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Art prints on wood. Artwork by Tara McPherson. Artwork by Tara McPherson.

If you know Prints on Wood, then you know that art prints on wood are kind of what we do around here. 

Art Prints on Wood for Artists

If you're looking for a new medium to offer your art on, then look no further than Prints on Wood. Our prints are made to order. So as you make your sales, simply put in an order for a print on wood and we'll do the rest. Our prints come in a variety of sizes and three different finishes. Let's talk about the three finishes first.

Bright White

This type of finish doesn't show any wood grain.  Your colors should be exact as we're printing on a pre-coated white surface. You get the perks of exact color matches with the benefit of using a wood canvas.

Natural Gloss

This is one of our most popular options for printing. This lets the natural wood grain show through your artwork while retaining the gloss sheen. The hue of your print will be slightly darker and warmer due to the color of the wood.

Vintage Matte

If you want your artwork to have a rugged and raw feeling this is the option for you. Some illustrations call for that. These prints have no shine to them and the woodgrain shows perfectly. This type of finish will also change the hue of your print to slightly darker and warmer.

Art Prints for Consumers

If you're here simply because you're a fan of art, you've come to the right place. Prints on wood offers exclusive prints from some of the most amazing artists around the globe. Some of the artists we featured are Jeff Soto, Shepard Fairey, and Luke Chueh to name a few. Check out our featured artists section. You'll have to act fast though. A lot of our artist prints are limited quantities. Check back often, as we're always getting new artists to contribute.

The featured image at the top of the article is by Tara McPherson. We're huge fans of Tara. You can check out her Prints on Wood gallery here.