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App Review: Green Screen Studio


Where is the North Pole exactly? Does Santa really live there? You may be one of those unbelievers but TRUST ME Santa is alive and well!  I have proof, I was actually there!!  Maybe next time I go there you can join me..

Which leads me to Green Screen, our latest app review.  Since its already mid November and the Christmas songs have been playing in the mall for two weeks, might as well quick fitting the inevitable and join in the Holiday spirit.


The landing page for the app is where you can choose your top image and your background image. I went ahead and used the camera feature of the homepage to take a picture of myself and used an image of the north pole I had found on Google.



Once you have your images selected, you're taken to the work screen where you can then manipulate your images and work with pan/zoom, move top, and erase/unerase [bottom icons]. The top icons is where you can find the undo/redo, replace (where you can choose to change your top and bottom images as needed), green screen sensitivity and eraser. The green screen icon basically allows you to change the sensitivity of the green screen and will let you play around with different transparency levels for both of your images.



The final purple icon is the eraser option which lets you manipulate both the size and opacity of the brush.


You'll want to make sure you really zoom into your image as much as possible and play around with the different brush sizes and opacities when it comes to hard to reach areas and blending harsh edges.


Once you're satisfied with your image you can then hit the red icon at the upper left hand corner to save your image, among other options.


Once it was saved to my phone, I uploaded to PrintsonWood.com and selected a 5x7 print with Natural Gloss finish.  The file printed really well and I liked how the wood grain showed through the light snow and blue sky in the background.

IMG_3373 (1)

Overall, I liked this app. I especially liked the minimalist user interface and the fact that it had great tactile work-ability. The only thing I would complain about with regards to this app is its price, which I thought was too steep for an app that doesn't have more options for customization other than just erasing, and for that reason I give it a wood rating of 3.


So grab the app and join me at the North Pole this Christmas season!


For more information on Green Screen please visit: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/green-screen-studio/