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App review: Sketch Guru


For this week’s app review, we decided to take it back to basics. Every art piece in our collection was created using some type of medium i.e. watercolor, acrylic or even digital media. This week, we tried to recreate those same effects using our own photos with Sketch Guru, let's see what kind of art it could help us come up with.

The first screen you’ll see when you open the app after downloading is a home screen with a camera, gallery, cloud and configuration icons. As usual, I wanted to choose a picture I had taken previously, so I selected the gallery icon.


From here you’ll be taken to the cropping option where you can choose different ratios and sizes for your image. You can also choose to reflect your picture using the small arrow icon next to the refresh icon. If you don’t want to select an already preset ratio, you can always use the small blue tabs to customize the size you want. I chose the 4:3 option for my image and hit the green check mark button at the upper right hand corner.


From here on, you’ll basically be choosing from one of the many finishes they have available. I decided to give Gouache a try but thought it looked way too washed out (no pun intended).


I attempted to do some clean up by clicking on the levers icon in the bottom left of the picture. Here you can adjust different variables including brightness, saturation, and hue selection. Sometimes these variables will change depending on if you choose a finish that’s paint based or pencil based.


You’ll notice some finishes create decent works of art out of your images, while others fall behind like the 8bit option.


It’s all a matter of looking around and tweaking some of your settings.  After previewing all of the finishes, I finally settled on the first ColorPencil option.


The app itself did a pretty good job of creating the pencil outlines for me, but I did go back and harden the pencil lines using the first option in the levers menu.


 After I was done, I hit the download icon at the upper right hand corner and chose the high-resolution option to be able to print it on wood.


The final image turned out really cool, I like the idea of transforming an beautiful landscape image into an artistic print and this app makes it easy!


Now let's see how it looks prints on wood, I picked bright white finish to keep the colors vibrant.


I would give this app a rating of 3 wood. It was good enough considering it’s a free app but I wish it not only had a better user interface, but also more variety when it came to customization.



For more information on the Sketch Guru App, please visit the iTunes App Store.