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App Review: Fuzel Collage


Have you ever wanted to make a collage of photos from your trip to the beach with friends or a fun family vacation or your favorite wedding photos BUT your not an expert at photoshop and don't want to pay someone else who is?   This week’s app review, Fuzel Collage, may just be the perfect solution!   And its not just because it has been generating a good amount of buzz on the app store. It primarily focuses on collage building, but you can also add effects, stickers, and other features to your pictures. Let’s see if lives up the hype!

The first thing you’ll be greeted with when you open the app is an interactive page and three menu items at the bottom. The gear icon will take you to their settings page where you can rate and review the app, contact email support, etc. The bell icon on the right is simply the notifications alert icon. The icon in the middle is the one we want to focus on seeing as that’s how we are going to choose our pictures. Once you click the add button you are then taken to the photo chooser page where you can either choose an already existing photo from your camera roll or take a new one.

photo 2

You can select as many pictures as you’d like apparently and you’ll notice the “select” ticker on the bottom right corner tell you how many photos you have chosen. I decided to go with 4 pictures I had taken on a hike to Griffith Park.

After this you’re taken to a collage design chooser page. Automatically the app sets you up to the “simple” template chooser but there is also an animated one that you can use to add videos in your collages, a funky category with more complex layouts, and a free form category with even more options (all of these require an in-app purchase) I personally really like the minimalist approach and usually stick with that, so I chose a layout that I liked under “simple” and hit next.

photo 4

After you have chosen a layout of your choice, you are greeted with the Edit page where you are given several options including layout, effects, frame, sticker, label, text, and fill.

photo 5The first layout icon will allow you to play around with the foundation layout of your collage and change things like margins, spacing, and shadow. You can also adjust the thickness and roundness of your photos. I added some round effects to my margins and added some shadow for depth.


After which you can hit the customize icon on the far bottom right where you can then alter the shape of each of your pictures using the resize icon. I changed one of my picture’s shapes into a triangle as you can see.

The next option is cut, which basically lets you cut your collage into more sections if needed. The last merge option will allow you to merge two pictures into just one photo using both the previous photo shape and the new one. I clicked apply once I was satisfied with the look of my collage and hit apply twice on the top right corner to confirm both the shape change and layout changes I had made.

At this point in the design process, if you wanted to change photos and move their positions around you can do so by tapping on the photo and holding and moving it to the desired location.


Moving on to the effects section, this is where you can add effects to the whole collage at once or to individual photos. If you wish to add the same effect throughout, just click somewhere on the frame and all the pictures will be affected. If you want to work with specific photos at once, like I did, just click on the desired photo and you’ll notice a pink cutout line appear around the selected picture. All the effect filters are named after a geographical location to represent them, which I thought was pretty quirky. I chose Shanghai for the large picture on top, Paris for the bottom left, Santiago for the middle, and Moscow for the bottom right picture. You’ll also see that whenever you have a picture selected, a sort of transparent magic wand appears in the right middle corner of the app. This takes you to an even more in depth customization screen where you can work with lighting, color, sharpness, and vignettes. You can even flip the desired photo horizontally and vertically. All changes are made by dragging up & down, or left to right.

Once you have made all the necessary changes, you hit apply and are once again taken to the customization home page. The next icon is the frames icon. You will need to download the free pack the app comes with, by the way. Once it’s downloaded you’re given several pretty cool looking frames. Click on the desired frame and you’re once again taken to the main page.


The next icon is stickers, which I never really like to place in my pictures, but to each his own. You’re given the usual options: flowers, hearts, peace sign, and some sayings.12

If by any chance you place a sticker on your collage that you are unsatisfied with and wish to erase, just drag and drop to the trashcan that will appear on the bottom.

Next up is the label option that allows you to place different sayings and mantras onto your collage. I went ahead and chose the first option and wrote the word California.


The next option is text where you can chose different fonts and styles to write out whatever wordage you like. Because I had already placed a label on my photo and don’t want to clutter it up too much, I skip adding more text to mine.


The final option is Fill. Here you can choose to add a color to your background. You can also choose from different patterns once you download the free pack. I chose a swirly black pattern which I thought was pretty cool and was finally able to hit done.


From here on you can continue to edit the collage, duplicate it, or delete it. You’ll see a share button on the top right hand corner where you can then save to device, share on Instagram, Facebook, email, Twitter, and Tumblr.


Overall, I give this app a rating of 4 because it was very easy to use and handled my directions very well. It did not lag and did exactly what I wanted it to. Not to mention a lot of options for a free app.


Now let's see how it looks printed on wood...




For more information on Fuzel Collage please visit: http://www.fuzelapp.com/