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ALRIGHT PEOPLE! HUSTLE UP! LET'S GO-LET'S GO-LET'S GO! There's less than 48 hours for you to get a great deal on a holiday gift, and even lesser options!:


So you want to purchase a top of the line electronic device at a bottom of the barrel price? Well guess what, so does everyone else. The problem is if you're reading this by now, then you're already too late. If you were really serious about OPTION A, you would've set up camp 2 weeks ago with the handful of other fanatics who can't be bothered with trite activities such as holding a job, or daily hygienic rituals. Sure you could get in line now, but just like anyone that's ever tried to put together a piece of Swedish furniture, that would only end in an entire day filled with frustration and disappointment. Not only for you, but for sorrowful recipient of the palm pilot you compunctiously purchased for arriving late to the game on Black Friday.


Since you consider tasks such as "paying the bills" and "taking a shower daily" salient to your day-to-day lifestyle, OPTION A is not really much of an option at all. Which offers us a nice segue into OPTION B. You have Thursday & Friday off thanks to the holiday (unless your Boss is a stinkin' communist) and you're planning on getting up early Friday morning to join the herd of seasonal bargain hunters as they spill into your favorite discount store in hopes of snatching up a sweet blender and a 12-pack of tube socks. What you didn't plan on was the eggnog hangover and turkey induced coma that will slow you down to a crawl when the alarm goes off at 5 am. You'll probably show up just as the doors open, you'll also have to dodge all the wild elbows and swinging purses when people start fighting amongst themselves over cheaply made material possessions like lobsters in a bucket.


Yeah, you heard me right. No alarm clocks, no black eyes, just you in your pajamas with a whole day of goofing off all to yourself. That's because everyone exercising OPTION C already completed all their Black Friday shopping. WHAT!? HOW!? DO THEY OWN A TIME MACHINE!? No you weirdo, they bought all of their gifts from PRINTSONWOOD.com since our Black Friday sale started 2 days ago! That's right, we're celebrating BLACK WEEK, no wimpy single day deals here, and for the next couple of days you can still take advantage of our 40% custom wood print promotion (use BLACK40 at checkout).

Maybe you've been good all year and feel like you deserve a little something for yourself, or maybe your friend/family member/loved one doesn't want an unflattering picture peeled off of their Facebook wall and would like something a little more stylish instead. Not to worry, PRINTSONWOOD has got you covered, in addition to our sweet 40% OFF deal for all custom wood prints, we've joined forces with Jeff Soto yet again for 2 exclusive new timed release wood prints on 11/29 (Black Friday) @ 12:00 pm.

The first offering is the first print in a new "Element" series of 9 prints entitled "FIRE"...


... this flaming furball comes as a 6" x 6", 3/4" wood print retailing for 30

The second limited release "Night Owl" is a companion piece to Jeff's 2011 wood print, "Snow Owl"...

Jeff Soto Night Owl

... "Night Owl" is a 12" x 15", 3/4" wood print and will cost $75.

Both of these timed releases will end on Sunday, Dec 1st, at 12:00 pm.


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