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Catching the eye of your customer is always a challenging task, and getting them to purchase a specific product is even harder. Between customers strictly buying what they came for and customers who do not think the specific product is applicable to them, the group of consumers being targeted is a fraction of the size of the amount of customers they have. So how do you catch the attention of your customer while leading them toward a product you want them to purchase? You put in right in front of them, literally.

Point of Purchase displays are a great way to grab the attention of your customer while directing them towards the sale you want. These displays can range from signs, banners, cards, brochures, lobby displays...anything that gives value or information to your customer while introducing or explaining your desired product. These displays can enhance the appearance of your store, and be the deciding factor in a customer choosing one product over another, which every business wants to achieve.

When Bellroy contacted us for a point of purchase display, we understood the importance of the display and went to work! Bellroy is a company that strives to provide slimmer, elegant, and functional wallets for all uses, so we wanted to ensure our solution to them was as concise as their product is.


Focusing on their Slim Your Wallet campaign, we created 6x9 inch prints on wood with bright white finish, demonstrating the size difference that comes between a conventional wallet that does not remove the air between your cards and the leather of your wallet vs. the Bellroy slim wallets which are engineered with this in mind. The conventional wallet doubles the size of the Bellroy, serving as a testament to Bellroy’s mission and their Slim Your Wallet campaign.

IMG_7596The display uses a backdrop of a city skyline, which not only catches the attention of customers but also makes the wallets stand out since they contrast well with the skyline and the rest of the picture.

Bellroy will be distributing these to retail locations across the country, and with this simple and concise design, this will be attracting the eyes of many, and influencing the purchasing decision of a Bellroy slim wallet for others.