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Another free app, guys! And this one’s purpose seems to be to make your photo as obnoxious as humanly possible! Marketed as the “only vintage deco app on the AppStore!!” (those exclamation points are not even mine), this app is probably something worth looking into for its photo editing options, even if you don’t feel like attacking your photo with corny looking clip art.


I started with this lovely picture of Alex. Actually, I don’t think that anything needs to be done: this picture is already perfection. But just for you people, I’ll change it.

The actually cool thing about this app, in my opinion, is that it has some decent photo editing options for a free app. Crop is standard, but you can reduce red eye, smooth blemishes, whiten teeth, draw or insert text, etc. Then come the filters. Again, it was very difficult to make Alex look better, but I finally settled on this filter that highlights the great contrast between her wonderful red hair and pink shirt. A note: don’t forget to save your edits after every step, or be prepared to redo them.


This is what I now have to work with. Along the bottom of the display are several options to um, improve the photo. First, you can choose from a variety of frames to put around your photo. There’s plenty of options, so play around with them. Don’t settle, people. Similarly, there are plenty of stickers and random pieces of clip art to add to your photo. Don’t worry; all these gaudy options are free, too.


Once you’ve beautified your picture, you can export it to the social media site of your choice or your own camera roll. Here’s the finished product:



Sure it looks great on screen, but wait until its printed on wood.

Alex Funny Face

Now that is perfection!

Over all this app gets a score of 2.  Sure, it’s fun to play around with, and has decent editing options, but really.  How many of your friends want a picture of themselves liberally sprinkled with bad clip art?


Cute idea, but all in all, not a spectacular novelty app.


For more information on Vintage Deco, please visit: http://appovision.com/vintagedeco/


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