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App Review: Giant Square


A question that comes up every so often is: "How do I split my photo into three different wood prints?"  We do not currently offer an option for creating a tryptic wood print from one image but we did find an app that promises to split your photo into multiple images with ease.  Giant Square can not only cut up your image, but can create picture collages and creates custom banner images for your Facebook and Twitter cover photos.

An important note, although the app itself is free, in-app purchases are required in order to remove photo watermarks. I recommend doing this before starting on your project or you will end up with a "Created with GIANT SQUARE" in large beautiful letters on your photo.

When you open the app the first screen is very plane and to the point showing three social media icons, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. At the bottom is is two icons, one is the app message board and the other shows examples and helpful tips.


I clicked on the first icon, Facebook.  This took me to a screen with two options, Giant Cover and Collage Cover.  These options allow you to customize your Facebook cover photo.  Pretty cool too, but not what I am looking for right now.


Under the Instagram and Twitter icon, you’ll find a “Giant Square” option and a “Collage” option.  I chose the “Giant Square” option under the Instagram icon and got to work.


Once I chose "Giant Square", I was taken to a screen full of little squares. From here on, all you have to do is choose the number of squares you want to appear (you’ll notice the check marks turn green).


I went with a cross like design and headed to my camera roll by choosing the stacked photos icon at the bottom left hand corner.  The middle camera icon would have opened up the camera and the "“X” on the bottom right corner allows you to delete a square if needed.  I picked a photo from one of my favorite beaches.  Once the image in placed inside your design, you can scale it to fit your needs.


On the top of the screen, a little block says "1 of 3." If selected this will number the blocks 1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3 of 5.. and so on.  This will stay on the image when saved to the camera roll.  I choose not to include it in my pictures.  The "?" next to it goes to a quick tutorial and examples page.  It included very helpful information laid out in a simple, straight forward way.

I selected the “Export” button at the top right corner which saved the 5 square images to my Camera Roll!  In my camera roll, the photo is now cut into 5 different squares, which is exactly what we wanted to do here.

Next I uploaded each image as an individual print and ordered five 6x6 wood prints through the Create Your Own page.


They turned out pretty good, my only complaint is the resolution of the images were a bit low.  If you don't mind a bit of pixelation and stick with small prints, this app is a great option to create a collage of prints with one image.

Considering this app has other great applications, the ease of navigating through the different screens, the helpful examples and tutorials, I think it deserves a rating of 3.



For more information on Giant Square, please visit: http://thegiantsquare.com/