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Baxalta Customizes Jenga

Sometimes we receive a unique projects with a special meaning behind it. Printing on wood itself can range from a variety of projects, whether it is a fine art piece or a family photo printed on wood, or it can get as interesting as customizing your own Jenga game set.


Last week we worked with a company called Baxalta. Baxalta is all about improving lives. It is a biopharmaceutical company that finds new therapies in hematology, immunology, and oncology. In simpler terms, they find innovative therapies for patients undergoing treatments related to blood, immune systems, and tumors.


Baxalta wanted a customized Jenga set for their patients. At first, we hand painted all 54 wooden blocks white. After, we printed the Baxalta logo on each Jenga block, creating a custom Jenga game set.  Printing jobs like these always makes us think out of box and question how else we can use our machines to expand our horizons.