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App Review: Repix

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I always wanted to be an artist as a kid. Sadly, my artistic abilities are limited to stick figures and what you could classify as a drawing of a chicken-you just gotta squint really hard. While I may not be able to hold a paintbrush to a canvas, I do have in my hand Repix, a newly downloaded app that claims to provide users with the ability to add realistic painting effects to photos.

Repix app review

Unlike most photo editing apps, which begin in shooting mode, Repix opens with a preselected sample image for you to play around with.

repix app review filter

 The menu is pretty standard, offering tabs like shooting mode, photo selection, starters, store, and guide.

Repix app review home page

Under the photo selection tab,  Repix gives you the option of choosing an image from your albums, Facebook or iCloud stream. The tab, Starters, offers an album of professional photos for you to freely edit.

repix app review starters

Initially, I decided to capture a photo to edit but I was a bit disappointed the shooting mode’s lack of camera options. So I went this this picture to use in demonstrating the photo effects.

repix app review photo

13 photo effect brushes including an Eraser and Undoer run along the bottom of the editing page. Additional brushes are available for purchase if you’re looking for a bit more creative freedom.

After many failed attempts, I came to find that the distorting tools: charcoal, geome, dotter, drips and silk are probably best used on backgrounds rather than people.

repix app review iphone

The Legacy tool was pretty much a bleach tool with a fancy name. it lightened and decolorized whichever part of the image I placed my finger on. I thought this would be great to use for highlighting the subject of my picture. I also added the rain drops effect, which would probably be my favorite of them all.

repix app review frame

A small section below the 11 brushes holds more options such as border, cropping, adjustments and filters. As with most cropping tools, the sizes were 100% customizable.  I didn't feel the need to crop my photo so I skipped on that.  Like the brushes, additional borders and frames are available to purchase. I found the free borders a little boring (square, simple square, rounded square, bulgy square). So, I went ahead bought the full border pack, only to find that Repix was holding out with shapes like sunburst, ripple and stamp.

I went with a simple grey wooden border then increased the vibrance to finish off, and Voila! My masterpiece.

repix app review final photo

But the true test of any masterpiece is to see it in real life! Check out how it looks printed on Natural Gloss Finish..

repix app custom wood photo print

The wood print came out perfect, I was a bit nervous printing on wood with a wood grain in the photo already, but the effect was really cool.

This brings me to the end of the Repix App Review. In my book, it merits a 2.5

RATE The free app does a good job of delivering some pretty cool effects, while keeping a bit of change in your pocket. The interface was simple and straightforward and its finger-painting tools were fun and easy to use.  While I liked the ability to swipe specific parts of a photo to edit, a big letdown for me was that that none the featured tools had adjustment tabs to increase or decrease an effect or filter to my liking. I definitely would have found such tabs convenient because the preset filters looked extremely heavy to me-almost teetering on the side of overkill. I would probably play with this app for a couple of weeks but it’s most likely to get tossed as my storage gets full.


For more information on Repix please visit: http://www.repix.it/