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App Review: Ghost Lens+


It’s finally October and you know what that means……HALLOWEEN! My personal favorite time of the year, when the weather starts getting chilly and everything Pumpkin flavored starts making its way into stores. For this reason, this week’s app review will focus on an awesome Halloween themed app “Ghost Lens + Clone and Ghost Photo ”, where users can spook up their images and turn themselves into ghosts. Lets see how it did!


Once you download the app you’ll get a screen full of various options such as Video, Photo, and Photo + Video. Because it’s free you’ll notice a lot of ads, but you are given the choice to purchase the app for $1.99 to unlock all layers and filters.


I wanted to stick to the ghost effect, which comes free with the app so I didn’t have to make any additional purchases. I liked the fact that the app gives you a tutorial right on the screen when you first choose your ghost option.


Once you take the picture and are satisfied with your ghost effect, you’ll be taken to another screen with various options: filter, fuzzy, refresh, and next. Up on the top you’ll have a normal picture option and the square option, which will allow you to add a color to the sides of your photo.

Going back to the filter option, the app will choose one of the photos for you to work on one at a time. The filters are also the same ones you find on Instagram. The second little trick we are given to work with is “fuzzy”, where you can choose to better blend your ghostly figures. I hit “refresh” after just to try it out, but it didn’t do anything, maybe a glitch?


You can also use the built in photo editor by clicking directly on your photo, which will bring it up from a pop up menu. Here you have more options to choose from: enhance, effects, frames, stickers, sharpen, text and more. All of these categories have free options to choose from, as well as ones you can purchase.


Once you’re completely done with your pictures, you can then hit next on the right hand corner and save to your camera roll or open with social media apps like Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

For my final photo, I decided to lie on the ground and pretend I was sleeping to then be able to take a picture of myself “waking up” from my body like I had just gone through a near death experience. You can choose whatever position you want to start from and go from there. Using the app, I had a friend take the picture of me laying down on the floor and what the app will do on its own is take the first picture, save it in the background, and wait for you to take the next picture of whatever you want your ghost to be doing. In the case for me, my second photo was taken while I was sitting in an upright position.


And here is the picture printed on wood:


Overall, I really liked this app. It was easy to use and had some great customization options considering it’s a free app. My only complaint was that the app itself was really laggy and would freeze at times. I would still give it a wood rating of 4.RATING


For more information on Ghost Lens+ please visit: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ghost-lens+