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app review: photoblend


What’s better than one picture? The answer to that is two pictures, of course. Even better yet, two pictures in one. For this week’s app review, we decided to give photo blending a try with the help of Photoblender Pro, an app that lets you mix and match your photos with different overlays and even text. Lets see how it did….


The app itself is designed in a very simple fashion and is immediately very easy to navigate. The first screen you’ll see is that of a white canvas where you can start choosing your images. What’s helpful is that each icon will display a message that tells you where to start first. Initially, you’re prompted to select your bottom image. When you do this you’ll get several options such as camera roll, take a photo, quotes, and backgrounds. Because I usually use my own photos for app reviews, I decided to try something different and use one of their existing backgrounds, which were actually quite nice.


One thing you’ll notice is that the app lags a bit and is not as sensitive to touch as one might hope for, but just give it some time and little patience and it’ll be fine. I chose the image of a tree landscape as my bottom image and then went ahead and started looking for a top image. Again, you’re given the same options (overlays, quotes, camera roll, and take a photo). I chose the overlay option to see what was available and ended up choosing a geometric flower pattern to go on top of my image.




Once you’ve chosen both images you are then taken to the customization home page where you can make several adjustments including adding frames, filters, erase, pan and zoom and more. At this point the app will alert you about the ability to edit each layer individually at the top of the screen, with the first square and a bottom bar being the top image (overlay) and the second square with the top bar being the bottom image (trees).


The adjustments tab is a little tricky to work with but again, time and patience. There is also a filter option where you can choose whether or not to add a filter to both images of just one image. Once your satisfied with your image you can click the done button at the upper right hand corner, which will expand and let you share on social media, email, and save to your camera roll.


Once I saved it to my camera roll the next step was to upload it on the Create Your Own page to select the perfect size and finish for my print on wood.


I chose 6x6, 1/2" thick wood print with natural gloss finish, I really like how the wood grain shows through the light blue sky.

In the end I would give this app an overall wood rating of two and half logs.


The app had decent tools and selections in overlays, backgrounds, etc, but it was slow and would often crash one me while I was working. At $2, it just didn't live up to my expectations.


For more information on Photoblend please visit: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photoblend-app/