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Artist Spotlight: Isabel Samaras

Time for another artist spotlight! Today we will be shining the light on artist, Isabel Samaras. Samaras has a unique talent of connecting her artwork to references of classic horror movies, ancient mythologies, cherished TV characters, tribal societies, and childhood fairytales. Through her artwork she gives fictional character life. She makes fictional desires into reality. How amazing, am I right?! Let’s go ahead and look at some of the work Samaras has done.

Here at Prints on Wood we were lucky enough to work with Samaras on a first release for a limited print run of her painting, “Young Ferdinand”. This print was actually debuted at the Storybook exhibition at the Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco. The artwork itself was inspired by the children’s storybook, “The Story of Ferdinand” written by Munro Leaf. Unfortunately this lovely print was limited edition and is now sold out on POW. But don’t fret because we recently had the opportunity to work with Samaras once again on another great print.

Now introducing.. “Planet of the Drapes”! This fun, saucy portrait by Samaras brings to life Dr.Zira from “Planet of the Apes” in an extremely stylish way! This portrait is an amazing to honor and reminisce the character who has been a part of the films since 1968.

Don’t miss out on the chance to own your very own Samaras piece! We have them available on our site now. The print is produced at its actual size to ensure that every detail will be noticed. Not to mention, every print is signed by Samaras herself!