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App Review: PicsArt

I can’t help but notice the swarm of Tumblr images that have been sneaking their way onto my Facebook stream and Instagram feed. In lieu of the "inspirational" quote pics, telling me to “keep calm and carry on,” then “dance like no one’s watching,” I’ve decided to make my very own tumblr “inspirational” image to print as a custom wooden sign. And I’ll be doing it with the popular  photo editing app, PicsArt. From what I’ve heard, this App has received a lot of buzz for the creative freedom it allows so let’s check it out.

From the get go, this app provides four options for the user. Edit, Capture, Collage, and Draw. I went with edit because that’s the main focus of today’s review.


A photo I took while road-tripping through Arizona has been sitting in my photo stream for some time now. Let’s see what I can do with it on PicsArt.


On the surface, the editing page seems simplistic and limited. Like many photo editing apps, an options bar sits below the page. While scrolling and clicking around I came to find that this app is anything but your average photo editing app. It’s loaded with features similar to those from Photoshop. If anything, this app is pretty much a computer image editing suite shrunk into a free photo editing app. I toyed around a bit with a few of the photoshop-like tools like curves.


In the tools tab you've got your basic options like adjust, enhance, resize, etc. you've also got a few unique touches like shape crop which I found pretty refreshing for a photo editing app. Here's a quick sample of the feature.


Next up, is the Effects tab which holds over 15 filters, pop art, color, and distortion effects. I'm usually on the hunt for more subtle filters so some of these didn't catch too much of my attention. After testing out a few samples I decided to go with the Dodger filter and topped it off with Cinerama.


The tabs list goes on and on with this powerful app, providing a lot of creative variety. Mask tools lay at the bottom of the photo, providing you with the option of adding impressive quality effects such as lights, bokeh and texture. Tested out a couple of filters then decided to go with a subtle bokeh mask instead.


I'm pretty much amazed at how PicsArt manages to somehow fit hundreds of tools and options into smooth and simple interface. A few other bells and whistles included are the shape mask tool and ability to add frames, text clipart and much more. I thought these would come in handy for my quote pic so I added a few shape masks and the text "Wanderlust"


And here's the final product! Looks pretty tumblr-esque if you ask me.


This brings me to the end of the app review and I must say, PicsArt was a fun one to work with. the plethora of editing options opened up a lot of creative freedom that your basic photo app doesn't allow. It's got a smooth, simplistic interface and speedy loading time to boot! The only down side was limited number of steps you can undo while editing. With that'd I'd give PicsArt 3 logs.


Priced at free ninety nine, PicsArt's quite a steal and will definitely be going in my photo editing tool kit.

For more information on PicsArt please visit, www.picsart.com