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This week I’ve decided to give the app “Tangent” a chance at some photography fun seeing as it was voted one of the best apps for this past year.

What I liked about the initial screen was that it was nice and neat. I hate when apps have a million buttons and more ads than a late night TV informercial. What’s cool is that the small lightbulb icon pictured took me to an inspiration page with some awesome user created photos. Thanks for the ideas!

photo 1

I went ahead and chose a picture I had taken of the Space Needle during my trip to Seattle this past month.

Once you choose the picture and size you’d want to use, the app gives you the option of  either starting your own fresh design or using one of their already set up templates, which you can then alter to your taste.


I chose the start fresh option myself but I did look around their templates and saw that a majority of them were very well put together.

The app then gives you three icons from which to choose from: shapes, textures, and color schemes. Many designs are included in the initial purchase, but you can also buy more intricate shapes and patterns. I found I already had a ton of options to work with in the starter pack and stuck with that.


After messing around with the various color schemes and shapes, I decided on a simple line frame for my picture. I noticed that the app doesn’t have a “filter” setting like Instagram does, where you can change the color of the actual image to black & white, etc. You would first have to alter it on another app and then work from there.

Tangent app review

Once you hit done, you are given the ability to choose from various saving and storing options. I really liked that the Instagram feature was integrated for us addicts, but you can also stick with traditional features such as email and text message. There are also other Pixite LLC apps to choose from for a seamless integration.

photo 4

Overall I would give this app a 4, it was great to use and I was able to create a lovely design in no time.


Now, on to the wood!


I am really impressed with how this app printed on wood!  The app saved my image in a file size large enough to print this 6x6 wood print with Natural Gloss finish in great resolution.  This app is well worth the $2 to add some fun designs to your photos.


For more information on Tangent, please visit:  http://tangentapp.com/


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