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app review: Line Camera


Line Camera is an interesting app. Think a decent photo editing app interspersed with odd looking cartoon animals offering various tips. Actually, Line Camera is one of those catch-all photo apps that lets you take great pictures or edit the ones you already have. There’s a ton of great features that let you mess around with your photo to your heart’s content.... and sometimes that can be a bit too much.  Watch out for the sneaky "saturation", you may end up with a bit more color (orange) then you want when printing on wood.

Now, I chose a picture of my lovely roommate taken with my regular iPhone camera app. What she’s posing with is the Penn State Nittany Lion, which is currently battling with the Liberty Bell as the most photographed thing in Pennsylvania. Now you know.

Anyway, while Alex is lovely, the lighting is not, so the first thing I’m going to do is to brighten the picture a little, and while I’m there, I always end up messing around with the saturation and contrast.  Beware of adding too much saturation, this is where your photo on wood can go a bit sideways!   Too much saturation adds an orange tint to the photo which is accentuated when printing on wood.

photo 3

Next, I flipped through some of the token photo retouching options, like smoothing, cropping, etc. before finding this.

photo 3

Well then. That’s. . . straightforward. Now, I didn’t use these (didn’t need to!) but if you do, then be careful. The person you’re fixing does not want to look like a clown (or Betty Boop.) Resist the temptation.

There’s plenty of great filters on this app, which I did use, and then that’s pretty much it for the free portion of the app. One of the things that this app offers that many other editing apps don’t is the option to add frames, text, paint, or clip art things to the edited photo. Adding text and paint are free (again, NO CLOWNS) but many of the frames are in app purchases. My photo didn’t need any of that, but there are some pretty cool options should you choose to use them.

Which leaves the finished product:

photo 1

You know, I like this app. It’s got some really good editing features, some of which I only scratched the surface of. Though larger and perhaps a little clunkier than some other similar apps, Line Camera has more options for customization, especially for a free app.

Overall, I’d give this app a 3 out of 4.


Now let's check out how my photo looks printed on wood... uh oh, too much saturation!   Don't make this same mistake, be careful adding saturation to your photo, the yellow of the wood mixed with the saturation = orange skin.


If I would have left off the saturation, this would have printed completely different, something to keep in mind when printing skin tones on wood.  If you love the look of saturation and want to print on wood, choose Bright White finish and the image will print just as it looks on your camera or phone.


For more information on Line Camera please visit: http://camera.line.me/en