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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Christina Angelina / StarfighterA

Unlike the awesome 80s movie The Last Star Fighter, StarFighterA doesn't actually fly around outer space, but her art IS out of this world! (Hur hur)

Hailing from the sandy shores of Venice Beach, StarFighterA (aka Christina Angelina), started painting professionally around the age of 15 and hasn't stopped since. Her unique talents have taken her all over the world, allowing her to paint in exotic locales such as Brazil, Germany, and Ireland to name a few.

Christina's artwork ostensibly features a reoccurring theme presented in new and beautiful ways with each new painted piece ... gorgeous introspective women seemingly lost in thought.

As one of the most prominent artists in the world of live painting, we're proud to announce that Christina Angelina will be joining us at this years Air + Style event in Downtown Los Angeles. Christina will be live painting alongside fellow LA street artists BumbleBeeLovesYou and James Haunt.


For more information on StarFighterA, please visit christinaangelina.com