Welcome to Prints on Wood!


Van Gogh, Edgar Allen Poe, Sammy Davis Jr... many great minds throughout history have left this mortal coil without a penny to their names. This can be discouraging to many budding young artists, since the idea of creating art AND making money at the same time seems like a foreign concept. Especially if those virtuosos couldn't make money off of their creative endeavors, what kind of chance is there for the little guy?

Prints On Wood understands this eternal struggle, and to that we say "NO MORE!"

No more will artists go through their entire life unappreciated. No more will the idea of creating beauty while dirt poor be romanticized. No more will you parents keep bugging you about "When are you going to get a real job?" We know what it's like, and that's why we've created the Artist Gallery.

For a nominal one time fee, Prints On Wood allows you to sell your own art on our site through an incredibly simple process...

1.) Start off by creating an account on Prints On Wood, then purchase a Seller Profile Sign Up.

2.) Upload your very own high resolution artwork or photographs.

3.) Once uploaded, choose the desired sizes and pricing of your wood prints.

4.)4.) Invest in a wheelbarrow to schlep around ALL THAT MONEY YOU'RE GOING TO BE MAKING, BOY-EEEE! That's because once you complete the process, your artwork will be readily available for purchase without any cost to you.

That's it. Just sign up, sell your art and Prints On Wood will cut you a royalty check for your monthly sales. No hassle, no gimmicks, just you and your art making money.

Now you can finally live a lifestyle full of caviar dreams and champagne wishes, or if you're like me.... beer and pizza.


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