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Luke Chueh has perfected the art of painting emotionless bears with sad empty eyes that stare directly into your soul, and we love him for that! That's why we're highlighting his art this week, we dig what he does and how he does it. But he likes to paint other things too, usually mishmoshing bad jokes with pop-culture references.


Boba by Luke Chueh (Get it?) 😜

Luke is as about as cool as his art, which is to say very! Don't believe me? Check out this video of Luke talking about his latest release with Prints On Wood, The Nose Knows (Get it?) 😏 ...


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If that thrilling and informative vignette has wet your whistle, then guess what, you just hit the art-nerd jackpot! We still got a few The Nose Knows prints available, including the big 'ol honking one from DCON. Although if you're more of a Luke traditionalist and are looking for something... oh, I don't know... white bear / thousand-yard-stare, then we got something for you too!


 Hello Lukey by Luke Chueh (Get it?) 😹


For more information on Luke Chueh, please visit lukechueh.com