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App Review: Wood Camera

APP_TITLE_51Keeping ahead of the game in the saturated world of photo apps seems like a tough task and is indeed. With new apps constantly popping up, the playing field gets pretty competitive. As many users have said, Wood Camera is one of the few apps that are able to hold its own. It’s claim to fame? A few unique features priced at a steal of $1.99. Well, I’m curious, so let’s put it to the test.

wood app home page

One thing I noticed right away was how fast this app is. Upon clicking the app, it opens in literally a blink, while other photo apps may take a few to load up. The opening page leads right away to the in-app photo album. The app allows you to select multiple photos to upload which i found pretty useful.

wood camera app

If you’d rather take the live route, you can shoot with the in-app camera. Wood Camera really steps forward from its rivals with the option to play around with filters WHILE in shooting mode. Here’s a quick example of what a live mode filtered shot would look like.


wood camera app photo filter

As per usual I’d rather put one of my stored pictures to work. So, after swiping through my Wood Camera album, it’s only suitable that I choose this gem to test out the app.


wood camera app photo

The features of this app were as direct and simple as it gets: filters, textures, and borders. This of course is besides, the general brightness, contrast and saturation controls. In the little filter tab that rests below the image, a huge array of options lay ready for use. Over 30 filters. What’s pretty neat about these is the freedom to layer multiple filters to your liking. Here, I went with the Santa Fe filter and topped it off with a bit of the Merida filter.

wood camera app filter

Next up is the “Texutre” tab which offers almost as much variety. of the 27 filters at my disposal I applied the raid texture and adjusted it to the fullest visibility. Pretty cool, if you’re into textures. I’m not so much but I’ll slap it on here for demonstration purposes. Let’s see how it’d show up on the wood print.

wood camera app texture option

Here, you’ve got the basic tilt-shift tool which intensifies one part of the photo and blurs out the rest. In the tab there’s also a vignette tool as you can see here.

wood camera app frames

Last but not least, we have the borders tab where you’ll find a few borders to add as the finishing touch. I’m going with a simple black film filter. If none of these catch your eye, you have the option of purchasing a frame pack.

wood camera app frame options

I’ve got to give this app 2 and a half logs. With the app being priced at 1.99, there was much creativity left to be desired. I can, however, see how the app is a popular one. its speedy load time and simple interface make Wood Camera a quick go to app for simple editing needs.


The in app camera scored some points with the option of easily changing filters while shooting. Wood Camera is a quick, straightforward app that provides you with the basic tools to create a pretty neat looking photo.


For more information on the Wood Camera app, please visit: http://woodcamera.com/