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App Review: Popkick


Have you ever had to sit through a high school art history class? Yeah, me too. To this day, I’m not entirely sure that I got anything out of that class (sorry, Dr. St. George) except a few extra hours of sleep. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I can now spout off random facts and art terms (contrapposto!) and do have a somewhat longer attention span when it comes to art museums (10 min). In general, I had kind of forgotten that far off year of Italian Renaissance painters and friends.

But then, in my long and valiant search for the next app, I stumbled across a review for PopKick that promised me Andy Warhol-esque art. Okay. Even I remember the soup can dude. It sounded promising and maybe vaguely entertaining, so I dished out the $2.99 to give it the old college try.

To get in the spirit of things, I looked at the examples that other people created on the Instagram page.


As you can see, some were more successful than others. With that in mind, I picked a simple photo to start with, as the effects of the app seemed to work better with photos that weren’t already too busy. I am unashamedly a cat lady, so I chose a simple photo of my beautiful boy Bugman.


Yeah, it almost scared me away too. The other thing is, the directions screen only popped up once, so after that (not very) helpful explanation that disappeared quickly, I was left to click around and figure out what everything was. Once I realized that the little magic wand on the bottom of the screen was Popkick’s version of retouching, things got a little better. Bugman became a cat rather than a blob. My beef with these retouching tools, though, is that they all are labeled with rather nonsensical words. If I’m looking for a tool to lighten, I don’t want to muddle through ‘trast’, ‘juice’, and ‘boost’ to find it.


With that done, I swiped through a few of the other options, including the different filters that you can apply, and the color wheel to change said filters. For some reason or other, these two features are located in opposite corners, which also took a little finding. Once I was done being amused by twirling the color wheel around, I realized that there were not very many other options, so, slightly disappointed, I saved my photo.

Photo by the PopKick App from Pixabi

I mean, Bugman is adorable and all, but I was kind of hoping for more from this app. Especially since I paid $3 for it. While fun to use, the options were incredibly limited, the interface confusing and, while the finished product is cute, it’s what I would have expected from a free app. Overall, not the best $3 I’ve ever spent.

Although the image printed well on wood, it wasn't enough to redeem the app.


I had so much hope for the app, but in the end I gave it a rating of 2 out of 4.



For more information on the PopKick app, please visit: http://www.popkickapp.com/