mentioned above, all it takes is a tap to replace those grapes.


Then the real fun begins. At the bottom of the interface is a toolbar of sorts with basic features, allowing you to change the width and color of the frame, round the corners, etc. Another tap of the already replaced picture allows you to alter the photo itself, either magnifying or changing the filters. To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled with the options presented. I mean, the standard iPhone camera app has cooler filters. Instagram definitely does. Most of the crappy filters are free (good.) though there are also several additional ones that you can purchase. Again, it’s not too pricey; you can get all 18 extra filters for another $0.99. I stuck with the free ones.


Come on, moms of the world. That’s totally something that you can brag about to all of your friends over coffee. Better yet, just keep your beautiful wood print in your purse so you can drag it out the second someone claims that their kids are cuter. We definitely thought it was worth printing on wood:

app review

Overall, I’d give this app a 2.5 out of 4.


It was very functional and simplistic, which is not a bad thing considering that it was free to start with. It was easy to use, and I was reasonably pleased with the finished product. The filters sucked, which was my only real complaint, though if you really wanted to, you could probably edit them with some other app before you stuck them in your frame.


For more information on Frametastic, please visit: http://imaginaryfeet.com/frametastic/


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