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Boing Boing X Zelda Devon

One of the most rewarding feelings is having your work recognized by other people. Not only does it provide a feeling of acceptance and reassurance, but it also serves as great motivation to continue your work.

Here at Prints on Wood, we take pride in each wood print as if we were one of the many artists that provide us great art!

Zelda Devon Beyond Brookledge Print on wood

We came across a post on BoingBoing.com that featured one of our custom wood prints and we were stoked for the shoutout! The wood print in the post was “We See What We Seek” by the very talented Zelda Devon.

we see what we seek wood print zelda devon

Photo: Jason Weisberger

The prints were for made exclusively for Beyond Brookledge, a weekend-long vaudeville inspired event with music, magic, and other entertainment held at the Mission Inn Hotel produced by Bob Self of Baby Tattoo Books. Zelda in collaboration with Prints on Wood gave each attendee of the event a wood print of “We See What We Seek” and it received great acclaim from its recipients.

We were pleased to hear everyone enjoyed Zelda’s work as much as we do, we are looking forward to working with Beyond Brookledge and Baby Tattoo Books again!

Here's the original post on boingboing by Jason Weisberger: http://boingboing.net/2015/06/02/this-amazing-print-on-wood-by.htm