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Call me old fashioned, but my primary social media site is still Facebook. That’s right. The grandaddy of all social media, and I’m still on it. That’s not to say I don’t have a Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. but Facebook is still the first thing I browse when I wake up in the morning.

However, an event last week finally prompted me to start looking beyond good old Facebook and start exploring my options. It was a conversation with my grandmother that went a little bit like this:

“I’m on this website now. Book face, or something like that. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

Know? Well, I just about fell out of my chair. My 80+ year old grandmother, who has not yet embraced the concept of texting, is now on Facebook. But it got better:

“Do you know how to work this thing? My cousin says she wants to be my friend. What does that mean? Can I be your friend? I don’t want too many people on mine, so don’t tell your friends, okay?”

Yep. I’m going to be Facebook friends with my grandmother. Scary, right?

So in my epic (and hasty) quest to find a new social media site, I stumbled upon Momentage.

You’ve never heard of Momentage. Heck, I’ve never heard of Momentage. But it’s one of those things you’ll get interested in, and fast.

When I first opened the app, I was greeted with this sight:

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 11.44.40 PM


Kind of adorable, right? The shoes, not the girls. This is basically the overall newsfeed for Momentage, where you can see and be jealous of the wonderful photography featured. Now sufficiently humbled, I followed the prompts to swipe right.  With the first right swipe you see the newsfeed specifically of people you are following, the next swipe displays your account activity, and the final swipe shows your brand new account. Since I chose to set mine up using Facebook, (I know, I know) my current profile picture was just transferred, as was my name and information.


Next on my list was to create my own moment. The plus sign in the top right corner gives you the choice of taking a picture through the app or uploading from your camera. Since I had just visited lovely San Diego, I decided to use some of pictures from that trip.

I chose six pictures, which I then beautified using Momentage’s standard touch up options. My advice to all you budding photographers? Filters aren’t the only way to edit your photos. Play around with all the other options, like brightness, color saturation, etc.


As I mentioned, I have Instagram and often get frustrated with it. Why can I only post one photo at a time? Momentage doesn’t limit you, nor does it flood your timeline if you want to post more than one photo. There is also the opportunity to post video/sound clips, which is cool if you want to expand the impact of your collection. You get to name your moment, write a description, and create hashtags. #because #yesican #whoevencameupwiththesestupidthings?


For your critiquing pleasure:


Then, just to rub it in all your friends’ faces that you’re on a cooler app than them, you can share your moment to various other social media platforms.


Momentage is like Instagram’s sleeker, cooler cousin. If you are interested in art or photography, or just like to see good art and photography, then this is your app. Plus, for all you hipsters, there is the added bonus of joining before it becomes cool.

Now let's check out how this Moment looks printed on wood!  Hey, wait a minute, I have six photos in my moment, do you know what this means?  I can take advantage of Prints on Wood's 6 prints for $75 special offer.  Just add six 5x7 or 6x6 prints at ¼” thickness and any finish to your cart, enter the promo code 6FOR75 then check out.


Ta da! My beautiful moment paired with spectacular wood canvases is sure to be a winning combination!

As far as social media apps go, this is a gem. Didn’t I already bore you with praises of the photographic quality of everything on this app? Cause I wasn’t kidding. If you want any kind of inspiration or to see real artistic talent, then I highly encourage you to try this out. I freely admit that I’m not tech savvy (to my father’s disappointment) but this interface is sleek and completely intuitive. Every comment I’ve seen so far is kind and constructive, and did I mention that most of the photography is jaw dropping? Overall, I’d give this app 4 stars, and I’ve already recommended it to my friends. Not my Facebook friends, mind you.


Move over, Instagram. Momentage is on its way up.


For more information on Momentage, please visit: http://www.momentage.com/


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