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Birds and "Create Your Own" Prints

We love nature prints. Today, we'll be featuring our super cool nature prints: bird edition!

It's always fun being able to enjoy nature and snap pictures of your favorite animals. In this case, the birds are the star! These are a part of the #CreateYourOwn wood print editions - where artists and photographers (like you) create your own wood prints on our site.


Want to know how to create your own print on wood? It's easy! Just follow these steps.
1. Visit our site at Prints on Wood and select "Create Your Own."

2. Select the orientation and size of your desired wood print. We make prints in various orientations - including portrait, landscape, and square. We also have sizes ranging from 4" x 6" (our smallest) to our largest at 30" x 40."
Note: For a larger or smaller size, contact us to speak with a representative.

3. Select a frame (if desired). Frames come in black, brown, and white. Margins can also be chosen in this step.

4. Upload your image! For best results, choose a picture that is clear, high-quality, and high resolution.
Note: The only image file extensions allowed are: JPG, JPEG, TIF, PNG, and GIF.

5. Next, choose a thickness option. Typically, our best seller is 1/2in (12mm) thickness for wood prints. However, to see other thickness levels, take a look at our page here.

6. Finally, it's time to choose a finish option. Our prints come in 3 finishes: bright white, natural gloss, and vintage matte.


We truly believe that there is no better way to display your beautiful prints than on a wood canvas. Beautiful photos like these shouldn't be limited to just placement on film. Wood canvases add a whole new dimension to your pictures!


Wood prints are perfect for displaying or for gifting to a loved one. Regardless of your decision, we'll help you out 100%! Give us a call today!