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App Review: VSCO Cam


Everybody’s talking about it. If you don’t have it, you’ve probably heard of it. If you haven’t, you have now. VSCO Cam, the minimalistic photo-processing app is known for its professional features and ease of use. Today, We’re gonna put it’s bragging rights to the test, as we review the popular photo app.

Landing Page

This app does not beat around the bush with fancy frills and thrills for a landing page. When you open the VSCO cam app, a minimalistic logo image says a quick hello. Then you’re led straight into a split screen of the sidebar and shooting mode. This is great if you can do without minute long montages and step-by-step tutorials as introductions.

landing page


At the sidebar, you’re given the options to Explore epic photo journals from around the world; hit the Library, where you can import or capture photos; and Shop for some pretty sweet presets.



In shooting mode, you’re provided with the basic options such as white balance adjustment, view alignment, and ADV adjustment.


But wait, there’s more! You can also screen tap to capture. Provided the iPhone (which I am using) does not have this feature, I found it convenient for VSCO Cam provide it. So I screen-tapped  and took a few quick pics to test out. Less than pleased with my photos of a stapler, I delved into my photostream and retrieved a more scenic photo to work on.


The picture I took was saved right to my gallery. I checked to see if it was saved to my photo-stream as well. Alas, it was not.

library 2

Like many photo apps, you’re given the option to choose from an array of filters, 10 specifically, three of which are black and white. Each filter has a scale for you to adjust the intensity to your liking. (Brownie points for that)


If the 10 preset filters aren’t cutting it for you, you have the option of heading to the shop to browse through tons of highly professional looking presets. Ranging from 0-3 bucks a pop, this selection of presets has got to be larger than any I’ve seen on a photo app before.

With my new presets in hand, I headed over to the explore tab to find a goldmine of quality photos categorized by artist. This would be a great spot for you to browse through and draw inspiration from. And if an image really speaks to you, you can share it on your news feed or check out more on the artist’s VSCO cam page.


Brimming with ideas for a clean elegant look on my picture, I made my way back to the Library, selected my photo and began the process. I fiddled with the tint, shadows, and temperature, added the P5 preset, and “BAM” there it is!

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

The only thing that could make this picture better would be to see it printed on wood.


The natural gloss finish adds a nice touch of depth to the background, a perfect combination of filter and wood.

Alright folks, this brings me to the end of the VSCO Cam app review. And the rating number is? Drumroll please…

Rating: 3 logs


Of all the photo processing apps out there, this is one you might wanna hit that download button for. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use in creating tastefully edited photos. The classic, minimalistic style is just as nice to look at.

As for functionality, this app may be a tad bit glitchy. My first photo took over a minute to save to the gallery. Weird right? As a result, I had to restart the app. No Bueno. Besides that, I experienced no other delays while using VSCO Cam. Try it out and see how you like the features, I, for one, am pretty impressed. Happy snapping!


For more information on VSCO CAM please visit: http://vsco.co/vscocam